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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Sharky's New Years Party Weekend: Fri Dec 30 & Sat Dec 31

Live Music
Friday, Dec 30: Oscars Band
Saturday, Dec 31: Lazy Drunks

Monday, December 5, 2011

16 Year Anniversary Party Weekend: DO NOT MISS THIS! Fri Dec 16 & Sat Dec 17

This year we at Sharky's are celebrating our 16th Anniversary and it promises to be a Rockin' Party Weekend. Based in Vietnam, Sharky's long time friend & Rock n Soul legend "Curtis King" teams up with special guest "Juram Gavero" playing for the first time together at Sharky's on Friday Dec 16 & Saturday Dec 17, 2011. DO NOT MISS THIS!

Sharky's Saturday Night Live! Dec 10, 2011: Little Duke @ 9pm

Sharky's Live! Friday, Dec 9, 2011:The Lazy Drunks @ 9pm

Events & Festivitie's for December

After a fun-packed musical program during November (hi-lighted by storming performances by The Fumes and debutants Grass Union Snake Band), we roll into December with an equally impressive line-up of events !

Dec 2nd: Little Duke & The Mekong Blues Messengers kick-off the month in fine style with their Chicago-sounding roadhouse blues. A great blues band !

Dec 3rd: Astra-Nova return to Sharky's with their special brand of classic grungy rock ! Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Led Zepplin, Nirvana and Eric Clapton, are just a few of the artists you can expect to be covered by these great young rockers !

Dec 9th: The Lazy Drunks (Sharky Bar's resident band) - fronted by the mecurial Ian Rowlett Anderson (ex-Crazyhead) - perform a selection of 60's and 70's rock n roll classics for your entertainment !

Dec 10th: Little Duke and the Mekong Blues Messengers are back by popular demand by Blues Lovers

Dec 16th & Dec 17th: Sharky Bar & Restuarant 16th Anniversary Weekend featuring the legendary Curtis King Band with special guest artist Juram ! This is Sharky Bar's biggest party of the year celebrating a whole fun-packed anniversary weekend with great music from Vietnam based maestro's Curtis King, Juram & Co. Not to be missed !

Dec 23rd: The Teaner Terners return with a one-off Christmas Show featuring the very best in Indie Rock ! Expect great music from this totally original band - courtesy of Scotty & the rest of the indie boyz !

Dec 31st New Year's Eve: The only way to truly end 2011 on a high note is our New Years Eve Party Bash at Sharky Bar & Restuarant ! Fun, games, drink and party till you drop, plus live music from 'The Lazy Drunks' and much, much more to be enjoyed (including the famous Sharky New Year countdown !) The party of all parties !

Have a great December and a great New Year too - at Sharky Bar & Restuarant !

The longest running rock n roll bar in Indo-China !

Cheerz Dave The Punk (Sharky Bar Mngr)

Friday, October 28, 2011

Oktoberfest Weekend 21/22 October, 2011

More photo's here...

Preface: The Oktoberfest tradition began back in 1810 to celebrate the October 12th marriage of Bavarian Crown Prince Ludwig to the Saxon-Hildburghausen Princess Therese. The citizens of Munich were invited to a five-day festival on the fields outside the city gates. It has been celebrated every year since !

Sharky Bar & Restaurant pulled out all the stops last weekend in 'time honoured tradition' to celebrate their inaugural Oktoberfest Weekend ! This featured not one, but two great bands, as well as the usual Bavarian fayre - great German Food, hearty German Drink and even our very own Sharky 'Beer' Frauleins !

To get the party going, Masterchef Big Al served up a great Oktoberfest Platter of German Farmers Sausage, Roast Pork, Sauerkraut, Zucchini Fritters, Home Made Rhye Bread (German style) and Potato Salad. Very reasonably priced at $5 and served with a cold Edwinger (half-litre) Bottle German Beer for an extra couple bucks! Fantastic value and 'sold out' on both nights ! Great stuff !

And if the 'food or the beer' didn't get you in the mood, or maybe even if the beautifully attired Sharky 'Beer' Frauliens didn't catch your eye - then it was left to 'The Phnom Penh Hippies Orchestra' to provide the musical backdrop for this great Oktoberfest Weekend.

