Sharky Bar & Restaurant

Sharky Bar & Restaurant

Thursday, February 26, 2009


Well Mr. Dave Manson Himself made a Cameo appearance in the bar to celebrate his 38th (or was that 39th Dave?) birthday. Festivities topped off another good Thursday Ladies Night!

February is almost behind us and we are looking forward to a fun filled March. Events will kick off with the Sunday BBQ on the 1st, a Friday the 13th Party, St. Patricks Day, and looking to get Route 66 back up from the beach on the tail end of the month.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

New Orle what?

Mardi Gras Cambodia Style

If you weren't in Sharky for Fat Tuesday....well you missed a good one.

For starters, Al sweated his ass off putting together a New Orleans Cajun feed that Rocked!!!!

FEMA- Couldn't compete with party and feed we provided. Shrimp, Sausage, Fish, Fried Chicken, Crab Cakes, Sandwiches all done Cajun Style with King Bread, and Pecan Pie, with a Hurricane Cocktail for $12.00.

After dining to real New Orleans Music, Route 66 came out and rocked. A group of guys from Sihanoukville put the band together and all I can say is they will be back! They played three sets of Classic rock. We are looking to get them back for the last Weekend in March. Stay tuned for more info.

Sophon one of our waitress did a great job making mask and putting together strings of beads to get the girls in the spirt.
Thanks again to San Miguel Beer for their generous sponsorship. Can you even get San Miguel in the P.I. for a dollar?
Vany one of our glass cleaners.

Look for more pictures to be posted on our website in about a week.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Vietnam bound.....NOT!

Well the latest rumor was a girl waiting for one of the Jesters to show up at the Small Hotel in Sihanoukville. We can only surmise that a few days on a beach where you can swim is a better consolation than racing back to Pattaya. It seems that information on getting into (or not) to Vietnam is readily available on the web in more than one place. Golden Triangle Riders could have answered the question, but on the bright side, they got to ride to Svay Rieng. I would have stayed there for a night. Great place to chill. If and when Vietnam does in fact open up for bike traffic, rest assured, you will hear it here first!!!

Mardi Gras

Looks like Tuesdays Mardi Gras is shaping up. Ross has secured the Route 66 Band to come up from Sihanoukville and play. Al has a rockin Cajun feed lined up, and San Miguel will be sponsoring $1.00 San Miguels! Also in store are Hurricanes for only $2.50. Quite a contender for the famous Motar rounds. Many girls about wondering where the guys are hiding, so come on out and enjoy the fun!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

As Expected....

Rumor has it that late yesterday afternoon there was a rumble of Harleys outside of the Pickled Parrot. Apparently a group of bikers had to do a U 'ey at Moc Bai. Not as sorted as they had assumed. Still curious to hear their story. No one made it into the bar last night. I wonder if they will be in tonight.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Motorcycle Stuff

The Jesters from Thailand were through the bar the other night. They apparently have access to Vietnam. They will be passing through PNH on the return. I am curious to see how it goes. They apparently had it all sorted with visas, permissions etc.

Check them out on the web

and Woody's Care for Kids Charity

Other news

Project Pineapple is organizing a ride-An Easy Ride through Indochina.
Lift the carpet. Remove the bombies. Repair the damage.
Hanoi 19th March 2009 - HCMC 30th April 2009.

from their website:
Project Pineapple (PP) is planning a peaceful event to publicize the issue of these unexploded ordinances (UXOs). Increased awareness will help to mobilize the support necessary to clean up the mess, support the victims and educate local people to know how to deal with those they find. It is hoped to assist in getting more signatories to the Convention, through pressure from voters. Project Pineapple will take the form of an 'Easy Ride' by motor bike enthusiasts. The riders will carry a pineapple from the starting point in Hanoi, Vietnam, through Laos and Cambodia, ending in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Members of the Minsk (previously Soviet) Motorcycle clubs from the 3 Indochina countries will be the 'frontline.' However, anyone may participate in the ride, with any model of bike, either in part or for the whole route.

They will also try to make it through Cambodia as well. Stay tuned.

Cambodia will have its first bike week in Sihanoukville March 27th-29th At Poco Loco
+855-92-293-550 for details I tried the website and it wasnt up but it could be soon.

Also always plenty of good links,GPS coordinates, and Cambodia motorcycle information at

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Update Feb 17, 2009

Well if you missed it, the opening party of the Shark Cage was a good one. Plenty of people in the cage and in the bar! Al put on some good ribs and drumlets and the girls danced up a storm. Thanks to Anchor for sponsoring the beer!

The bar is now staffed and open nightly. Though primarily for dancing, some customers have already sifted through the music collection and have enjoyed sitting at the bar in Cold AC comfort.

Valentines Day saw a better crowd in the bar this year. The Khmers have really embraced this holiday and the streets were full of revelers looking for love. One day later however it was business as usual.

Sharky has a new Internet provider. Just ask the staff for the new access codes to log onto our Free WIFI.

Mardi Gras is February 24th and Al is putting on a great Cajun Feed. Ross has the girls in the spirit putting together a real New Orleans Vibe.

Fat Boy Subs is finally seeing light at the end of the tunnel. All of the neccessary pieces are coming together and though I won't commit to a target date, I can say it's close.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Shark Cage

Friday the 13th The Shark Cage will officially open. The "Cage" will be available nightly for dancing or just Chilling out under the ice cold AC. The Shark Cage is also available for private parties and functions. Just speak to one of the Sharky Staff for details as to how we can accommodate your event.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Mortar Rounds

A guy from the USA was in the bar the other night and knocked back 6 mortar rounds in under an hour. Nine is the record for an evening! He said he would be back in the next night to attempt to break the record, but apparently the six from the night before kept him away. Pretty amazing feat none the less.

Are you up for the challenge?

The world has been hit with some serious weather. Snow in England, blistering heat in Adelade, well we too have had our share of weather as well. Rainy season lingered till late November and a freak shower New Years Eve. Then there was the Blizzard that happened mid January. Well it wasn't a blizzard but it was pretty cold driving on a motorbike and there was a night in the bar where the ACs were left off and only half of the fans were necessary to move the air around. It was fun to see the new winter fashions and the fur lined hoods worn by the girls around town. Winter coats and levis hot pants is a winning combo.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Second Post

On behalf of the Sharky Staff I would like to welcome you to our blog. I had tried to keep you up dated with a page on our website, but we felt that we would like some of your participation and input as well. It will also be easier to keep you abreast of changes, specials and events with one liners on this blog from one of us, rather than you waiting for us to get around to updating the website and uploading the changes. We can also keep you better informed as things happen, regardless of how trivial.

We don't want the blog to be a place for whiners and wingers. There are many forums on the web that began as great information sites, and turned into a place for people with sorry lives and too much time on their hands to post clutter for the rest of us to sift through. Just look at Thai Visa.

We welcome positive, constructive criticism, and welcome suggestions that will help us serve you and keep Sharky the number one bar in Indochina.

Once again on behalf of Mike, Dave, Al, Paul, Ross, Andy, and the rest of the Staff, welcome to the Sharky Blog.


Thursday, February 5, 2009