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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Rock n Roll Weekend @ Sharky's: June 3 & 4, 2011

Live Music this June @ Sharky's

Friday June 3rd - Captain Jack (One Night Only)
Saturday June 4th - Big Time (Classic Rock)

Friday June 10th - Sliten6xi + Anti-Fate
Saturday June 11th - Hippie Hippie Orchestra

Friday June 17th - Clash City Rockers + Pilgrim Band
Saturday June 18th - Lost Highway

Friday June 24th - Cartoon Emo + Animation
Saturday June 25th - Holliday In Cambodia (Rock/Pop Covers Band)

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Past Event: Dub Addiction - May 28, 2011

Saturday Night Live at Sharky Bar saw the debut performance of the newly-formed Ragga Dub oufit 'Dub Addiction.'

And what a debut it was!

A massive Sharky crowd bolstered by many of their friends from the French quarter saw MC Curly and MC2/FX: Professor Kinski 'rock the house' with their firebrand take on Ragga Dub Reggae!

From the opening number 'Cuss-Cuss' the 'oohs' and 'aaahhs' from the female khmer fraternity (and staff) set the tone for a magical performance from the band.

In probably one of the most entertaining 'sets' seen at Sharky's in recent years 'Dub Addiction' really set the bar for this unique musical genre!

Be it, the magnificent stage presence of khmer singer MC Curly with his 'almost-rap-like vocals' or the 'distinct reggae/dub remix' sounds of co-singer the undeniably superb Professor Kinski - these boyz really know their chosen art form !

Other great songs such as 'Buzzin', One Million Man', 'Zunga Zeng' and even a German Ragga version of 'Real Rock' had the Sharky crowd 'up and dancing' and swaying along to their 'pulsating vibes' !
But 'Dub Addiction' are not only about Messrs. MC Curly and Prof. Kinski. They are collectively a very talented and capable band of muscians.

Featuring the effervescent Sylvie on keyboards, Sebastian on bass (wicked), Benoit (guitar) - and last but not least Toma on drums - this band are born entertainers.

For the uninitated 'Dub' originated from the roots of Jamaican reggae in the 1960's and was spearheaded by music producers of the day such as Lee 'Scratch' Perry.

Infact, the manipulation of the 'vocals' and 'reggae beat' by 'remixing and dubbing' the sound using echo, reverb, delay, techno-beat and other musical effects has virtually influenced every musical genre since - be it hip-hop, rock or even punk!

And if you've ever never heard of Black Uhuru, Steel Pulse, Asian Dub Foundation, Bomb The Bass or even The Clash - then listen to current masetro's 'Dub Addiction.' They are well up there with their masters!

These guyz are going to be massive - and what better way to 'sign-off' your breathtaking debut performance at Sharky's - than to finish with a dub version of the Bob Marley classic 'Exodus.'
Fantastic !

Numerous 'encores' followed - and the band left the stage to a rousing chant of 'Dub! Dub! Dub!' from the sweaty but enthusiastic Sharky crowd !

A big, big thanx goes out to Jan and the rest of the band for a memorable night of Ragga Dub at Sharky Bar - we can't wait to have you guyz back! Very soon I hope!

That's it ! Enjoy the rest of the week-end!

Dave The Punk

Past Events: Luau Party - May 27, 2011

Friday Night saw a packed Sharky's audiance enjoy our annual 'Luau Party.'

With many attending in their straw beach hats and Haiwaiin shirts - the stage was set for a night of limbo dancing, hula hoop swinging, tasty Mai Tai cocktails, great Polynesian food (courtesy of Big Al) and of course good, good music!

There was even a belly dancer ! (and 'two' if you include 'Luke' strutting his stuff!) Not quite Tahitian i know - but c'mon guyz it is Sharky's !

MC Ross opened proceedings (albeit without grass skirt) and introduced pub manager 'Craig' from Adelaide (who was just passing thru').

He sang a few acoustic numbers such as The Eagles 'Hotel California' and The Stones 'You Can't Always Get What You Want Babe' - while many in the bar were feasting on the juicy Haiwaiin spare ribs that were on special offer!

A great 'first course' and a big, big thank you to Craig for helping us out! Good luck on your travels mate!

No sooner had the 'smell of the barbecued meat' wafted from the air, the (new-look) 'Ukes Of Hazard' took to the stage.