And they didn't fail. The music although not quite Oompah - was of course the traditional Bavarian Polka that 'The Hippies' are renowned for - and the large Sharky crowd - well, they just loved it !

'Ten Hippies' this time round come Friday Night - and playing every possible instruments known to man - their overall sound was just fantastic ! (*Note: special mention to MC Ross for providing a perfect mix. )

Suffice to say, the eclectic collaboration of so many muscians, from so many countries, was a pleasure to see and quite a musical evening to behold.

'HavaNagilah', 'Schlittenfahrtnach St. Petersburg', 'Der Zug um 7.40 Uhr', 'Saragina Rumba', 'HevenuSchalomAlejchem' and 'Radio-Tele-Moskau' - were just a few of the timeless classics - played with the energy, vibe and showmanship - that one has come accustomed too from this great band !

There was even time for a 'take-on' Henry Mancini's 'Pink Panther Theme' - as well as an unexpected version of Carlos Santana's 'Oye Como Va' (with Matthias playing lead on his violin - quite superb !)

However, the fun part of the night belonged to 'Hippie Bunthong' and 'Sharky Beer Fraulein' (Sophea) - for their romantic Cambodian folklore duet !

Quite mesmirising - and not a dry-eye-in-the-place as they both sang 'one after the other' the lines of this traditional khmer song ! Truly, magical !

The dancing Sharky crowd by this time were loving every second of the Hippies performance - and after a non-stop 'three hour set' - the curtain closed on what was a great evening of bohemian-polka style type entertainment !

Absolutely Awesome !

The Phnom Penh Hippie Orchestra: Bunthong, Clarinet (Cambodia), Dave, Bass Guitar (New Zealand), Gabriel, Electric Piano (Italy), Giacomo, Accordion (Italy), Jonathan, Trombone (New Zealand), Sammnang, Violin (Cambodia), Steve, Mandolin (Scotland), Thomas, Drums (France), Tim, Guitar (England) and Matthias, Violin (Germany.)

Saturday Night 'The Hippies' returned but this time round, had transformed into a more formal Jazz/Funk type of ensemble called 'The Hot Strings Jazz Club.'

With Big Al's Oktoberfest German Platter selling like 'hot cakes' (literally) - and the Sharky 'Beer' Frauliens having mastered the art of clutching 'six or seven' mugs of beer to serve to thirsty customers - the stage was set for another night of Bavarian hospitality !

The band didn't disappoint. More ' smoking jackets and long type ciggarettos' than the previous night - but nevertheless the sultry, charm of the jazzy feel atmosphere generated by the black-shirted bandy, was not lost on the enthralled audience.

Swing, Tango, Funk, Jazz and even a little boogie - let the Sharky patrons in no doubt - that 'The Hot Strings Jazz Club' are a 'class act' in their own right !

Be it, Louis Armstrongs 'Hello Dolly', Frank Sinatras 'Strangers In The Night' or even Glenn Miller 'St. Louis Blues' - the bands renditions were simply just brilliant !

Gabby on electric piano was quite pulsating with his non-stop rhythms, while Thomas on drums and percussion was upbeat and enjoyable to watch.

With Matthias switching effortlessly from violin to harmonica up-front. His harp playing on the final three songs 'Go Funk Yourself', 'Straight No Chaiser' and 'Bye Bye Boogie' - were nothing short of sensational !

However, it was Bunthong on clarinet who stole the show. His interplay with Matthias was quite brilliant - as was his improvised solo's and overall muscianship. A class act from this up and coming young khmer star !

A near faultless performance from 'The Hot Strings Jazz Club' and a perfect climax to what was a great Oktoberfest weekend !

Unbelievable !

Hot Strings Jazz Club: Bunthong, Clarinet (Cambodia), Dave, Bass (New Zealand), Gabrielle, Electric Piano (Italy), Thomas, Drums (France), Tim, Guitar (England) and Matthias, Violin & Harmonica (Germany)

* plus guest appearance from a flutist (name unknown), but breath-taking all the same.

