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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Saturday, June 25, 2011: Holliday in Cambodia, The Jameson brothers & Arthur Agas

Saturday, June 25, 2011: Holliday in Cambodia, The Jameson brothers & Arthur Agas

After the heavy metal furore of the previous night with Khmer Rockers 'Cartoon Emo' - some kind of normality was returned to Sharky Bar and Restaurant - with 'Holliday In Cambodia' returning with their 'up-tempo' renditions of acoustic pop/rock/indie covers .

With 'acoustic music ' the prevailing 'theme ' and not a electric guitar in sight - Sharky Bar duly obliged with 'not one but three acoustic acts' for the night's entertainment .

First 'up' was newcomer and soloist 'Arfur 'Aggis from Scotland !

'Flown-in' at great expense all the way from 'The Cavern' (that's St. 104 not Liverpool !) 'Arfur took centre stage to face his very own army of private-hecklers ('shipped-in' by the Sharky Management Team - at no 'additional cost' of course !)

However, 'Arfur was good enough to 'rise -above' the good natured banter and impressed everyone with his 'short but eclectic' set of acoustic rock covers.

Thanx 'Arfur 'Aggis. A true 'professional' in every sense of the word !

Next up and continuing the 'Celtic ' theme was 'The Jameson Brothers.'

If you have never seen these guyz your really missing out. Mick and Gerry are great artists and perform 'Irish Music' just like it should be.

Great vocals, plenty of foot tapping 'sing-a-longs' and of course, everything done 'tongue-firmly-in-cheek !' A 'Pub With No Beer' - never when these guyz are around !

Great stuff from the 'Jameson Brothers' and a big, big thank you from myself, Ross and Packo for helping us out once again !

'Top of the Morning to Ye Boyz !'

Next-up and 'limbering-up' behind the towers of Anchor beer - were 'Holliday In Cambodia' - waiting patiently for the 'knock-out' punch - they duly obliged.

A 'two-and-a-half' marathon 'non-stop' acoustic set followed covering some of the greatest rock, pop, classic songs ever recorded.

It's sometimes difficult to comprehend that when these guyz are playing, they are down to the bare-bones (ie. couple of acoustic guitars), but their sound is 'so-tight' that they reverberate as if they are a 'full-on' electrified band. Amazing !

Furthermore, any lack of 'amplification' is 'barely-noticed' as their quartet of vocalists rise 'well-above' their acoustic arrangements - so much so, that even Randy Jackson would 'sit-up' and take notice !

However, special mention must go to the 'two-front line vocalists' Alistair and Lynsey. If Alistair is the entertainer - then Lynsey is the 'songbird.' She is 'one truly great singer' and the perfect focus for this great band.

Did we mention the Bongo's ? Well it was Justin's first gig and the young man certainly did his bit to help 'enhance' the sound ! Well done mate !

Yes a great night - and surprisingly when 'Holliday In Cambodia' are playing - there is not a shoe or stiletto in sight - just barefeet and flip-flops !

Maybe they should be called 'Holliday In Sihanoukville' instead ! Just a thought fellaz ?

Joking apart, a big, big thanx to John, Damien and the rest of the gang for a great night out - courtesy of 'Holliday In Cambodia' !

See you all very soon at Sharky Bar and Restuarant - the Number One Music Venue in Phnom Penh !

Dave The Punk

Friday June 24, 2011: Cartoon Emo Live!

Friday June 24, 2011: Cartoon Emo Live!

Last night 'Sharky Bar & Restaurant' in conjunction with ' SVANG DARA ENTERTAINMENT ' presented the Number One Rock Band in Cambodia - 'Cartoon Emo' !

And 'hell' these guyz did not disappoint !

From the 'Orchestrated Synthesized Intro - Cartoon Emo ' the band jettisoned into 'Som Pel Thae Khluan Eng' like some demented rock demons from another planet !

They didn't stop there. What followed was a 'rollercoaster juggernaut of a ride' that showcased the very best of heavy thrashing Khmer Rock !

'Burn The World' , ' We Can Do' and ' Yes Cartoon' were just a few of the songs that pulverised the Sharky audience into complete and utter metal submission.