With front-man James in top form (and looking rather splendid in his Haiwaiin cross-over and straw hat) the 'Ukes Of Hazard' entered into the party spirit with a fine uplifting performance!

With James flanked on either side by Dylan on 'duelling ukelee and crazy-sounding oscillator', Steve Goodman on 'mean rockabilly' guitar and with new drummer Stu on percussion - the 'Ukes' were in 'party mode' as they ripped thru' their eclectic set of rock n roll covers!

Seeing Steve, Packo and the rest of Phnom Penh Cobra's 'Aussie Rules' football team dancing and singing away to Hot Chocolate's 'I Believe In Miracles' was proof enough that everyone in the bar was having a good time.

Other great cover versions included the Beatles 'Dear Prudence' and even Michael Jackson's 'Beat It.' Absolutely great !

A big, big thanx to the 'Ukes' for a fine show-stopping performance - and entertaining us with just about the right amount of 'energy and fun.' Kudos to James, Dylan, Steve and Stu! Good job guyz!

A brief interlude saw 'MC Ross' oversee some very-ropey lady 'hula-hoop-lers.'

Suffice to say, customer Pisey bagged the winning prize of '$25 bar tab' with her stunning execution of 'shaking her booty' while still managing to 'down a pint of anchor beer - without spilling a drop'! Good on yer' girl !

As the next band plugged in their guitars and got ready, various Sharky punters tried their hand at the 'ol limbo dancing.'

Aren't sure who was the 'eventual winner' but judging by the noise and the howls of laugher stemming from the 'limbo arena' (off-stage), i don't think it really mattered !

There was even time for a georgeous looking khmer lady to take central stage and do a quick belly-dance routine !

Aren't sure what her 'name was' and what 'that' had to do with the 'Luau Party' - but she dressed accordingly (looked great) and even brought her own 'cd' to dance to!

We will of course in the 'interests of public safety' try to book her every night from now on!

With the arabic tones of the belly-dancer's music coming to a short but entertaining end ' MC Ross' - introduced the final act 'Astra-Nova' !

'Hot on the heels' of their stunning' debut performance' as opening act at 'Cambo Headbangers Ball' - the young French students displayed their full armoury of alternative and classic rock covers.

Infact, many of the audiance were actually quite stunned in seeing the boyz for the first time - and realizing how good they really were!

Anybody who does 'Californication' and 'The Otherside' by the Red Hot Chilli Peppers is alright by me - and these young guyz certainly didn't dissapoint with the rest of their rock-orientated set!

Displaying great musical maturity belieing their young years 'Astra-Nova' just about 'battered' the very large Sharky crowd into 'submission' with some really good rock covers.

Watching dual singer 'Loy' with his electric guitar arched behind his back - and his long hair swept back - while singing 'Stairway To Heaven' was an actual musical treat ! Quite breathtaking !

More great cover versions followed like Nirvana's 'Smells Likes Teen Spirit' and even John Lennon's 'Imagine' - only to be eclipsed by a magic version of Neil Young's 'Rocking In The Free World.' Superb !

Thanx fellaz for a great night - and a great performance ! Astra-Nova are without any shadow of a doubt - a force to be reckoned with ! Watch this Space!

Oh by the way, did i forget to mention the belly-dancer?

All this and more at Sharky Bar - the Longest Running Rock N Roll Bar in Indo-China!

Cheerz - Dave The Punk

Sunday, May 22, 2011

May 21, 2011 - Little Duke & The Mekong Blues Messengers

Saturday Night Live at Sharky Bar saw 'Little Duke & The Mekong Blues Messengers' return with their very own special brand of powerhouse Chicago blues.

The Mekong Blues aren't the 'number one' band in Cambodia for no reason - and with Little Duke (on guitar) and Kristen (vocals) to the fore - they gave a really truly inspiring performance.

From the opening number 'Pride & Joy', Jonas (Little Duke) effortlessly slid through his vast repertoire of guitar licks and finger-picking blues.

Timeless classics like 'Got My Mojo Working' and 'Walking The Blues' were musically dispatched with consummate ease by the guitar master.

Kristen of course, was as engaging as ever and the 'flirty role-play' with Harmonica Ken during 'Give Me Back My Wig' was as good as it gets.

This girl is a true performer and has magnetic stage presence. Her vocals are pretty damned good too.

