Sharky Bar & Restaurant

Sharky Bar & Restaurant

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Holliday in Cambodia Live: Saturday Aug 27

Holliday in Cambodia Live: Saturday Aug 27

August/September (Event/Promotions/Live Music):

July/August are primarily the quiet months in the Kingdom, with schools closing and many business doing the same, as many expats choose to vacation elsewhere or return home.

The low season also sees the advent of the rainy season and therefore tourist and visitor numbers also drop.

However, during this period, Sharky Bar & Restuarant remains open 7 nights a week (4.30pm - 02.00pm) and still ranks one of the busiest places in town for food, drink or just simply a cool night out with friends !

With some of the best food in town (Tex-Mex, Thai & Asian Cuisine and Big Al's great American Burgers) we have something for most people tastes - all at affordable prices too !

We also have a comprehensive 'Cocktail Menu ' (watch out for promotions !) and most drinks/liquor are catered for; and/ including fine house wine and a varied selection of bottled and canned beers.

For those with a competitive edge we have a 'Weekly Pool Competition' (every Wednesday Night ) with a 'Winner Take All' ($25 Bar Tab).

This is a 'Mixed Competition ' and starts bang-on 9.30pm. Come down early and get your name down if you want to play, as this is a popular event.

If you want a more 'up-beat and fun-packed' kind of evening then join us for 'Ladies Night' every Thursday Night !

This is an extremely busy night - and all Ladies (in groups of 5) are entitled to 'One Free Bottle of Mekong + Mixer' or 'One Bottle of Red/White Wine' at $5 or 'Bailey's Shots' at $1 !

'Ladies Night' also includes 'Dance/Hip-Hop' music all night + Free Draw into our 'Wheel of Fortune' with Cash and other Fun Prizes !

A great night out for the girls - and oh yes, guyz welcome too !

'Sharky Bar & Restuarant' is also the Number One Music Venue in Phnom Penh - and though normally most 'muscians' take a sabbatical during this time of year - in recent weeks we still had everything from Classic Rock, Chicago Blues - and even Punk Rock !

A big thanx to Oscars Band, Little Duke & The Mekong Blues Messengers and The Stiff Little Punks for providing the entertainment in the last couple weeks !

You were all awesome !

Please check our 'Notice Boards' and 'Website Blogsite' - for details of our upcoming 'Friday/Saturday Live Music' for the rest of August and this coming September !

We also 'Showcase ' new talent (every Friday Night), so don't be affraid to contact us (Ross or Dave) if your interested in 'strutting your stuff' !

We at 'Sharky Bar & Restuarant' also pride ourselves on the best selection of rock music anywhere in Indo-China. We play everything from AC/DC to Frank Zapppa !

Our friendly 'Sharky Bar' staff will be more than willing to take requests from any customer wanting to hear their own personal musical favourites in the bar !

Just ask !

Finally, it maybe the low season in Cambodia - but at 'Sharky Bar & Restuarant' - we remain committed to customer satisfaction - all during the rainy season and also throughout the rest of the entire year !

We hope to see you all soon - families welcome !

Cheerz Dave The Punk (Sharky Bar Manager)

Join us sometime -

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Cambo Headbangers Ball II: Saturday, August 6, 2011

Cambo Headbangers Ball II Special guest opening act "Animation"



"Alisha" guesting with "Anti-FATE"

"Sliten6ix" close the evening

Saturday Night was 'Cambo Headbangers Ball II' and the turn of the Khmer musical fraternity to showcase their talents - and by crikey didn't they just - in what turned out to be the best 'Chapter' of the 'Headbangers Ball' so far !

Big Mike did the 'Intro' and set the tone for what was to follow, which was a phenomenal rollercoaster ride of sublime heavy metal guitar licks, unbelievable drumming, thumping bass lines and a range of vocalist styles that ranged from Green Day's (Billie Joe Armstrong) through to Slipsnot's 'stone sour supremo and frontman' Corey Taylor !

First band up was 'Cartoon Emo's' stable-mates 'Animation' - and they did'nt let anyone down - with a great opening set !

Some great intricate guitar playing was backed-up with some really impressive vocals. The set and sound was tight and the energy level fantastic - as the 'Animation' boyz went for the jugular ! Aarrrgh !

One song was even in 'thai' which goes to show that with the Khmer bands - expect the unexpected !

Great stuff - and really good to see Cartoon Emo's Boy, Din and Virak (their Manager) in attendance - and 'head-banging' along with their mates ! Brilliant !

