Sharky Bar & Restaurant

Sharky Bar & Restaurant

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Its a semi live feed 2009/2010

We''ll 2010 is here in Cambodia.

It's been a full day. Ross, Mike and I have put in 15 hours. We pulled it off. Feeding the blog as the evening progressed. If you just tuned in it is in sequence from the bottom up. We still have Lost Highway here tomorrow, and Plan B on Saturday. On behalf of the Sharky Staff (and California 2 as that's where I'm headed next as it's payday) we wish you a Happy and prosperous new year. Dad I know you tune in to the blog. Happy New Year to you and Mom. Love you both. Penhstock!

Yours truly trying to get Da to Pose with me. She ducked into the ladies room!

Ken from the Hellhounds on Harp.

Lost Highway guys jammin with the Hellhounds. Staff sucking down the last of the champagne.

Hellhounds jammin and look what they got this guy doing!

Look at this guy. Tommy and Dalin.

Ross putting in a 15 hour day and we still have two more days of this to contend with. To my nephew Matt..Take note!

Baz pretty lit.

Staff tapin into the champagne.

Da and Mom striking a pose. right click and save and rotate it on your own computer!!!

The Hellhounds.....gonna get me another beer. Maybe more to come ....Ian chiming in with the Hellhounds right.

The party continues and a small exodus into the cool AC comfort of the Cage.

Lost Highway bringing in the New Year.

Silly string got handed out then out of hand before the countdown..

Stylin party mask.

Coming up next....Lost Highway.

Lan shooting pool.

Dave on the mix in the cage.

Its a holiday in Cambodia. Andy, Da and Thea right.

A brief intermission as the bill computer took a crap on us and I gotta get the party favors out.

Srey Touch and a friend.

Stiff Little Punks making their Sharky Debut. God save us all!

Man they really Jam.

Tommy sitting in as a Nurse and a new keyboard player.

Nice to see Texas Ted and tell him that over a year ago I ran into a girl that knew him and his ole lady. That encounter was in the back country of Surin Thailand. Go figure.

JP and the Nurses and Map cleaning up the destroyed tv ending Bum and Draze set.

Rom serving cold beers..... more to come as the evening progresses

Linda and Andy

Bum and DRAZE!


  1. Good recap of a fun night - thanks again!

    Check out my side of the story...


  2. Dommage ! Je n'y ├ętais pas ...! Alain