Footnote: Oktoberfest attracts over six million visitors to the Munich Beer Halls every year. During the 16 day festival, over 1.5 million gallons of beer, 200,000 pairs of pork sausages and 480,000 spit-roasted chickens are consumed.

Sharky Bar & Restuarant are more the happy to allow their customers the chance to 'join in and enjoy' the festival that is Oktoberfest !

We hope that you did ! See you next time !

Cheerz Dave The Punk (Sharky Bar Manager)

Monday, October 17, 2011

Sharky Pre-Oktoberfest Party Weekend: Oct 21 & 22nd

Before the Official German Oktoberfest begins on October 28 - 29th we at Sharky's have planned our own Oktoberfest Party Weekend. Friday Oct 21 and Saturday Oct 22. Free Entry.

Friday Oct 21 and Saturday Oct 22 will feature Matthais and the Phnom Penh Hippie Orchestra Live! also... Drinking games, Lucky Door Prizes & some delicious German food specials prepared by Masterchef Al Schaaf.

Saturday we will be the same only this time P.P.H.O. are replaced by the Phnom Penh Hippie Orchestra Bastards... ? should be a blast!

Lucky Door Prize will be Tickets to the Annual German Oktoberfest, Diamond Island(Koh Pich), Phnom Penh, Cambodia, 2011. The best party of the year in Phnom Penh.

for more info on the German Oktoberfest please go to: or come by sharkys to buy your tickets.

Tickets for German Oktoberfest, Diamond Island(Koh Pich) available at Sharkys


$18 - includes buffet, 1 beer and 1 soft drink, one cap, a fun souvenir photo including frame


Tickets ALSO available in Phnom Penh:
La Croisette (Sisowath Quay)
Tell Restaurant (St. 90)
Jacob's Well (St. 111)
All U-Care branches
Riverside Bistro (Sisowath Quay)
Brains Office (No. 6A, St. 294)
All Smart Mobile Stores
Dan Meats (St. 214)

Sharky's Rock n Roll Bar & Restaurant, Phnom Penh, Cambodia: Sharkys Battle of the Bands: Oct 15, 2011

Sharky's Rock n Roll Bar & Restaurant, Phnom Penh, Cambodia: Sharkys Battle of the Bands: Oct 15, 2011: Winners of the "Battle of the Bands" The ANTI-fate Stiff Little Punks The Teaner Terners Lazy Drunks Sliten6ix(Backstage) P-...

Sharkys Battle of the Bands: Oct 15, 2011

Winners of the "Battle of the Bands"
The ANTI-fate

Stiff Little Punks

The Teaner Terners

Lazy Drunks


P-Sonic(Bum n Draze) & Punk Fan Luke

A massive crowd turned out for 'The Battle Of The Bands - Saturday Night Live' at Sharky Bar - featuring no less than (six) local acts battling it out for the accolade of Phnom Penh's finest - the second instalment of Sharky Bar & Restuarant's Halloween Party Weekend !

If you want to get the party going, then no better act to start then the legendary 'Stiff Little Punks.'

Ian and the boyz were up for it - as they stormed their way through their allocated 15 minute set - setting the 'standard' for the rest of evenings 'combatants' !

Seeing the younger khmers 'singing and dancing' (not forgetting some of those old enough to remember) to 999's classic 'Homicide' was a real treat !

'White Riot' to finish - what else? And the competition is off to a great start by the punks ! But will it be enough to secure the 'Winner Takes All - $200 Star Prize.?' Remains to be seen.

Stiff Little Punks
(Setlist:) Sonic Reducer (Dead Boys), Belsen Was A Gas (Sex Pistols), I Wanna Be Your Dog (Iggy Pop), Homicide (999 ), Gary Gilmours's Eyes (The Adverts) and White Riot (The Clash).

Next up saw Phnom Penh's No. 1 Indie Rock Band 'The Teaner Terners' and their unmistakeably, grungy sound that encompasses mainly original compositions.

If Ian is the 'king of punk' then surely Scotty is the 'indie champion of champions.'

With Scotty in fine-fettle upfront, the band started with their own song 'Pimps Gimps' and then followed with a great cover of The Artic Monkey's classic 'San Francisco.'