After a 'brief pause for a gulp of fresh air' - next up was 'Sub-Students.' A new band on the scene and very much a force to be reckoned with in the near future.

Looking like 'mobsters' from the latest episode of 'The Untouchables' the band certainly knew how to play.

Some really neat, tasteful guitar playing was backed-up with some really fine vocals, bass playing and drumming.

Not quite 'Elliot Ness' but 'untouchable' all the same ! Cheerz guyz you were awesome !

The packed-out Sharky crowd by this time were getting into the 'swing of things' - and pumped-up by Big Mike - Millennium took to the stage !

Metal Rappers cum Rock Band (think Stephen Tyler's Aerosmith / Run DMC) and this is Millennium !

The whole place erupted as barking mad frontman 'Karona' took up the reigns and entertained the audience with his madcap style of singing !

No 'turn-table' this time for Karona - but with his razor-sharp 'rap-like' vocals - the whole place was fired-up - as Millennium truly rocked the joint !

Can't say that Sharky's have seen such an enigmatic frontman 'in da house' for a long-time ! A truly breathtaking performance from Karona and the Millennium boyz !

'Walk This Way' indeed ! F*****g Magic !
The momentum was certainly in it's ascendancy when crowd favourites 'Anti-Fate' took to the stage.

In probably, the outstanding performance of the night - Propey, Dom, Vin and Jino - really set the place alight !

The unmistakable 'Green Day-ish' sound of 'Anti-Fate' was thoroughly enjoyed by the bi-partisan 'Khmer/Barang' (local/expat) crowd.

This was certainly the band's 'finest hour' in Sharky's and with a guest appearance from the lovely Alisha on vocals - 'Anti-Fate' really set the place on-fire !

A thoroughly deserved encore was called for - and the band duly obliged - with what else, but a 'rip-roaring' version of 'American Idiot !' Absolutely, brilliant, stuff from Anti-Fate !

But how on earth could you possibly top that performance ???

Answer: Mosh Pit, Wall Of Death and of course - Sliten6ix !

If 'Anti-Fate' had only moments before raised the roof - then 'Sliten6ix' just came on and smashed clean through it !

I don't know if Sharky Bar has ever witnessed such scenes of 'carnage, devastation and mayhem' - but with JP (from the American Alternative Rock Band 'SuperGlide" of Virginia Beach), Robbie G-String, Josh, Matt, Lhars and myself (Dave Punk) marshaling the 'Mosh Pit' - their were bodies flying everywhere as the music just exploded !

With Big Sharky Mike, the Emcee, flinging his long hair up and down, screaming, taunting and challenging the Wall of Death crowd with wanting to be the FIRST Mosh Pit Jumper at 105 kgs (WTF??), everyone in their right mind stepped away, and rightfully so !!! But Big Mike's taunting got the young Wall revelers to start abandoning their shirts, jumping on stage, and flinging their bodies into the 60+ party kids who formed the Wall !!

Even young Blase, everyone's favorite young Rocker from Australia, was banging and rocking in the Free World too. What an incredible scene of absolute fun and madness that Cambodia has never seen before from any Rock Show!!

This was now a true 'Headbangers Ball' in every sense of the word !

The music was metal core - the band were awesome - the muscianship was brilliant - and the crowd were just loving it ! Every second of it !

With vocalist 'Misfit' screaming out his vocals with such lung-filled intensity - that he could probably have 'blown-up a helium filled hot-air balloon' - Sliten6ix just tore the house down - I mean literally !

Hats-off to Veasna, Nu, Billie Supertramp, Alan Madness and of course, crazy frontman 'Misfit' for bringing 'Cambo Headbangers Ball II' to it's ultimate fever pitch ! Absolutely brilliant !

The final Mosh Pit Stage diving from Veasna, Misfit and even our very own master technician and Entertainment Manager Ross, brought the evening to it's emphatic but fitting close !

The sweaty mounds of bodies dispersed and the bar returned back to respectable normality.

I think all of us would agree, that we had all just lay witness to one of those great musical events that merely underlines that 'Sharky Bar & Restuarant' is 'The Number One Music Venue in Phnom Penh ! (not to mention the longest running Rock and Roll Bar in Indochina - 15 years already and 15 more to come !!!!)

A big thanx to all that allowed this 'major event' to take place - and a big, big thanx to 'Cambo Headbangers Rock & Metal Society' for your continued support - and extra thanx to both Veasna (Cambo Headbangers) and Virak (Svang Dara Entertainments) for providing the acts !