The 'banging of heads' and the Ronnie James Dio signature 'V-sign' were the 'norm' as the crowd responded in kind to the heavy manic guitar riffs of axe-men Dan and Noly. Superb !

New member Din was electrifying on his thumping 'six-string bass' - while drummer 'Mr. La' virtually stole the show with a great 'improvised drum solo' that was one of the 'best' seen yet at Sharky's ! Great stuff !

Not to be outdone, singer 'Boy' is quite truly mesmirising . A sort of human mutation caught between Marilyn Mansun, Alice Cooper and a ' Cuddly Chinchilla ' - his stage theatrics and presence make him a brilliant front-man.

His rasping vocals - obviously trained by spending many hours gargling coarse gravel - were the perfect foil to the heavy
guitar licks of his sparring buddies on either side.

The closing tracks 'Happy Birthday Samantha' and 'Thghay Piseh Mea Men Bong' were the perfect climax to a great rock n roll show by these truly gifted young musicians !

If you have never seen a Khmer Rock Band, or indeed never heard one - then start with 'Cartoon Emo.' They are for sure, the Number One Rock Band in Cambodia ! They are going to be massive !

We applaud 'SVANG DARA ENTERTAINMENT' for helping us co- promote ' Cartoon Emo' at Sharky Bar & Restaurant - and also thank them for providing a 'kick-ass' sound system that truly rocked Sharky's to it's monumental foundations !

A big, big thanx to Virak, Cartoon Emo and all his production team for a great night's entertainment - all at Sharky Bar & Restuarant - the Longest Running Rock N Roll Bar in Indo-China !

Great night - and probably the loudest decibels ever heard at Sharky's ! (I'm sure our neighbours would agree on that !)

Over and Out !

Dave The Punk

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Music this weekend @ Sharky's: June 24/25, 2011

18 june, 2011: Saturday Night saw the return of ' Lost Highway'

Saturday Night saw the return of ' Lost Highway' to Sharky Bar with their own particular brand of Classic Rock N Roll.

A ten-minute version of CCR's 'Green River' set the ball rolling with some very good 'John Forgerty-esque' vocals from Tommy on the drums.

With the rest of the band (Kenny/Guitar/Vocals + Chris/Bass) now in full throttle - the band effortlessly breezed through their vast repertoire of Classic Rock songs.

'Not Fade Away' , 'Cocaine' , 'Hey Joe' , 'Mona' and 'Crossroads' - just a few of the great songs covered.

However, my personal favourite, was 'The Johnny Kidd & The Pirates' timeless classic 'Shaking All Over.' Kenny's haunting guitar on this song very much reminiscent of the great Peter Green.

After a short break, the band continued with their unmistakable sound that is uniquely Lost Highway.

Ian The Punk even joined in 'donning a hat' and singing a rasping bluesy version of 'Red House.'

It was seemingly 'all over' before it had started and the band closed with rock versions of 'Woolly Bully' and 'Shake Rattle & Roll.'

Probably not the greatest performance from Lost Highway seen at Sharky's but a 'work-like man performance' all the same.

We hope to see Kenny, Chris and Tommy back very soon at Sharky Bar - ' The Number One Music Venue in Phnom Penh. '

Cheerz Guyz - Dave The Punk

17 June, 2011: St. Pauli Football Team may have been relegated

St. Pauli Football Team may have been relegated from the German Bundasligue but what better way than to celebrate (yes celebrate !) their demise, than to host a 'Relegation Party' at Sharky Bar Friday Night !

Synonymous with the great music scene of the 'Hamburg Reeperbahn' of which St. Pauli is in close proximity - what better way to 'mark this auspicious occasion' than to invite 'Clash City Rocker (PunksNotDead) and Khmer Heavy Metal Band 'Pilgrim' to the Party !

And the Sharky Crowd - well they were just glad that they did !

A packed house give debutants 'Clash City Rockers (PunksNotDead) a rousing reception as they blitzed their way through 'twenty' of The Clash's finest punk songs !

From the opening number 'Brand New Cadillac' the carmouflaged 'Clash City Rockers' truly rocked the house !

'Garageland', 'White Riot', ' I Fought The Law', ' Complete Control ', ' London Calling' and 'Janie Jones' - were just a few of the great 'Clash' songs belted out to a noisy but enthusiastic audience .