However, their best song of the night was the excellent 'Man From The Government' - surely to be their next 'video/single' - and hopefully done in the same way as their earlier release this year - by producer/guitarist Lance (well known of course for his fertile imagination.)

Great set by 'The Teaner Terners' and plenty of musical thought for our nine nominated judges in the bar.

Mmm the 'competition' is already starting to hot up !

The Teaner Terners
(Setlist:) Pimps Gimps, *San Francisco (The Artic Monkeys), Man From The Government, Goldfish and Castlevania.

All compositions by 'The Teaner Terners' except *.

With the excitement building-up, it was the turn of first of the 'khmer bands' to take to the stage and crank up the volume. Cue 'Anti-Fate' and their very own special brand of Alternative Punk Rock.

After a modest start, Propey and the boyz soon burst into gear and Sharky Bar almost exploded (literally) - to their very own take on punk rock - American/Khmer style !

By the time the band were playing their last song Green Day 'American Idiot' - the whole bar was in raptures - as everyone seemed to be 'singing or banging their heads' to the great chorus 'hook' of that that great song.

Wow, what a great f*****g performance from 'Anti-Fate.' Well done Cambodia !

(Setlist:) Intro, Winner And Losers, Love Comes Around, Would You Do Or Let It Go, *1985 (Bowling For Soup), *American Idiot (Green Day) and Another Stupid Love Song.

All compositions by 'Anti-Fate' except *.

Just when you thought it can't any better - what about a new Indie Band by the name of 'Splitter' - to announce their arrival into the Phnom Penh musical fraternity. Dark horses for the competition. Maybe ?

The large Sharky crowd waited in anticipation as Splitter (Toby, Doug, Wayne and Martin) took centre stage - and they didn't disappoint !

All compositions 'Previously Purple', 'Rubbish Rabbit' and ' Charlie Got Caught F*****g The Dinosaur' were given the full treatment as they announced their musical 'intent.'

The huge crowd lapped it up, from Doug's neat guitar licks, to Wayne's pumping bass lines and singer Martin's incredibly good vocals.

However, the 'star of their show' was Toby on drums. A fantastic performance on the skins and a fine display of power drumming.

Seeing Toby with 'shirt-off' and his crash helmet-on (looking like some extra from some far-off galactica) was the icing-on the-cake, as this 'breakthrough band' really made their mark on the competition !

Was it enough to sway the judges ? Who knows. Too close to call. Great job fellaz !

(Setlist:) Previously Purple, Rubbish Rabbit and Charlie Got Caught F*****g The Dinosaur.

All compositions by Splitter.

We've had punk, indie and alternative, so what about a more 'mainstream musical' stance from resident Sharky band 'Lazy Drunks' and their take on classic rock and 60's covers.

And that's exactly what we got as the 'Lazy Drunks' kicked-off with The Kinks numbers 'You Really Got Me' and 'All Of The Day And All Of The Night.'

By the time they were playing Bob Marley's 'I Shot The Sheriff' - everyone in the bar were 'singing-a-long' to this great reggae tune ! Magical !

The surprise package of the night - and pitted against the other 'rock/indie' acts - a very, very sound performance !

Well done the 'drunks' !

Lazy Drunks
(Setlist:) You Really Got Me (The Kinks), Born To Be Wild (Steppenwolf), All Day And All Of The Night (Kinks), Stuck In The Middle With You (Stealer's Wheel) and I Shot The Sheriff (Bob Marley.)

One 'act' to go and 'food for thought' for all of our nine judges in attendance (and in no particular order) 1. Karen (Singer/Captain Jack), 2. Jonas (Guitarist/Little Duke), 3. Lhars (Music Lover/Iron Maiden Fan), 4. Aussie Ken (Music Lover/Ex 'The Saints' Publicist), 5. Daniel (Music Lover/Hong Kong Entrepreneur ), 6. JJ (Guitarist/Captain Jack/Muscle Of Love), 7. Jonas/Pisey (Music fans/Glamorous Sharky Couple), 8. Pasi (Bass Guitarist/Bum N Draze) and 9. David Flack (Music Lover/Air Guitar Champion 2010.)

