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Monday, December 27, 2010

XMAS Dinner and Staff Lunch

Christmas Eve is a time to celebrate and enjoy life with family and friends and we at Sharkys did exactly that. With Big Al creating great eats as always, along with the Bar’s 2 great and old talented cooks themselves – Taco Bill and Larry Luchok (formerly Chef/GM at Cali 2), the experienced 3 Musketeers cooked up a Gourmet Storm for Sharky’s “Invitation Only Christmas V.I.P. Appreciation Dinner”, with 14 dishes appearing after a full days’ preparation as a “Labor of Love.”

The Gourmet “Chefs’ Choice” Christmas Dinner was headlined by 2 huge perfectly-cooked Turkeys – 1 deep fried Southern style, and the 2nd Tradition Oven Roasted with Herbs and basted with care and precision every 5 minutes until golden brown, tender, and stuffed with a special Larry’s secret recipe. The Large Baked Ham with Vermont Syrup Glaze was the next Eye Opener for all as it was being carefully carved up by Taco Bill and Larry the Iron Chef.

As this event was by Invitation Only for Sharky Bar’s 50 best customers and friends, there are always a few gate crashers. But Sharky Mike ( his eyes may be small, but they see far ) was on the case as Maitre D’/Bouncer and welcoming all a hearty “Merry Christmas and Welcome to our Christmas Dinner” . Christmas Eve is not a time to have to put body blocks on people who had partied too hearty at other Bars ,not on the List, eyeing the food and the large VIP crowd, and doing their best to grab some delicacies.

Our gracious and greatful friends all brought wine and booze, so there were many many rounds of “Cheers” and “Merry Clistmaas” (native speak) and a great time was had by all. As usual, a small contingent of satisfied VIP’s continued their partying and boozing way past dinner time, and were last seen stumbling their way out with very large smiles on their face, but with very large and satisfied appetites wishing all a “Merry Christmas and to all a Good Night..”

A Big Thank You to all of our Sharky Bar Family of Friends who continue to support our efforts and business every year, and especially to those who have been around since the beginning of Sharky Bar in 1995.

Sharky Mike

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Sharky Bar’s 15th Anniversary Rock Party Weekend

It’s hard to believe that 15 years can pass so quickly for the life
of a Bar in Phnom Penh, but we are still here and still thriving !!

When Sharky’s opened its doors in 1995 by Bob King and “M.I.A. Dave”,
Cambodia was a much different place from today, and especially Phnom

When I joined the Bar in 1997, there were still U.N., NATO, and U.S.
troops assisting the Cambodian Government in keeping peace after the
Civil War ending that year, the streets were loaded with not endless
SUV’s, motos, and BMW’s, but with Cambodian Army troops setting up
roadblocks every several hundred meters and stopping every moving
vehicle on the relatively empty streets. Lots of bicycles, fewer motor
scooters and tuk tuks, and dominated by cyclos.

Then with the Thai riots, more internal political fighting, another
mini Civil disturbances in the late ‘90’s to early 2000’s, it wasn’t
easy to be able to get around town without armed personnel carriers
taking us from place to place.

Anyone remember the Eagle Firing Range where for $50, you could rent
an Rocket Propelled Grenade Launcher, 1 RPG Shell, and for another $25
buy a cow as a target? Throw live hand grenades for $10 each? The Bad
Old Days for sure...

Who would have imagined the endless traffic jams these days with
increasing prosperity fueled by hundreds of Barang NGO’s, Korean,
Vietnamese, Malaysian, French, European and U.S businesses? Also by
increasing increasing infrastructure building by Cambodian Government

Sharky’s was the 3rd Expat Bar in Phnom Penh in 1995, and now almost
reaching 2011, there are well over 300 + Expat Bars around town.
Well, here we are still Rockin’ after all these years!!

Friday night, December 17, the Bar rocked with the legendary Curtis
King Band taking center stage to kick off the Rock Party Weekend. And
rockin’ it was as C.K. brought along Phnom Penh music veteran Davis
Zunk to play with his Band, and Guest Appearance by the famous
Rapper,Conn’s Dogg, who mixed his Rapping with Classics like “GLORIA”,
MUSTANG SALLY, and even the Rolling Stones “TUMBLING DICE”. With the ultimate Rock Music Frontman and true Rock and Roller “a la Rod Stewart” style – LeROI, in from London for the Event, Sharky’s was
definitely the place to be and it was tough to get even near the Stage
with hundreds of loyal Sharky Expats, C.K. music lovers, packing our
large Bar.

