Sharky Bar & Restaurant

Sharky Bar & Restaurant

Monday, June 29, 2009

In Just an Hour

Monday about 3:15pm the skies opened up and it poured for an hour solid. Just a view of the havoc the heavy rains have on the city.

To the right is a picture looking south on Street 13 (towards Psar Kandal) from 130. Surprisingly the Rav 4 didn't stall out. Many motos however did. I was on my way into Sharky on Street 130 and opted to turn around and head north to 110 to navigate some shallower waters and down Street 19 to 130. On both 19 and 130 I still had to travel down the center of the road. I managed not having to stop (which results in putting your feet in the sewage water), and kept my feet up. If you do have to get your feet wet, make sure you bleach them off soon. The flood relief project is supposed to alleviate this problem, however places that never flooded seem to have lost their run off options while construction is taking place.

Seen below is the aftermath traffic issues as people get off work and look for shallow routes home. A view from Sharky towards the riverfront an a view of Street 19 backing up at Street 130 from Sharky balcony.

As with all the pictures on the blog, you just click on the image for a larger view.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Weekend Highlights

Route 66 rolled into town and really entertained this weekend. On Friday Jean Philippe, Nulen and drummer from the Taxi Boys performed a short opener.

Route 66 brought along a new bass player and they put on great show. Familiar hits included Honky Tonk Woman, Black Magic Woman, Suzie Q, Hey Joe, and Cocaine. During a rendition of Voodoo Chile, The EDC "chopped them down with the edge of their hand". A few minute power outage as they switched over the grids cut the song short.

A great crowd and some happy faces!

Dancing to the band towards the end of the last set.

The Bass player giving some pointers. Teaching music was never so much fun! Even Ross got some pointers.

Apsara dancing in the Cage. The Germans were back and demonstrating their Issan moves to Jintra. The harmonica player in the band, however wouldn't be out done.

The Pool tables were active. Nary, Atou and Da demonstrating their skills.

Our pool girl Rom wishing she was back at the tables and not pouring beer.

Mom and Amai oblivious to Ian's antics....

And a few antics of my own.

July should be action packed. We will keep you posted.

At this point, its the BBQ and Curtis King Band, Saturday the 4, Hope to get Route 66 back again the weekend of the 17th, and on the 25th Dr. JP and the Nurses.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

A few Updates

Just a reminder, Route 66 will be in again on Friday and Saturday June 27th and 28th. Get in early and grab a meal and the fun starts at 9PM. Always a pleasure having them come up from the beach to entertain us with some great classic rock and roll.

Also Friday is $1.00 House Specials from 10PM until 2AM. Saturday, is Mexican Madness with $1.00 Tequila Shots & $1.50 Margaritas. Wash ém down with some great Mexican food. Best in South East Asia! Beef, Bean, Chicken Burritos; Beef, Chicken, Pork, and Fish Tacos and; Quesadillas and More! Odale hue!

Also, every weeknight and all night on Thursday, Ladies Night. Drink, and Laab, Fried Rice, and Fried Noodles Specials for the girls! I could have sworn last Tuesday was Ladies night. The town is a little slow these days and counting heads in the crowd there were 50 girls and 25 guys! Two guys then walked out the door and 2 more girls came in. How good is that. Ross and Dave kept quite a few of them shaking in the Cage with dance tunes ranging from Old Skool to the latest hits of today.

4PM until 7PM Daily, Sharky's has draught beer for only a buck. Come on in and shoot a game of pool in the only venue in town with 4 pool tables!

Another Reminder!!! Curtis King Band will be in again on the 4th of July. Al will be doing the Embassy gig moving the best Sandwiches in town! The Bar BQ for July will coincide with the 4th festivities on Saturday. Ross and I will be running the grill cooking up the usual 4th of July favorites. Fun begins at 5PM.
$7.75 for the Bar BQ and free flow of Angkor Draught until 9PM. And as always Ross puts together a great welcome Bloody Mary.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Germans

What can I say....the Germans have pretty good taste. The showed the world during WWII that they could make a fashion statement with their various uniforms. In fact our well known resident German, Marco is in the garment industry.

Fast forward to June 2009 and you can see that they still maintain the tradition.

We hope they continue to wear their shirts proudly and get those stickers all over their construction project.

That yard of beer seemed to stay in one place during the evening, but you sure couldn't by looking at this bunch. I think that yard made quite a few undetected rounds.

Fraulines Amai and Puon below, casually checking out the antics from the comfort of the stage.

We thought Marco had provided us with some good German music but it looks like we are going have to beef up our library a little. How much Scorpions can one handle? Fortunately the Thai entourage came in as we were able to get some Loso, Black Box, and a little Jintra in the mix.

Official Record

Last Saturday Night attracted a few on lookers as Mike and Canadian Dave went after the record for the fastest consumption of the Fat Boy Sub.

Personally I have had Thanksgiving Feast that couldn't measure up to what the Fat Boy could do to my stomach, but just look at that monstrosity and think about the other half of that bad boy just sitting in your fridge waiting for you to come home from a night on the town!

After weighing in at a Kilo each the only thing missing was the drum roll. Stop watch in hand Al gave the go! It was pretty intense out of the gate, Mike went for the dousing of the bread strategy while Dave just muscled through the multi-layered beast.

As the crowd cheered, actually cracked jokes, it appeared that Dave was thrown off his game, but even a little fan fare for Mike couldn't help as Dave regained his composure, kept the food contained and powered on, shattering the 11 minute record set by Curran.

Are you willing to take the Fat Boy Challenge? Dave might have a legacy going as his time was 5 minutes and 31 seconds. He might even put Toronto on the Map for something!!!!!

Good fun had by all. As for me, I went home and savored the Roast Beef Sub in front of some good ole Star World.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Official Opening

Fat Boy Subs had it's official opening yesterday.


Monday Through Saturday 1100-2300

Deliveries until 2200



Sunday, June 7, 2009

Saturday Night

Jean-Philippe and his three bands again played for a full house. Acoustic and electric sets of Rockin in the Free World, Rolling Stones, Some Punk tunes and Nirvana highlighted the evening.

His first set was DR JP and the Nurses. Jean Philippe on Vocals and Guitar, Nulen played bass with for all groups, and Vincent on Drums.

Peter Celebrating his 40th!

His Khmer music band Thom Thom featured Sopoi on guitar and Jean Philippe played drums.

During the Punk set with Kanlat Rikrille his drum skills were more evident, while Bob played the guitar.

The girls got into the act dancing on both the bar and on stage. Good pictures but sorry to say a lame post. Two consecutive full evenings of fun and the brain isn't working too well and most of you aren't reading this anyway.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

As Promised...

A few shots of Friday nights event featuring Thom Thom, and the spin off guest. The sets started with some acoustical guitar classic rock, then some punk, some original Khmer tunes and some good old Rolling Stones. Great music highlighted by a great audience.

Come join the fun at Sharky and you won't be need'n a cure for the summer time blues!

See you tomorrow with some more good times!

Also don't forget the first of the month Bar BQ on Sunday!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Live Music

Friday and Saturday, beginning at 9PM Sharky will host another live music event featuring Dr JP and the Nurses, Thom Thom and Special Guest. Come join the fun with regular drink specials and great food. Those unable to to follow. Stay tuned!