The brutal raw edge of the 'The Clash City Rockers' was exemplified by the rhythm section that was Tom (Bass), Stu (Drums) and David Maybe (Lead Guitar ).

Infact, Tom and Stu were so outstanding that after the gig 'the accolades from 'friends and punters alike' were no more than 'each of them' richly deserved.
Tom's great 'distorted-reggae' bass playing on 'Guns Of Brixton' and ' Bankrobber' was nothing short of master-class.

While drummer 'Ozzie' Stu 'egged-on' by his 'exuberant AFL teammates and work buddies' worked the skins tirelessly with a faultless display of controlled but energetic drumming.

A great performance from Tom and Stu - and real cool guyz too !

However, you can't be a 'Clash Tribute Band' without a great singer - and in ' Ian The Punk Strummer' here we have someone 'nothing short of genius' !

His vocals all night were brilliant (daresay sometimes better then Strummer himself?) While his stage presence and overall showmanship a testament to his 'larger than life' stage persona' !

Seeing 'Ian The Punk Strummer' work the audience on 'Bankrobber' was one of those great moments that 'hark you back' to the 'Golden Age of 70's Punk.'

And judging by the amount of passionate 'Clash fans' in the audience - it was 'no real surprise' that the inevitable 'Clash City Rockers' encore followed.

'English Civil War' and 'Police and Thieves' - concluded a great opening set from 'The Clash City Rockers' - living proof that ' PunksNotDead ' - well not in Phnom Penh anyway !

The assembling Khmer hoardes must have wondered what all the fuss was about - especially when five minutes later the enigmatic 'Pilgrim Band' took centre stage !

No 'punk' for these fine boyz - Khmer Heavy Metal is their thing - and soon the 'heavy guitar-driven riffs ' of ' twin-axemen' Nak and Tom were bombarding the Sharky faithful !

'Real In The Daylight' , 'Worth Something' and the Pilgrim classic 'History Repeat' were magnificently played as the 'po-goeing masses upfront ' lapped it up in true Khmer rock style !

However, 'Pilgrim Band' have a softer side to their game and vocalist Botra was in 'fine-form' as he showed a nice melodic touch to his vocal range on a few of their slower numbers.

Not quite 'burning lighters in the air' stuff - but 'equally moving' all the same !

There was still time for more ' Iron Maiden/Black Sabbath 'guitar inspired Pilgrim songs - before they ended their set with a rousing cover of the 'Breaking Benjamin 'Song 'Diary Of Jane.'

Great stuff from Nak, Botra, Oun, Tom and Dat ! And always a pleasure to have Pilgrim Band back at Sharky's Bar - one of the greatest Khmer Rock Bands of all time !

See you all tomorrow night for Classic Rockers 'Lost Highway.'

Have to go - the $1.50 'Cranbulka Cocktails' are 'kicking-in' - and 'The Phnom Penh Pirates' anthem 'Oh St. Pauli' is the final song on the playlist !

Knackared !

All this and more at Sharky Bar & Restaurant 'The Number One Music Venue in Phnom Penh' and still ' The Longest Running Rock N Roll Bar in Indo-China'.

Cheerz Dave The Punk

The Rugby dinner at Nagaworld on the 11th June was a great success

The Rugby dinner at Nagaworld on the 11th June was a great success.

It is always something special when you get a chance to dress up & don the “black tie”.

All the guests had a great time & there was lots of good fun banter between all the different nationalities.

The guest speakers were very witty & told some great stories which had the crowd laughing.

The free flow wine & beer was very nice & a great meal was served.

We at Sharkys have been supporters of the rugby for a long time & always welcome the teams into the bar.

Sharkys also donated $100 cash & a $50 bar tab for the raffles.

Congratulations to Gary & James as well as Nagaworld , a great effort guys.

We all had a great time.


Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sharky Annual Beerfest: June 11, 2011

'Beerfest' was the 'Theme' at Sharky Bar on Saturday Night and with 'The Phnom Penh Hippie Orchestra' adding it's own brand of 'musical intoxication' to the mix - it was the perfect excuse to have fun night out !