Then on Saturday night, the relatively new local Band, Captain Jack
(formerly The Stone Daddies) , led by the incredible voice and vibes
of Karen singing Mick and Keith’s leads, J.J. on Lead and Slide
Guitar, Tim on Bass, Dylan on drums, and everyone’s favorite local Rock
Scene Blogger and Musician, Steve Goodman, playing a Tribute to the
Stone’s “Exile on Main Street” album, along with a few extra Stones
songs not on the Exile album, they were just perfect and almost as if
Mick and crew were playing in front of another packed, raucous, and
jammed Bar.

After their set, who comes back on to the delight of the crowd that
was shouting “More, More, More” to J.J. and Karen, Curtis King, LeRoi,
and Gang came back for a surprise and unscheduled 2nd Set which
brought the House down! Truly a great musical experience for all rock
and roll lovers lucky enough to be around for 4 hours of hard driving

On Sunday night to wrap up the 15th Rock Anniversary Weekend, about 25
musicians from approximately 8 local Bands showed up to Jam together .
The first Band was led by the infamous Ian the Punk and backed up by
Sharky’s own Music Manger, Dave the Punk, and then joined by Kenny
White of Cambodian Space Project/Hellhounds/etc, Stevie Goodman, Dan
the Swede, Conn’s Dogg, Curtis King, LeRoi,Tommy Nicks of Lost
Highway, Tim, J.J., Karen, and a surprisingly great new sounding Band
in town, Martin and the Choppers, and lots of other famous locals
playing another 4 hours of combos of Rock, Blues, Soul, Jazz, Punk,
and Funk.

Who could have asked for a better way to celebrate Rock and Roll at
Sharky’s Bar of Cambodia, the longest running Rock and Roll Bar in

Stay tuned for the Famous PLAN B Band, from Australia (lots of Brass
and Crass) playing at Sharky’s on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day.
Another weekend of the Rock and Roll in Phnom Penh.
ONLY AT SHARKY’s !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mike Sharky

100's of more photo's of our Anniversary here

Monday, December 13, 2010

Sharky's 15 Year Anniversary Party Weekend 2010

Sharky's 15 Year Anniversary Party Weekend:
Live music from Curtis King Band, Captain Jack & Sharky Jam

Friday Dec 17 - The Curtis King Band @ 8pm
"A bit of jazz, a touch of soul, a whole lotta rock 'n' roll!" from the coolest band in Vietnam

Saturday Dec 18 - Captain Jack @ 8pm
Phnom Penh’s Rolling Stones Tribute Band play tribute to Sticky Fingers & Exile on Main St. albums

Sunday Dec 19 - Sharky Jam @ 8pm
We are rounding off the weekend with a Jam @ Sharky’s. All musicians welcome

Lucky Door Prizes & Crazy Cocktails

Come and enjoy the fun!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Welcome to the Jungle: Fundraiser for Wildlife. Sat 13 @ 7pm

Sharky Bar will be hosting a fundraiser Saturday, November 13, 7pm-late, to raise money for wildlife rescue and care for tigers and elephants at Phnom Tamao Wildlife Rescue Center (PTWRC).

The event theme is “Welcome to the Jungle” and will feature The Cambodian Space Project and a special guest band. There will be a raffle and auction with incredible prizes, including a one-year family membership at the Cambodian Country Club, a PADI diving certification course, weekend stays for 2 at the Independence Hotel in Sihanoukville and Sokha Angkor Hotel in Siem Reap, a roundtrip ticket to Singapore on Jetstar Airways, gift cards to adidas, dinners and cocktails, luxurious spa goodies, gym passes, photography tours, bus tickets, and so much more! Raffle tickets are $1 each, and for every $5 you spend you will get a free beer. Buy $15 worth of tickets get you 3 free beers and a $25 gift card to adidas!
There will be a short presentation by our Wildlife Rescue Director, Nick Marx, and t-shirts and paintings by Lucky, one of the female elephants at the rescue center, for sale. All proceeds go directly to the rescue and care of Cambodia’s endangered wildlife at Phnom Tamao Wildlife Rescue Center.
The rescue center is home to over 1,200 wild animals, all of whom were rescued from the illegal wildlife trade, including tigers, elephants, crocodiles, gibbons, bears, and so many more. Wildlife Alliance maintains a 'Care for Rescued Wildlife' project at PTWRC and provides financial and technical support for the care, food, and rehabilitation of wildlife victimized by the trade. Every day new animals come in and that increases the cost for food substantially—food for tigers and elephants alone costs $7,000 per month. As a result of our ten years of hard work, Wildlife Alliance has rescued over 40,000 live wild animals.