Cheerz fellaz - it was our pleasure !

Ps. What about 'Cambo Headbangers Ball III' ??? Halloween ??? Friday The 13th ??

Watch your local press for details !! That's if you dare !!

Signed-out and knackered !

Dave The Punk

Ukes of Hazard Live! Friday, August 5, 2011

the Ukes of Hazard laying down ukelele law

After last weeks 'I Fought The Law' with 'The Clash City Rockers' it was the turn of the 'Ukes Of Hazard' this week to demonstrate their 'Laying Down of the Ukelele Law' at Sharky Bar & Restuarant.

With tv film characters ' Uncle Jesse, Bo, Luke, Daisy Duke, Sheriff Rosco and Boss Hogg' unavailable to steer 'The General Lee' - it was left to our very own ' Dylan, James and Stu' to fly the flag on their behalf for Hazard County !

Not quite 'country & western' but moreso 'a mixture of different pop, rock and other rock-a-billy musical styles. 'The Ukes Of Hazard' certainly bring 'fun' back into the concert hall - with a capital 'F' !!

An eclectic 'two hour set' followed that included great Ukelele versions of songs, such as Hot Chocolates pop classic 'I Believe In Miracles ', Michael Jacksons timeless musical anthem ' Beat It' and even a Ukelele version of the 'one and only' Beatles masterpiece 'Come Together.'

Rousing stuff and all done with 'tongue-firmly-in-cheek' - great stuff !

Other notable 'highpoints' included Kings Of Lyon's 'Sex On Fire' and a version of 'Knocking On Heaven's Door' that probably outshone the original.

By this time Dylan (not Bob) was well into 'overdrive' with his magic 'osciallator' box - and James was playing an assortment of riches - that included harmonica, kazoo, tambourine - and the occasional hi-pitched shrill !

All good fun !

Mind you good thing they had Stu behind them on drums to peg them back a little - or these 'two' might easily have even surpassed the great and famous 'Emerson, Lake & Palmer' - in the realms of musical improvisation and creative wizardy.

Yes a great night, a massive turn-out and a superb performance from the duelling uke dudes - that are Dylan, James and Stu !

Thanks guyz - it was a pleasure !

See u back very soon (I hope) at Sharky Bar & Restuarant - The Number One Venue for Live Music in Phnom Penh !

Dave The Punk

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Clash City Rockers Live at Sharky's Friday July 29th, 2011

Clash City Rockers Live at Sharky's Friday July 29th, 2011

Friday’s show was the second of their latest tour - Give 'Em Enough Rope 'Cause Phnom Penh Calling Tour 2011. The New Single "I Fought The law" is available at all good Bootleg Shops at any given market in Cambodia. Buy it now! While stocks last!

The Magnificent Four
The Clash City Rockers consist of Ian Strummer (lead vocals), Davie Jones (lead guitar, backing vocals), Tommy Gun Simonon (bass guitar) and Stew Headon (drums).

Beginning the night with “Brand New Cadillac" it instantly had the crowd cheering and had this on-the-scene music fan bopping about like a 12 year old. The 22 song concert sped by with enthusiasm and gusto exactly what you would expect from This Clash cover Band. Death or Glory was brilliant as was Guns of Brixton & Bankrobber. Other favorites included Israrlite, Magnificent Seven, Rock The Casbah, Complete Control, Garageland, Guns on the Roof and loads more!

A brilliant Night of Music from the Clash City Rockers. We look forward to their next gig.

"Punk died the day The Clash signed to CBS."

bollocks to that...and fuck CBS


Opening for Clash City Rockers were FAY BOON THORT KEY.
These young French guys had the balls to get up and play in front of the Sharky crowd having never played together before. Wicked!

A short sharp set consisting of 3 songs. they started with Noir de Sun by Comme Alle vient followed by Semisonics, Closing Time(Great Song) and ended with Where is my Mind by The Pixies. Awesome job by the boys and we hope to see them back again at Sharky's.

Drums: Gilles Chaillet
Guitar/Vocals: Arthur Kosowski
Bass/Piano: Paul Chaillet
Bass/Guitar: Valentine Hoarau

rock n roll


Davie Jones
Clash City Rockers


Monday, August 1, 2011

Saturday July 30th: Phnom Penh Hippie Orchestra

JP Hill of SuperGlide guests for some improvised Blues
Lyda from Sharky's jamming with the PPHO
Safety first

Mykkel has time for a quick pint inbetween songs

Mathais leading the way

Saturday Night saw the welcome return of the Phnom Penh Hippie Orchestra to Sharky Bar & Restaurant !