The last band of the night - no other than khmer metalcore rockers - Sliten6ix !!!

They swamped the stage like extra's from off-some 'Friday 13th' movie - some with Jason masks, others with black ski masks on - this band are surely Phnom Penh's answer to Slipknot !

With the atmosphere in the bar ratched up to fever pitch - the Sharky crowd were soon 'head down' and banging their heads along to these great young rockers !

With Misfit on vocals singing as if he'd been gargling with razor blades the night before - the band launched into their set 'no quarter asked - no quarter given' !

Sliten6ix's manic set was electrifying but would it be enough to 'win' the competition ? Judging by their powerhouse performance and especially Veasna's on guitar (he played despite having a broken collarbone), this mighten have just tipped the balance in their favour. We'll have to wait and see.

(Setlist:) Annihilate The Meth, Into The Struggle, Carnivore, The Broken and Failure Of Humanity.

Time out for the nine judges and into the deliberation room for the final call.

However with tension rising in the auditoruim, MC Ross was soon handed the final scores by the judges and to a hushed audience he announced the winner ......

......... 'The Battle Of The Bands Champions for 2011 ......... Winner Takes All ...... Anti-Fate !!!!!

Not quite Premier League celebrations (ie. smoke rockets and ticker-tape) but not far off - as the bar erupted into a mass of unbridled cheers, hugs, kisses and celebratory dancing for the winners !

Anti-Fate returned to the stage and performed one last time 'American Idiot' for the ecstatic Sharky crowd !

Great job Anti-Fate and well deserved winners ! And now Cambodia's No. 1 Rock N Roll Band !!! Brilliant !

A truly great night. Hot and sweaty but enthralling all the same ! A big thank you to all the 'combatants' and a big thank you to everyone who supported this great event !

Next week 'Oktoberfest Weekend' at Sharky Bar & Restuarant with the Phnom Penh Hippie Orchestra ! Don 't miss it !

Over and out - Dave The Punk (Sharky Bar Manager)

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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Halloween Party Weekend - Friday Night (Muscle of Love + Goo Goo Muck Muck & The Zombies)

Muscle of love

Goo-Goo Muck Muck and the Zombies

'Sharky Bar & Restuarant' really flew the flag for 'rock n roll' Friday Night as not 'one' but 'two' new bands trod the holy boards - as the first installment of Sharky Bar's 'Halloween Weekend Party' took place !

The scene was set - the bar was decorated - the staff were dressed-up - and despite the absence of the odd ghoul, goblin, ghost orwoking demon - the 'Michael Myers Cocktails' were going down 'trick or treat.'

What more could one possibly want for Halloween ? Well we had the answer - Goo Goo Muck Muck & The Zombies !

Dressed up to kill 'The Cramps Tribute Band' entered the arena like 'extras' from (off) one of George Romero's legendary Zombie films !

The parody didn't stop there - vocalist Ian The Punk was wearing a sexy red woman's g-string, Tom The Mop (guitarist) looked so effeminate in his hotpants - some geezer offered him a barfine. While Dom (the drummer) wore his favourite orange dress !

Not to be outdone - Todd (bass) was fresh from the operating room - with his blood stained Calmette scrubs and stethoscope - and Dave (Punk) quite outrageous in his lycra underpants and chelsea boots !

Yes, Lux Interior, Poison Ivy and Scary Baby would have all been proud !

The music was good too ! As the band belted out 'Save It', 'I Was A Teenage Werewolf', 'Strychnine' and 'What's Inside A Girl' to a much appreciative audience.

And yes Ian The Punk did get to show off his 'sexy red g-string' - but what the hell - what else would you expect - this is 'The Cramps' !

Great support from Ian The Boyz - and the perfect undercard. Great fun !

Without further ado 'Muscle Of Love (Alice Cooper Band)' took centre stage.

A surprise acoustic version of 'Poison' opened the set - but soon the unmistakable guitar riffs of the timeless classic 'No More Mr. Nice Guy' sounded out !