Our aim is to partner with the local community here to protect and preserve Cambodia's unique natural heritage together, increase awareness of the illegal wildlife trade, and let people know that what they can do to help stop this cruel trade. We have received incredible support and prizes from local businesses and we are really looking forward to this event as it will be good music, good fun, all for a good cause!
A big thank you to our sponsors for their incredible support: adidas, AusKhmer Import Export, Betel Nut Tours, Cambodia Country Club, Cambrew LTD, Cantina, EcoSea Dive, Frizz Cooking School, Independence Hotel Sihanoukville, InStyle Spa, La Croisette, Lucky Market Group, Luna d’Autunno Italian Restaurant, Muscle & Fitness Center, Nathan Horton Photography, Nike Pizza, Open Palm Studio, Paramount Angkor Express, PTM Travel/Jetstar Airways, Raffles Le Royal Hotel, Skechers, Sokha Angkor Hotel, Spa Bliss, and Vinotage.

Auction Prizes:

1-year family membership (up to 2 adults and 2 children).

Two nights in Deluxe Room w/Breakfast for two guests

One roundtrip ticket to Singapore

PADI Open Water Certification Course + one night stay on Koh Rung Saleom, Sihanoukville.

Two nights in Club Suite w/breakfast for two.

Tour for Six to PTWRC

Photography tour for one person with Nathan Horton.

Raffle Prizes:

Raffle prize 1:
Two nights in Deluxe Room w/Breakfast for two guests +
Paramount Angkor Express: Two one-way bus tix to Sihanoukville +
Luna d’Autunno: Dinner for Two in Sihanoukville location

Raffle Prize 2:
Two nights in Deluxe Room w/Breakfast for two guests +
InStyle Spa: Massage and Herbal Body Scrub

Raffle Prize 3:
Two nights in Deluxe Room w/Breakfast for two guests

Raffle Prize 4:
Raffles Hotel Le Royal: Sunday Brunch for Two +
InStyle Spa: One Day of Pampering Package

Raffle Prize 5:
Luna d’Autunno: Dinner for Two in Phnom Penh location +
InStyle Spa: Massages for 2

Raffle Prize 6:
InStyle Spa: 1 Day of Pampering Package +
Frizz Cooking School: One full-day cooking class +
Lucky Market Group: $25 voucher to be used in the Supermarket, Lucky Burger, or the Salon +
Open Palm Studio: 1 Spinning class

Raffle prize 7:
AusKhmer: 6 Bottles of fine wine +
Vinotage: Wine Tasting Course +
Open Palm Studio: 1 Spinning class

Raffle Prize 8:
La Croisette: Cocktails for Two to the value of $50 +
Spa Bliss: 1 voucher for Bliss massage +
Open Palm Studio: 1 Spinning class

Raffle Prize 9:
Cantina: Dinner for Two
Muscle Fitness Centre: One-week pass to the gym +
Nike Pizza: 1 large Pizza +
Open Palm Studio: 1 Spinning class

Raffle Prize 10:
Spa Bliss: 1 vouches for Bliss massage +
Paramount Angkor Express: Two one-way bus tickets to Siem Reap +
Open Palm Studio: 1 Spinning class

Raffle Tickets

$1 = 1 Raffle Ticket
$5 = 5 Raffle Tickets + 1 Beer
$10 = 10 Raffle Tickets + 2 Beers
$15 = 15 Raffle Tickets + 3 Beers
$20 = 20 Raffle Tickets + 4 Beers + $25 adidas Gift Certificate

the good people from adidas are giving away 200 vouchers worth $25 each so buy 20 Tickets and get 20 Raffle Tickets + 4 Beers + $25 adidas Gift Certificate - GREAT VALUE!!! WIN WIN WIN!!!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Live Music: The Stiff Little Punks & The Fumes

Last Friday night @ Sharky's 2 Bands Rocked & Punked their way through endless classic covers. The Stiff Little Punks & The Fumes.

Indie/Alternative/Punk Band 'The Fumes" played their first gig at Sharky's... and we want them back! I've been... trying to get this band to play at the bar for nearly 2 years now and it was worth the wait! These guys are brilliant and killed it on the night. The good news is they'll be back again Saturday the 13th of November for the Wildlife Alliance Fundraiser- "Welcome to the Jungle" along with "The Cambodian Space Project". Don't Miss it!

Punk Band "The Stiff Little Punks" played endless punk covers as only they know how. Relentless, High Speed & High Energy! The Phnom Penh Pirates (official St. Pauli Fanclub of Cambodia) were here cheering on the punks who sounded awesome with their full line-up onstage... they'll be back at Sharky's early December. Punk On!

Thanks for playing the shark guys,


Stiff Little Punks
The Fumes

more pics here...