With a 'display banner' nearly as big as the 'numbers of musicians' in the band, a large and appreciative audience 'lapped up' nearly three hours of bohemian/bavarian polka-style entertainment !

The PPHO troops - well marshalled by iconic frontman Matthias - turned on a superlative display for the enthusiastic Sharky crowd !

Conductor cum violin maestro (Matthias) who apart from playing 'mean fiddle' is not only a born leader but also an all-round entertainer !

Leading from the front and looking quite splendid in his ringmaster striped jacket and baggy hat (neatly complimented by his white half-mast trousers and boots),
he cut quite a mezmerising figure out there on centre stage !

He even found the time to show-off his harmonica skills with a short but bluesy couple of songs - complete with some neat 'honky-tonk' piano from Gabby and some 'gritty blues' guitar playing from new band member Mikkel.

Infact, the addition of Gabby on electric piano was a welcome addition to the overall 'hippie' sound.

His 'up tempo' playing - not to mention his likeable-stage persona (complete with white motorcycle helmet) - was a refreshing tonic to this already great showband.

There was even time for guest vocal appearances from JP (Superglide's lead vocalist/writer ) - and Sharky's very own Lida - to round-off a fantastic night's entertainment !

The Phnom Penh Hippie Orchestra are indeed a phenomenal collection of great musicians !

On behalf of Big Mike, Ross and myself (Dave The Punk); all of us extend our heartiest thanks to Matthias and his Phnom Penh Hippie Orchestra for a truly magical performance last night !

It was a privilege !

See you all again very soon at Sharky Bar & Restuarant - Phnom Penh's Number One Music Venue !

Cheerz - Dave The Punk

Sunday July 31st - The Lazy Drunks

todd Dom


jj joins in

Mathais joins the Drunks

An inpromptu evening with ' The Lazy Drunks' took place Sunday Evening at Sharky Bar & Restaurant to celebrate guitarist Tom The Mop's 'Leaving Party' (he's going off to England - albeit only for three weeks - but what the 'hell' we don't need an excuse in Sharky Bar to throw a party !)

'Aided and abetted' by Ian The Punk on lead vocals, Todd on bass and guest drummer Dom (filling in for Ingo), the Lazy Drunks even included for the very first time American Rock & Blues violinist Will Moore.

That's the thing with these guyz - expect more 'line-up changes' than America's Next Top Model !

After a blistering start with 'Dead Flowers' the 'Drunks' provided fine entertainment throughout the evening.

To be honest, an almost stunned Sharky audience (after all it was supposed to be a quite Sunday evening round town), were treated to an endless flow of virtuso performances from some of the finest musicians in Phnom Penh.

Hippie Orchestra maestro 'Matthias' joined in the fun with a scintillating violin solo on CCR's version of 'I Put A Spell On You.'

Having heard that track many, many times over, it was hard to believe that this was a violin playing the guitar licks - and not John Forgety's lead. Simply Brilliant !

Just to show how 'easy' being a musician really is - Matthias then turned his hand to the harmonica - and played equally superlative on a rousing rendition of Free's 'Alright Now.' Unbelievable !

The 'open mic' syndrome was now in full flow with JJ and Tim (from Rolling Stones Tribute Band 'Captain Jack') joining Ian and Dom in the musical fray - and doing great versions of 'Honky Tonk Woman' and 'Jumping Jack Flash' ! Whatelse ! Great !

The audience were now lapping it up - and after an assortment of tambourines, bongo's and marraccas were handed-out much to their amusement - things just got madder !

Even 'Tony-Two Wheels' joined in on the act - and showed his own unique musicality with a fine display on the military bugle - courtesy of Big Mike !

Aren't sure what key he was playing in - but he sounded rather good - and not dissimilar to the trumpeteer who led ' The Charge Of The Light Brigade !' Great stuff Tony !

As the evening came to close - what better way to finish than 'Tom The Mop's' own personal favourite - Pink Floyd's 'Time' - played exquisitely of course by young Tom ! Brilliant !

Great finish ! Great show ! And a great big thanx to 'The Lazy Drunks' for a great Sunday Night's Evening !

Judging by the abundance of 'strings' in town right now - I suspect that this mighten not be quite Tom's farewell - but more of an E.L.O. !

No pun intended !

See you around - Dave The Punk

Upcoming Music: Cambo Headbangers Ball II - Saturday August 6th

Upcoming Music: Ukes of Hazard! Friday August 5th