Even the entrance of the Saigon Rugby Team into Sharky's with their various 'sticker' shenighans didn't deter Kristen and the rest of the band from holding their own and giving 'them and everyone else' a master-class in the art-of-the-blues.

Harmonica Ken was in good form too and his superb 'interplay' with Jonas was a musical treat.

Suffice to say, even the most ardent of 'stone-faced customers' would find it hard not to tap 'their fingers or their feet' to this great blues outfit.

By the time they were 'half way' through the second set, the audiance were 'well and truly in the bag.' And one could only sit-back and admire them doing great versions of blues classics such as 'Rolling & Tumbling', 'Mary Had A Little Lamb' 'Ninety-Nine and a Half Won't Do' and 'If Walls Could Talk.'

And if that didn't grab yer - the grand finale of 'Cream' covers such as 'Born Under A Bad Sign' and 'Crossroads' were the ultimate 'icing-on-the-cake.'

A great night, a great performance - and better still - we get to do it all again on the 2nd July - as we've booked them for our Annual July 4th American Independence Party! Great stuff!

A big, big thanx to Kristen, Jonas, Chris, Ken and Steve for entertaining us to a truly enjoyable blues evening at Sharky Bar!

Who needs Eric Clapton - when we've got Little Duke!


Cheers Dave The Punk

May 20, 2011 - Oscar's Band

Friday Night Showcase saw 'Oscars Band' tread the boards at Sharky's and give a fine 'non-stop' two hour rock and reggae show.

The khmer band featuring fine guitar work and keyboard playing blazed their way through a playlist that included Bob Marley classics such as 'Wait In Vain' and 'I Shot The Sheriff.'

They then further ratched-up the tempo as they delighted the Sharky audiance with great versions of J.J. Cale's 'Cocaine', Lyrnrd Skynrd's 'Sweet Home Alabama' and even included a stirring version of Kings Of Leon's 'Sex On Fire.'

Great stuff - featuring some mighty-fine guitar playing and good vocals from Oscar too!

As the Sharky crowd drew breath, the 'two-hour-set' ended with a raputerous version of Chuck Berry's 'Johnny Be Goode.' Magic!

A big, big thanx goes out to Oscar and his Boyz for providing an evening of 'good 'ol-fashioned rock n roll.' We hope to have them back very soon at Sharky Bar - Indo-China's Longest Running Rock N Roll Bar !

Cheers Dave The Punk

Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Teaner Terners: May 14, 2011

The Teaner Terners

Saturday night at Sharky Bar saw the launch of the new Teaner Terners EP 'Is It Just Me?' (Vol. 1).

A packed audiance were in attendance to support the 'cd release' which also coincided with the bands 1st Anniversary.

From the opening instrumental number 'In 3's' - The Teaner Terners were on fire as they lit-up the bar with their own eclectic brand of new wave indie rock!

With Scotty sporting his new-look Billy Idol rinse and large Elvis Costello glasses - the front-man was in fine form, as he blazed out the vocals on the next song - a cover of the Artic Monkeys song 'San Francisco.' Brilliant!

From then on 'The Teaner Terners' pushed on relentlessly and included a number of new original songs such as 'Should've Told Him', Traffic Light' and the excellent 'The Man From The Government.'

The 'first set' was almost up, but not before they played homage to Cambodia's very own Dengue Fever by playing 'Tiger Phone Card' - as well as including a haunting version of 'Goodbye Horses' (otherwise better known as the 'theme tune' from 'The Silence Of The Lambs'). Magic !

After a short-break, Scotty, Jimmy, Lance and Nick really 'turned up the heat' in the second set - and the packed Sharky crowd were fully engaged as the TT's ratched up the tempo - not to mention the volume !

Probably their best two songs 'Typhoid' and 'A Dark Art' were sandwiched in between other great TT originals such as 'Analogue (80's)' , 'Wasted' and the humerous 'Stephen Hawking' with Lance on fine backing vocals.

An encore beckoned and 'The Teaner Terners' duly obliged with a rousing climatic version of 'Busking' - another fine TT song!

The band left the stage to a noisy Sharky Bar ovation - and with the gig being filmed 'professionally' courtesy of Ingo (Steady Cam Productions) - the video will no doubt be a suitable record (dare i say collector's item) of a truly great indie-rock night out!

