Sharky Bar & Restaurant

Sharky Bar & Restaurant

Monday, April 27, 2009


FBS got the doors open this past Friday and began serving up subs and sandwiches for hungry guests. Even though the paint was still drying on the walls and finishing touches were being put in place that didn't stop customers from getting their first taste of the subs coming off the line. Special thanks goes out to Raz from East-West Solutions who bought the first Fat Boy Kilogram Sub. Raz's company East-West did most all of the construction work in FBS as well. For the time being FBS will be only open during usual lunchtime hours through early evenings while staff training continues and rough edges are being polished up. Full time regular hours of operation should start within a few weeks and the delivery service will follow in line as well. Every customer that helped us during our focus groups getting the final product line of subs and sandwiches we appreciate all the comments. Thanks again and hope to see you back again soon!

Sharky Dave

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Soksabby Joal Chnnum Khmei!

Yes it is that time of year once again when 90% of the stores, companies, and all the government offices close, Phnom Penh empties out, the traffic is light although most drivers have seen the green light to drive like idiots (Yes even more than normal!)....Khmer New Year! This is the year of the cow so wear some red and eat some beef! Sharky's will remain open throughout the holiday as usual although running on a reduced number of staff.

This year it seems like there a lot of guys around that have left the water throwing and protesters of Thailand behind for a change of pace. (BTW-Guys that are visiting from Thailand, regardless of how much influence the Thais have in the regional politics that does not include language. There are a few of the local Khmer and Viets that may know some Thai but very few. I see guys trying to talk with the locals in Thai everyday and surprised by getting blank stares back.)
Although the traditions of throwing water and powdering the faces during this time of year are similar between Thailand, Laos, and Cambodia the Khmer do not take the water sports anywhere near as far as the Thais. Certain areas of town they go wild with the water but Sharky's is not one of them! It is a bit more subdued and leans more to the powder side than the water. The bar staff and managers get hit first and hardest but visitors not interested in those games will pretty much be left alone to their food and drinks. Those that want to join in all laughed and had a good time along with the crew.

A spread of food was laid out and Khmer music was turned up for the Sharky Girls that have been working hard all year. At closing time it was still too early for anyone to feel like going home. Then the bar closed and the party carried on over to a local disco (Dark Room) and on into the light of early morning before finally breaking up.

Some photos of the evenings events are posted below. (They seemed to be clear at the time but the alcohol may have had a hand in that!)
Sharky's wishes everyone a Happy, Healthy, and Wealthy New Year!

Sharky Dave

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Fat Boy....Got Meat?

Well the signature sandwich was unveiled at FBS&S a few weeks ago. The decision was made to put a heavy duty sandwich in the line up of choices available at FBS&S. Tagged the Fat Boy Sub it is made with a little bit of just about everything on the line of fresh cold cuts and vegetable fixings available.

As Big Al brought out a fresh baked loaf of bread, we bake our bread fresh daily, and cut open the hot loaf people gathered around to see the layering process begin. As the cold cuts, vegetables, and warm meat balls were stacked and layered on the bread people laughed nervously and thought of their diets. The final product tipped the scales at just over a kilogram and was described as resembling a meat mortar round!

One person was up to the challenge....Curran! Making a return trip to meet the meat challenge of the Fat Boy Sub he boasted that it would be down and done in under 10 minutes. As he took his first bite the stop watch was started and ticked away. Making pretty good time on the first half it seemed the sandwich would be gone in no time. But the second half had a slower pace, due to the bread Curran said later. With the last bite downed the clock was stopped and came in at just over 11 minutes. Even though he didn't make it under the originally planned time that feat will still earn a place on the wall of "Fame" or "Shame" depending on how you look at it! Everyone that purchases and eats the Fat Boy Sub in the store will get a place a special recognition and distinction for having beat the meat!

Sharky Dave

Happy Holiday???

BANGKOK: -- State of Emergency Operation Centre will propose to the government to extend Songkran official holiday to be until Friday.The proposal will facilitate authorities's crackdown on pro-Thaksin protesters which turned riots in the capital since Monday.The official Songkran holiday of this year is from April 13 to 15 (Wednesday). -- The Nation 2009-04-16

its pretty cool when you can extend your holiday so you don't miss the fun while your country is in turmoil.

Don't let the Crap that is happening in Thailand spoil your plans to get over here!!!!
Remember You can get to Phnom Penh with out going through Bangkok. Eva has flights from the USA to PNH, coming from Europe you can route thru Singapore and Vietnam.

The party at Sharky is happening and will be here when you arrive!!!!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Another Reminder

Al's BBQ tomorrow and every first Sunday of the Month.

One of my valued customers at California 2 and now at Sharky will be leaving the Kingdom soon.
He has a nice house in the Toul Tom Pong area that will become available for 900 a month. Two living rooms and 4 bedrooms. 3 have their own bathrooms. He also has a nice vehicle and motorbike for sale as welljust click on the picture for a larger view. Jannick 015 603 950

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Just a few things....

Well in this troubled economy, the girls got treated to Sharky Dollars tonight. The bar was a pretty happy place with every girl in the place with a drink in her hand.

A friend of mine writes: I'm selling my DRZ 400, SM 9000 km on the clock and in excellent shape. If you know anyone, let them know I'll deliver or discount the price for the flight up here. It's got a Cambo plate on it now and I can run it out of Laos in to Thailand or Cambo easy.
If you are interested contact Jim at
Fatboy Sub and Sandwich Shop Update: Al and Mike have completed a lot of market research and thanks to all those who participated in the surveys. It won't be long now.