In between the 'beer games' and 'the heavy rock playlist' which is the 'norm' at Sharky Bar, 'The Phnom Penh Hippie Orchestra' strangely enough, didn't 'look out-of-place' as they entertained everyone with their very own brand of musical genius.

With their 'up-tempo' danceable 'polka-type-music' providing the perfect backdrop, it wasn't long before members of the Sharky crowd were 'up' on the makeshift-dance floor 'clicking their fingers' and 'kicking out their legs' in every dance style known to man !

Wasn't quite sure if it was the Bohemian, Cossack, Greek or Bavarian style of dance - but whatever they were doing - it was one of those nights! And everyone was loving it !

If Matthias (violin virtuso and orchestra leader) is the inspiration, then Sergej (on Balalailla) is the flamboyant entertainer!

Some of his Russian 'dancing' and energetic playing were of the highest notch - and even the shyest of people couldn't help but 'join in' and 'clap their hands' when this guy performs !

Not to be outdone Jonathan (on trombone) really likes to swing - and some of his 'on-stage-moves' would probably qualify him for the next round of television's 'Dance With The Stars !'

David on bass is a good mover too - and some of the 'interplay' between him, Giacomo and Ali upfront on the 'knee-drum and accordion' were quite absorbing !

So, if it's the 'Ku Ku' you like - or 'Le Walz' or the 'Schlittenfahrt Nach St. Petersburg' or the 'Titanic Polka' - or just the 'Floral Dance' - then these guyz are the 'ones' for you !

Truly an 'international act' and hailing from all parts of the world (ie. and/in no particular order); Germany (Matthias/Violin/and Founder of PPHO), New Zealand (Dave/Bass and Jonathan/Trombone), England (Andy/Guitar), Italy (Giacomo/Accordion), France (Ali), Russia (Sergej/Balalailla), USA (Roger/Mandoline) and 'last but not least' Cambodia (Samnang/Violin and Bunhong/Clarinet).

There was still time for the 'final gem' of an encore and that was a cover by the band of the traditional Cambodian love song 'Tam Eouy Tam.'

Featuring our very own 'Lida' (Sharky Bar Captain) on guest vocals - and Bunhong (PPHO) on twin vocals - the suprisingly quaint little ditty - was only surpassed by the 'roar' and 'cheering' from the enthralled Sharky audiance and Sharky Bar Staff ! Magic !

The rendition was 'so good' that Matthias and his crew 'had to do' it all again - and they duly obliged. But this time with Sophea (Sharky Staff Member) as female vocalist - and would you believe Veasna (Guitar player from Deathcore Metal band Sliten6ix) as the romantic male lead.

I kid you not !

Great stuff ! Not a 'dry eye in the house' and beaming faces all round !

A big, big thanx to all the members of the Phnom Penh Hippie Orchestra - for a fantastic night - and a truly magical performance !

Maybe no 'dancing bears' this time round - but with Sergej - you never quite know !

Great night. Thanx again!

Dave The Punk

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Sliten6ix & Anti-fate: June 10, 2011

After the success of the inaugral 'Cambo Headbanger's Ball' - Sharky Bar has over the past few weeks been inviting many of the khmer bands that played June 30th - back to further display their musical talents.

Last night it was the turn of 'two' of those groups - alternative punk rockers (Anti-Fate) and hardcore heavy metal band (Sliten6ix) - to return back to the fold and entertain the Sharky faithful.

First-up were 'Anti-Fate' - and right from the opening bars of their guitar-driven 'Intro' - and straight into their first song 'I'd Do Anything' - Propey (Rythmn), Dom (Lead), Vin (Bass) and Jino (Drums) totally rocked the house with their alternative punk rock sound.

Infact, the singing, the stance and the 'loose-low' style guitar playing of singer Propey and the rest of the band, was more reminiscent of a 'Green Day' concert than a khmer alternative punk band playing in Phmon Penh.

After storming through 'Perfect', 'No Care Where We Belong', 'Would You Do Or Let It Go'' 'Love Comes Around' and 'Addicted' - the majority of the Sharky crowd were up there 'dancing, rocking and even pogo-ing' to the 'hundred-mile-an-hour' guitar sound that is 'Anti-Fate' !