A big thank you to 'The Teaner Terners' for a really enjoyable show - and all of us at Sharky's wish you the very best of luck with your newly released 'cd' !!!

Rock on fellaz!

Dave The Punk

see the photos below

Past events: May 13, 2011 - Holliday in Cambodia

Holliday in Cambodia

It mighten have been holiday time in the Kingdom with most people whisking themselves off to down to Sihanoukville for the weekend - but that didn't deter 'Holliday In Cambodia' from entertaining an appreciative audiance at Sharky's last night!

With their two leading ladies (Jenna and Lynsey) also away on holiday - you could have been forgiven into thinking that the remaining boyz would have struggled to fill the void.

However, this was certainly not the case, as Alistair, Damien and John turned in a performance that had the Sharky faithfull up 'singing and dancing' throughout the night!

With some of the best vocal harmonies ever heard on the Sharky stage, the boyz left 'no stone unturned' to delight the more than willing holiday audiance.

Great acoustic renditions of classic rock songs such as Neil Young's 'Rocking In A Free World' , Jimi Hendrix's 'All Along The Watchtower' and Bob Dylan's 'Like A Rolling Stone' - were not out of place alongside great punk acoustic covers of songs such as The Undertones 'Teenage Kicks'' The Clash's 'Should I Stay Or Should I Go' and The Buzzcocks 'Ever Fallen In Love.'

Infact, so vast is Holliday In Cambodia's 'non-stop' repertoire that Ingo (our friendly neighbourhood drummer) went onstage to help out with a few songs and ended-up doing a marathon two-hour set! Great stuff !

Karen (from Captain Jack) then jumped on-stage and helped out quite admirably with the vocals on 'Sympathy For The Devil.'

Not to be out-done, husband Matt then grabbed the microphone and suprised everyone by singing along quite tunefully to the boyz rendition of The Pogues 'Dirty Ol Town' (even though with Bleys baseball cap-on, he looked more like a Beastie Boy than Shane MacGowan!)

However, mayhem soon followed and with an endless stream of tambourine players, the stage was set for the grand finale!

And Holliday In Cambodia duly delivered - with a rousing encore that included 'Whiskey In The Jar', 'Wild Rover' and the great Thin Lizzy classic 'The Boys Are Back In Town.'

Great stuff fellaz! Can't wait to see you back on the 25th June with a full line-up! Just hope our stage is big enough!

That's the wrap!

Cheers Dave The Punk

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Upcoming Event: Friday May 13 - HOLLIDAY IN CAMBODIA Live!

Upcoming Event: Saturday May 14, 2011 - The Teaner Terner Album Launch Party - "Is it just me?"

+ 1 year anniversary Gig!
Come and join the fun and enjoy some great original Music from the Teaner Terners.
$1.50 Margarita's ALL NIGHT! ...OUCH!

Past Event: May 7, 2011 - Bum n Draze 8th Birthday with special guests Rock n Roll Highschool

Saturday Night was Bum N Draze's 8th Anniversary Party at Sharky Bar to celebrate their status as Indo-China's Loudest & Nastiest Rock N Roll Band - and what a night it was!

Certainly not for the faint-hearted and those 'hard-of-hearing' - the Finnish Rockers from 'beginning to end' literally tore-up the place! And i mean literally!

While the Finns readied themselves and feasted backstage in the 'Green Room' with their horde of 'VIP Guests' on copius amounts of raw meat and endless bottles of Russian Vodka - Rock N Roll High School were given the dubious slot of 'opening act' before Bum N Draze's legion of adoring fans!

However, the Ultimate Ramones Band were well-up for the challenge. And with Stewwy Ramone and Robbie Ramone (out on parole) and Melanie Ramone and Davey Ramone in support - the Sharky crowd were soon up on their feet and dancing in the aisles.

Ramones classics such as 'Blitzkreig Bop', 'I Wanna Be Sedated', 'Commando' and 'Chinese Rocks' were given the full treatment by Stewwy and the Boyz - as they fully worked-up the appreciative crowd - in a very fiesty, but well rehearsed set!

With the exit of 'The Ramones' the atomsphere was 'just about right' by the time the Finnish Rockers made their entrance up onto the stage!

And what an entrance it was! Band members in straitjackets, wardens with baseball bats and armed guards wearing 'Jason' masks - it was more like a scene from 'Hannibal Lecter' than the start of a rock concert !