The guitar playing on this from JJ (Glen Buxton) and Jet (Michael Bruce) was quite sublime - and Melanie (Alice) was not that bad on vocals either !

No sooner had the 'biting chorus' of that great song barely died down - the set continued with great versions of Alice Cooper classics such as 'Lost In America', ' Schools Out', 'Elected' and 'Cold Ethyl.' Great stuff !

Special mention must go to the 'workhouse' - Tim (Dunaway) on Bass - who looked rather 'dapper' in his black suit and also played some rather cool licks ! And Dom (Neil Smith) on drums - who provided the 'engine for the vehicle' that is the backbone of these great Alice Cooper songs !

The night though belonged to Jet and JJ, who's guitaring upfront was quite impeccable - and personally 'one of the best' performances I've ever seen in Sharky's for a very long time !

However, my favourite song of the night had to be 'Raped And Freezin' which was simply fantastic.

Seeing Melanie don the Mexican hat, drop her bra straps and shake the marraccas - as she danced 'Mexican' style around the bar to this great tune was quite sensational !

Even better was seeing Dave (Lost Highway), Grant (Boat-Builder) and a host of others doing the 'conga' as they chased Melanie around the bar ! Hilarious !

Sharky MC - Ross 'Angus Young' was in fine form too - and as he announced the final encore - the magic chords of Alice Cooper's 'School's Out (Reprise)' were blasted out by Jet and JJ ! Brilliant !

Great night - and great performances from all of the muscians who played at the 'Halloween Weekend Party' tonight !

Did I forget to mention the Second Installment ? Well that's tonight. ' The Battle Of The Band's - Winner Takes All !'

Come early - and don't forget to order your 'Michael Myers Cocktails' at $1;50.

It's gonna be a big 'un !

Cheerz Dave The Punk (Sharky Bar Mngr)

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Saturday Night Live @ Sharkys' saw a surprise visit from Conrad Keely

Conrad Keely from 'Trail of Dead'

Lazy Drunks

'Saturday Night Live @ Sharkys' saw a surprise visit from Conrad Keely, Lead Singer of American Alternative (Indie Art Rockers) 'And You Will Know Us By The Name - The Trail Of Dead.'

In Cambodia for a 'whistle-stop visit' Conrad Keely was more than willing to showcase his talents during a fine 30 minute 'electric guitar solo' performance that more than captivated the local audience.

Drawing on his vast repretoire of original songs, Conrad 'turned-in' a fine grungy but meaningful, gritty and emotionally charged performance. Unbelievable !

(Note: Trail Of Dead have recorded more than 'seven' albums, the best known being the critically acclaimed 'Source, Tags and Codes' which was released in 2004.)

His opening number 'Weight Of The Sun' is his signature tune - and live excerts of this song can be seen on top American shows such as 'The David Letterman Show' and 'Lopez Tonight ' (via YouTube.)
His latest album 'Tao Of The Dead' is out now - and judging by some of these newer songs 'Trail Of The Dead' mighten just have another worldwide hit on their hands. We hope so !

A great 'one-off' performance from Conrad Keely and a real cool guy too ! All of us at Sharky Bar wish you all the very best and continued success with 'Trail of Dead' ! Rock on Brother !

The evening was rounded-off by a great 'in-house' set by resident band 'The Lazy Drunks.'

Another great night at 'Sharky Bar & Restuarant' and still 'The Number One Music Venue in Phnom Penh' - I think you would all agree !

Cheerz and Out!

Dave The Punk (Sharky Bar Mngr.)

Friday, October 7, 2011

Forthcoming Live Events @ Sharky Bar & Restaurant (Month of October)

A 'New Seasonal Program' sees a packed itinerary at 'Sharky Bar & Restaurant' with many well known acts performing for the enjoyment of the Capital's musical party goers during the busy month of October.

First-up this Saturday Night (October 8th), sees the return of the 'Lazy Drunks' with their own special brand of 60's and 70's classic rock covers.

The following weekend - Halloween Party Weekend - (October 14th/15th) will feature over 'eight' local bands displaying many a variety of musical styles.