It was only fitting therefore, that the 'final encore' could only be a 'Green Day' cover. And the crowd lapped it up 'as they sang and cheered along' to the timeless 'anti-teenage' rock classic - 'American Idiot' !

A fine performance from 'Anti-Fate' and a special mention goes out to powerhouse drummer (Jino) for a 'fine stint' back there on the 'skins.'

Judging by the chorus of approval from the Sharky crowd - we'll hopefully be seeing this great young band back very soon!

Ps. Move over 'Billie Joe Armstrong' your time is up !

After a brief interlude for a cold beer and a quick 'sweaty wipe-down.' The near capacity Sharky crowd 'thronged' the stage in eager anticipation of the next band. The 'one and only' Sliten6xi !

If 'headbanging' and 'dark, grinding, satanic, loud' guitar playing is your thing - then these guyz are for you.

A sort of cross between 'Slipknot' and 'Metallica' these young khmer metalcore enthusiasts are nothing but the 'real deal.'

'Annihilate The Meth' and 'Failure Of Humanity' were just 'two' of their songs that they belted out with near, raw metalcore precision.

With Veasna (Lead Guitar) and Nu (Rhythmn) pounding out the heavy laden guitar riffs. The sound of the 'axemen' was perfectly underwritten by the thumping bass-lines of Billie Supertramp and the manic drumming of the always energetic Alan Madness !

However, all great rock bands are known not only for their guitar heroes but also for their singers - and in lead vocalist 'Misfit' (yes that's his name!) they have the perfect front-man !

From the opening screams on 'Unmasked' to the final number 'Built For Hatred' - this young singer is the vocal equivalent of a 'Texas-Chain-Saw' searing it's way through the entire American Pennisula !

If singing 'starts in your boots' then young 'Misfit' is a perfect example of drawing all of your energy from within and jettisoning your 'vocal projectile' over a defenceless but mesmerised audiance.

Like a musical 'turbo' jet that has just flown into your living room and unwillingly 'sucked you up' into some dark, but distant gothic musical underworld - well, this is Misfit - and this is Sliten6xi !

Not for the fainthearted - but for lovers of the 'headbangers fraternity' - absolutely f*****g great !

A great performance from this young band - and we all look forward to seeing Sliten6ix back playing VERY soon at Phnom Penh's Number One Music Venue ! Sharky Bar !

Ps. Did i mention 'Cambo Headbangers 2' ? Saturday August 6th ! Don't miss it !
Thanks guyz, Great evening !

Dave The Punk !

Also, a special thanks to 2010 Cambodian Air Guitar Champion, David Flack for special guest performance to "Run to the Hills"

2011 Air Guitar Competition coming soon! Are you cambodia's next top Air Guitar Champion?

a BIG BIG Thank You to the Cambo Headbangers for a great night at Sharky's


Sunday, June 5, 2011

Big Time Live @ Sharky's: June 4, 2011

Sharky's 'Rock N Roll Weekend' continued 'Saturday Night' with Big Time (ex-Music Buddies) up from Sihanoukville treading the holy boards of Phnom Penh's 'Number One' Music Venue.'

With a couple 'line-up' changes from last time-out in the capital, the 'three-piece' were out to impress - and impress they did - Big Time!

If 'Classic Rock' is your thing then catch these guyz -they are certainly 'masters of their chosen craft.'

From the 'opening' number to the 'last' - the band effortlessly slid through their well organised and excellent 'set-list' without seemingly 'breaking into a sweat.'

One minute Michelle (Lead Guitarist) is playing Gary Moore 'Still Got The Blues', the next he's playing Santana's 'Black Magic Woman' - and the next it's Dave Gilmour and Pink Floyd's 'Money.'

And if that 'assortment of guitar-heroes' doesn't grab yer' - then what about a bit of Hendrix 'Purple Haze', Jimmy Page 'Rock N Roll' or even Angus 'AC/DC'.

Yes, Michelle plays the lot! Quite Amazing! And a really cool guy too!

Not to be outdone - Vocalist/Drummer (David) is also a great muscian, if not the inspiration behind the band that is 'Big Time.'

His timing and 'licks' are quite impeccable - while his singing is pretty good too!

Anybody who has the range to do 'The Police', 'James Brown' and 'Prince' - as well as everything from 'Hotel California' to Stephen Tyler's 'Walk This Way' - gets my 'singing vote' any day of the week!

Quite astonishing! And again everthing done so professionally!

Great 'chops' from our very own Cambodian Idol!

The 'newest' member of the band is bassist Yann (previoulsy of French punk rock/pop band At Robieb).

With more 'effects pedals' than 'The Teaner Terners' Yann is also no slouch in the musical department.

His bass playing was of the highest order - and he also found time to sing the lead vocals on Deep Purple's 'Smoke On The Water.'

The 'Gillan-esque' scream half-way through the song - a dead-give-away that i think he like's to sing this song!

The Sharky crowd were also in fine fettle throughout the evening - and could be seen 'singing-along' to virtually every song.

We also had our usual array of tambourine players - that included our resident 'nutty but beautiful one' (Ross's words not mine), a very attractive lady-boy with big maraccas - and a 'back to the audiance rendition' from our very own Aussie 'JD' - Nice one Cobber !

Kiwi Luke was also in good form and ended-up being 'hand-cuffed' to one of the tambourine players by the Sharky Staff - only for Security to lose the key!

However, after a 'short but brief visit' to the local cop-shop - the 'loving couple' were untangled - and soon returned to the scene of the crime ! All in best possible taste - of course!

Shenanighans apart, it was a 'complete performance' from classic rockers 'Big Time'!

The AC/DC covers of ' Whole Lotta Rosie'
and 'Highway To Hell' a perfect way to end the evening!

These guyz don't play Phnom Penh that often - so it was a real treat to have 'Big Time' down and play at Sharky's.

A big, big thank you to David, Michelle and Yann for a great night's entertainment!

Rock on bros - and hopefully see you back soon!

Thanx - Dave The Punk

Saturday, June 4, 2011

June 3, 2011: Captain Jack Live @ Sharky's

Sharky Bar's 'Rock N Roll Weekend' kicked-off fine style 'Friday Night' with the return of the ever-popular Rolling Stones Tribute Band 'Captain Jack'!

From JJ's opening guitar licks on 'Start Me Up' - the band proceeded to give a virtuoso performance of some of 'Jagger/Richard' finest, dare-say 'meanest' songs.

By time they reached their third number 'It's Only Rock N Roll' - the band were clearly in the mood to have a good time - and things just got better!

Any band that plays 'Undercover Of The Night' (one of my personal favourites) is just 'fine' by me.

I even found myself harking back to when the original 'video' was first made of that song and remembered how it was banned for graphic content on mainstream tv.

But that's the 'thing' with 'Captain Jack' they take you back to 'where you were' or 'what you were doing' when all these great songs first came out.

Surely, no finer testament can be said of a Rolling Stones tribute band than to play their 'Rocks Off' - and give you the musical rollercoaster ride that is undeniably - Keith Richard, Mick Jagger.

With James and Karen on top-form 'out-front' in the vocals department - the band went on and probably delivered their best ever set at Sharky's.

Indeed, Karen's rasping-gritty vocals, brought a 'whiskey-laden edge' to some of Jagger's lyrics - which complimented perfectly with the fine interplayy of JJ and Steve Goodman's accomplished guitar playing. Great stuff!

Not to be outdone - Tim on bass (fretless or not) along with drummer Dylan - provided the 'musical engine' that kept the whole 'thing' together.

Last but not least James, gave his usual high-energy performance, displaying some 'fine musical touches' on ukulele, harmonica and backing-vocals. Highly entertaining!

'Sympathy For The Devil', 'Tumblin Dice' and 'Get Off My Cloud' were just a few of the great Stone's songs belted out - much to the delight of the enthusiastic (by this time) dancing Sharky crowd!

After a stormer of a 'second-set' what better way to finish than 'play out' your 'encore' with great version of the classic song - 'Captain Jack Flash'!

Enough said!

A brilliant night, a brilliant performance and a brilliant return to Sharky's by JJ, Tim, Karen and the rest of the boyz!

It's 'Only Rock N Roll - But I Like It'

Over and Out!

Dave The Punk !