But soon the Bum N Draze bandwagon was on a 'roll' and the healthy Sharky crowd were soon entertained to a classic rendition of their musical anniversary catalogue.

From start to Finnish (no pun intended) - the Bum N Draze originals were belted out in 'no uncompromising manner'. 'Strangeways' , 'Mr. Tampax' and 'If Mekong Was Whiskey' - just a few of the numbers that truly rocked the joint.

Not to mention great covers of songs such as 'Roadrunner', 'Whorehouse Blues' and 'All Along The Watchtower.'

And if that didn't grab yer - the guest appearance of Finnish Superstar and Punk Rocker 'Toumo' (complete with Mohican) singing the Bum N Draze classic 'Ostrich Song' - brought the madcap evening to it's expected chaotic conclusion!

Drummer Yanni (in true Keith Moon style) completely demolished the drum-kit - while the rest of the bad swung their guitars around like demented 'texas chainsaws' !

A big, big thank goes out to Yanni, Pasi and Jet for a great evening of sublime 'heavy and loud' extreme rock n roll !

Hope to see them and superstar guest Toumo (Kiima Band) back very soon at Sharky Bar - still the Number One Rock N Roll Bar in Indo-China !

Exhausted !

Dave The Punk

Photos below

Past Event: May 6, 2011 - Punk-A-Donna's

Last night at Sharky's we had our first ever 'Punk A Donna Night' featuring not 'one' but 'two' female orientated bands - Squishy and The Fumes!

'The Battle Of The She-Punks' evening kicked off in fine style with Melanie and her band Squishy.

The large Sharky crowd were treated to a storming performance from this group.

Melanie (as always) tore-up the stage with her killer guitar licks and gritty vocals - no to mention her sexy stage outfit (calm down fellaz). While Jet showed once again, what 'one-helluver' bass player he really is! This guy can play!

However, the night belonged to 'the one and only' Loryn on the drums - as she turned in a spectactular performance on the skins. Great stuff from the self-proclaimed 'happy drummer'!

Sadly, this was to be her 'farewell performance' as Loryn leaves these shores and 'heads off' to do other things.

However, suffice to say, everyone at Sharky's, as well as all her friends who came out to support her last night, wish Loryn all the very best for the future!

Hopefully she will continue to 'strap-up' those fingers and 'beat-the-bloody-hell out of those drum skins' for a lot more years to come! Great stuff Loryn!

Great stuff Squishy!

No sooner had the first band left the stage
and with the audiance still catching their breath - the second band poured onto the stage.

With MC for the night Ross belting out 'And Now We Have The F--U--M--E--S' the large Sharky crowd were soon back on their feet bopping again - and treated to 'what turned out to be' the best-ever performance from this great new wave/alternative band!

From the opening guitar licks of ' I Predict A Riot' by the Kaiser Chiefs, through to great covers of songs by New Order, Blur, Soft Cell, etc. The Fumes totally rocked Sharky to it's rock n roll foundations!

With Karen on vocals, Zula (guitar), Darren (drums/bass/guitar), Mike (guitar), Brian (drums) and guest bass player Marc - the band were 'on-fire' all night - as they blazed there way thru' a high-energy set of new wave rock n roll !

There was even time for Billy Idol 'look-a-like' Scotty (from The Teaner Terners) to help out with the lead vocals on 'Tainted Love' - before the end came and of course, numerous 'encores' from Karen, Zula - and the rest of the boyz!

Great music! Great night! Great performance from 'The Fumes'

As the night closed and the Sharky throng discussed the final verdict. The question everybody was asking was 'Who Had Won The Battle Of The She-Punks?'

Answer - both bands! A compelling draw! I think you would all agree!

Thanx to everyone who turned out and supported this event at Sharky Bar. We do it all again tomorrow evening with Bum N Draze (8th Anniversary Party) and Rock N Roll High School (Ramones Tribute Band).

Catch your breath - see u all tomorrow!

That's the wrap!