Not for the faint-hearted - so expect to see plenty of ghouls, goblins and other ghostly manifestations over the unholy weekend - as we showcase on the Friday Night 'Muscle of Love' (an Alice Cooper Tribute Band) with full support from 'Goo-Goo Muck Muck' (a Cramps Tribute Band.)

A truly fiendish and scary line-up, I think you would all agree - complete with halloween, masks, costumes and props.

Like I say, not for the faint-hearted !
Zombies and all other Pumpkin-Heads welcome !

'Saturday Night Live' (October 15th) sees Sharky's inaugural 'Battle Of The Bands' featuring no less than six (6) barang and khmer bands fighting it out for accolade 'Phnom Penh's Best Band.'

Stiff Little Punks, The Teaner Terners, Splitter, Lazy Drunks, Anti-Fate and Sliten6ix are the 'combatants' - so expect real musical fireworks as they slug-it-out 'toe-to-toe' for a 'Winners Take All - Prize Money of $200.'

Extra 'musical' spice will be provided by critics and judges from the likes of Bum N Draze, Captain Jack and Little Duke.

Don't know 'who on the night' will have the 'X-Factor' to 'Wow' over the judges !
But hopefully our budding 'Simon Cowell's mighten just have the answer that ! Rock On !

A hectic schedule for everyone during the 'Month of October' at 'Sharky Bar & Restaurant.'

Please come along and join us at any of these illustrious events for the very best in musical entertainment anywhere in the Capital City !

We look forward to your company !

Cheerz Dave (Sharky Bar Manager)

Catch your breath and put on your dancing shoes (not to mention your lederhosen) as we hold our very own 'Oktoberfest Weekend' on (October 20th/21st.)

Appreciate 'two nights' of everything German (beer, food, music and games) as we 'roll out the barrel' to the Bavarian sound of 'The Phnom Penh Hippie Orchestra' plus a special 'electric funky' show from them on the Saturday Night.

Not to be missed !

Sharkys Saturday Night Live! Lazy Drunks - Oct 8, 9pm

Monday, September 19, 2011

Bum N Draze, Squishy & 2011 Cambodian Air Guitar Championship

After a brief lull in the local music scene due to the 'periodic off-season' one would expect to kick-off the 'new term' with a sort of 'calm rather than the storm' - you must be joking !

This is Sharky Bar & Restuarant your talking about - and this was Bum N Draze - the 'mad-as-hell rockers' from Finland !!

Saturday Night saw the return of the ever-popular 'Finns' plus support from the newly reformed girlie-grunge-rock band 'Squishy' - and neither band disappointed !

With a massive crowd in attendance and people virtually hanging from the rafters in order to get a view of the stage - 'Squishy' opened the evening with a sublime set of grungy -rock n roll !

The new line-up consisted of Melanie (guitar/vocals), Karen (ex-Fumes on bass guitar/backing vocals ) and new drummer Yi Wei - and they virtually tore up the place - much to the delight of the bi-partisan Sharky crowd.

After a thumping rock driven set (short but sweet) - the girls left the stage to a fine ovation - paving the way perfectly for the entrance of Bum N Draze.

The audience held it's breath, as Jet stood alone on stage hitting the chords for the band's first song, the classic Kiss track 'Strangeways.'

The rest of the boys then entered the 'arena' like some maurading Vikings looking to 'loot and pillage.'

Hired-gun for the night James on rhythm guitar had his shirt-off and wore a zombie mask, Pasi on bass wore his Ramones t-shirt and his traditional skull and crossbones hat and guitar - while Youni the singer/drummer looked more like an extra from outta Judas Priest ! Move over Rob Halford !

The obligatory 'spit-out' some blood scene (Kiss style) was done and 'wham-bham-thank-u-man' we were off - no holds barred !

Much of the audience, who had never seen Bum N Draze were 'almost in shock and awe 'as the band marched it's way through it's classic set of raunchy, bad assed rock n roll covers and originals !

Big, bad and loud maybe, but no-one however, could fault their impeccable versions of Ted Nugent's 'Cat Scratch Fever', Dylan's 'All Along The Watchtower' and Iggy Pop's classic 'Dirt.' