Sharky Bar & Restaurant

Sharky Bar & Restaurant

Friday, April 23, 2010

Khmer New Years Kicks Off

Well after a long break we hope it's business as usual. That being said Bum N' Draze kicked off the First live event of the Khmer New Year with Sharky being the first stop on their Back to Abnormal tour. Bum N’ Draze’s ’Back To Abnormal’ 2010 tour’s April gig introducing the new guitarist Jet (USA) and some new but mostly good old BND material with a new brilliant axeman! New BND merchandise available at the gig venue.

Opening with Cat Scratch Fever, March or Die (Don't July), Black Cadillac, Havana Affair, Sickville, If Mekong was Whiskey (one of my personal favorites) and Dirt, it was nice to have a little noise in the bar after a quiet Khmer New Year in the Capital.

Their set was capped off by the destruction (in true Draze style) of two acoustic guitars.

The New Years holiday was pretty quiet in PNH as Khmers flock home to celebrate the new years. Management doesn't and winds up filling in for the lack of staff in the venues that are open around town. We'll that's my excuse for being late on any new post. Not to mention fatigue caused by too many late nights on the town. Someone has to support the local economy.

Lost Highway followed Bum n Draze with their selection of classic rock tunes. Nice to have them back in town. They wil be playing again tomorrow night if you missed them. Fun kicks off at 9PM.

It's confirmed! The Irish hate jokes. Saint Patricks day saw two of our joke frames above the urinals ripped off the walls. I thought St. Paddies was supposed to be a festive time. Damn Angry Green Shirts! No democracy for you!

The Khmer New Years brought a lot of guys from Thailand as they come to escape the water throwing and this year the Red Shirt protest. I can get behind the Red Shirts if they only would cut ties with their leader. What's Democracy if you got a guy who's paying for votes! None the less Cambodia is still a deal and you can get here with out going through Thailand. Shark Bar on Soi Cowboy charges 5 dollars for a beer..... same beer in Cambodia 2-3 bucks. I won't mention the other entertainment differences!

On a sad note our friends at Tahitian Queen in Pattaya just suffered a major set back.

Hopefully they will recover and come back stronger than ever. Good luck to Woody and company. I personally have had some great times there over the last 20 years.

Who the hell is Mucho Bill? well he left a sticker on our bathroom mirror with his website. Bill get on it. Your site has been underconstruction longer than it has taken me to update this blog.

It's confirmed! The Irish hate jokes. Saint Patricks day saw two of our joke frames above the urinals ripped off the walls. I thought St. Paddies was supposed to be a festive time.

The Hellhounds will be in the house on Thursday. Thanks Steve for taking pics tonight...good(man) stuff. Check out his Hellhounds blog link on the side bar and some of his photos at the following links.
Other news in Phnom Penh.... We had our first rain the other day. Nice to see after 3 years of closing down the riverfront and many streets, that Kandal market was under a meter of water in no time. The excuse was too much trash in the pipes. How'd it get there? Let's see if the populous can get around the next time it rains.

A belated congratulations to Sharky's own Sisowath Knights Rugby team! The Sisowath Knights captured the Cambodian National Men's Rugby Club Championship by shocking the heavily favored PSE Garudas 20-17 in the grand final playoff game Sunday afternoon at Phnom Penh Old Stadium. Good Knights. It was good fun having you in the bar to share your victory celebrations.

Photos of the action from our good friend Joe Garrison. Good stuff Joe! Check out more of his stuff at

Well I hope I've got you a little caught up. Sorry for the delay.