Dave The Punk

photos below

Monday, May 2, 2011

Upcoming Events: May 6 & 7, 2011

Huge Weekend of music coming up. Friday May 6: The Fumes vs Squishy in a all girl indie/Punk Showdown. Saturday May 7: BUM N DRAZE Eight Years of Uncompromised Underground Excellence 2003-201...1 BAA GUTAA! with very special guests, Ramones cover Band - "Rock n Roll Highschool"

Don't miss it!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Past Events: April 30, 2011 - Cambo Headbanger's Ball

Astronova Anti-fate
Oscars Band


Pilgrim Band

Last night Sharky Bar held it's inaugural 'Cambo Headbanger's Ball' featuring 'no-less' than five khmer rock bands (Astra-Nova, Anti-Fate, Oscars Band, Sliten6ix and Pilgrim Band).

As the night progressed only 'one word' could truly describe what was a totally captivating evening of entertainment - awesome!

A packed house (barang & khmer) were treated to a cavalcade of musical styles by all of the performing khmer rock bands.

From the opening bars of the classic Neil Young song 'Rocking In The Free World' sung by Astra-Nova - to the closing bars of the 'heavy-laden guitar riffs' of Pilgrim Band. The khmer rock bands enthralled the insatiable audiance with their varying degrees of metal, alternative, death/metalcore and classic rock numbers.

First up 'Astra-Nova' set the ball rolling with a nicely arranged set of classic rock covers.

This included a rousing rendition of 'Californication' (Red Hot Chilli Peppers) which literally brought the house-down! Followed by an even better version of the Led Zepplin classic song 'Stairway To Heaven.' Great stuff!

'Astra-Nova' rocked the house and were a credit to their mentors and long time friends of Sharky Bar 'JP & The Nurses.'

Next up 'Anti-Fate' did'nt dissapoint the huge crowd with their unique brand of pulsating, fast alternative punk rock!

Blink182, Simple Plan and even Green Day's 'American Idiot' were covered - as 'Anti-Fate' raised the audiance participation to almost fever pitch !

An energetic set complete with nice, clear vocals - concluded with plenty of headbanging 'on/off' the stage by the khmer locals 'gone barking mad' ! Brilliant!

Oscar's Band brought an almost 'an air of respectability' to the whole occasion with their opening song, a take on Bob Marley's classic reggae number 'No Woman No Cry.'

However, not to outdone by their 'heavier brotherly merchants' they soon exploded into Lynyrd Skynrd's 'Sweet Home Alabama' with some really neat guitar work! Their final flourish included a great version of J.J. Cale's classic song 'Cocaine'! Great stuff Oscar! And great vocals too!

Just as you thought it was safe to go home 'MC' for the night (Ross) then introduced 'Sliten6ix' - as the whole place just went crazy to the sound of
heavy metal hard core - khmer style!

Vanntin and his boys were on 'top-form' as they truly rocked the house with their own brand of 'hi-octane' rock n roll !

As the audiance (now a mixture of both barang/khmers headbanged down the front) lapped up the signature death metal rock overtures of Sliten6ix - there was even a 'wall of death' organised by the band's very capable singer!

This of course ended in absolute mayhem with bodies 'crashing and smashing' into 'one another' but all done with great humour and in the utmost essence of fun!

Watch out for Sliten6ix - this band is going to be huge! Great entertainers and great f**king music !

Last but certaintly not 'least' - one of Cambodia's premier heavy metal bands 'Pilgrim Band' stormed the stage.

An electrifyng set ensued - as Nak and his Boyz raised the volume level to 'mega-decibel' - much to the delight of the bare-chested 'shirt-waving' sweating fans - who were chanting 'Pilgrim! Pilgrim!' at every opportunity!

This band have been the 'torch-bearer' for progressive rock in this country for a long, long time - and their set 'doubly-confirmed' their legendary status!

Great music, a great finale and Pilgrim Band undoubtedly, the 'icing on the cake' on what was a breathtaking rollercoaster ride of the very/best in khmer heavy, metal rock and roll !

A big, big thank you goes out to all the bands that participated - and also a big thank you to Ross for his sterling work on the 'mixing desk' - the sound all night was quite magnifico !

Our first ever 'Cambo Headbanger's Ball' at Sharky Bar and unquestionably, a huge, huge success!

'Cambo Headbanger's Ball 2 ?' i think we all know the answer to that - a definate yes ! Just give us time to 'catch our breath' fellaz!

Thanx again. Watch this blog/website for all further gigs/details of upcoming events at Sharky Bar!

That's the Wrap!

Cheers Dave The Punk !