Friday, October 15, 2010

Phnom Penh Mens 8 Ball Competition 2010

1st Place Winner - Marco
2nd Place Winner - Vincent
3rd Place Winner - Bill

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Phnom Penh Womens 8 Ball Competition 2010 sponsored by Cambodia Pocket Guide & Sharky Bar & Restaurant

Sunday the 26th of September, 2010
Phnom Penh Womens 8 Ball Competition 2010
proudly sponsored by Cambodia Pocket Guide & Sharky Bar & Restaurant

After a slow start - you try and round up 32 Women for a competition planned for 8pm - we finally kicked off the Pool Competition around 8.45pm.

It is always great fun during the womens pool competition and this year the bar was full of women itching to get on the tables to show off their skills. Unfortunately we had only 32 spots and we decided to do single eliminations this time around over 2 tables. So, first come, first served.

The Ladies were treated to Sharky Punch Cocktails all night and the atmosphere was fun and friendly. A great time was had by all and next week it's the Men's Competition.

A special thanks to Tim "PickPocket Guide" Gibbons, Andy "The Tash" Shark aka Sharky Andy, Mike "The Tiger" Hsu and special guest appearance by Dean "Hop-a-long" Lennox for making this event memorable and fun. See you next week. Ross

1st Place Winner "Alang" - Alang won a $50 Bar Tab at Sharky's

2nd Place Winner "Srey Pal" - Srey Pal won a $25 Bar Tab at Sharky's

3rd Place Winner "Loan" - Loan won a case of Anchor Cans

Some of the contestants watching on...

Some of the Sharky Staff... jealous they couldn't participate!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Live Music Friday, 17 September 2010 - "Lost Highway" with very special guests "Cartoon Emo"

After coming from back to back gigs at Chinese House and FCC Cambodia, Sharky’s proved once again to be the Venue where other bars in Cambodia come to watch rock bands in a high energy bar, to listen to great musical talent, and have a big space to party hearty ! Friday night was no different as Sharky’s favorite “Lost Highway” Band rocked on to a packed house. Despite the torrential rains outside earlier in the evening, it didn’t stop the full house of expats and Khmers at Sharky’s from swaying, dancing, drinkin’ and just having a great time with the Band our friends have come to love and party with.

With Chris back in vocals and electric guitar, Tommy Nicks on drums, Kenny on lead guitar and Dave whaling away on bass guitar, Lost Highway once again proved why they are the most sought after band in the land… This time around, they mixed in a couple of Santana covers with their usual Rolling Stones emphasis, classic rock covers, and a couple of C & W jams blended in, it was another “Rock On, brothers and sisters” night at Sharkys.

As I just returned to Phnom Penh from my regular New York City/Asian flyarounds, our new Manager, Dave “The Punk” and I took a quick ride to Meta House to try to catch a new local Khmer alternative indie rock band play called Cartoon Emo play a set. Ross stayed back to watch the fort and deal with any needs by LH and their posse. But with the weather pretty nasty outside, unfortunately we missed seeing them play. At least we had the opportunity of meeting them and trying to buy a CD from them for our enjoyment and review. No such luck as their CD’s were all gone. After stopping by a few other establishments around town and seeing a pretty quiet night all around, we went back to Sharky’s.

Within 15 minutes of our return and getting back into the Lost Highway party, to our delight, the full band of Cartoon Emo, plus entourage, came into the Bar – instruments in hand and asked if they could play a few songs to show us what they could do ! After Lost Highway finished their last set, the Sharky boys went and made a few technical adjustments to bring the new Band up on stage and have their Debut performance at a proper rock and roll music venue.

With cell phones heavily In use spreading the word around that Cartoon Emo was playing a few tunes at The Shark Bar, along with the local jungle drums beating loudly, we announced that we had a guest Band coming on and the mixed crowd happily stayed on eagerly awaiting the new sounds… After the first song coming to an end and seeing the strong stage presence and tremendous effort of CE, we only heard shouts of “More, More, More” and the Band played on…to heavy audience applause and appreciation by all. Towers of beer flowed the rest of the night for our new local rock brothers, compliments of our lucky bar management.

A Big THANK YOU and Congratulations to Cartoon Emo Band and their supporters from all of us at Sharky Bar. We will be seeing you all again, and for of our friends reading this on Facebook or our Blog, keep an eye out for CARTOON EMO to come back and showing us another full set of high energy, excellent vocals, power drumming, and strong stage presence by some new faces on the Phnom Penh Rock and Roll Music Scene. Where else? At Sharkys Rock and Roll Bar, of course ! Stay tuned….. MIKE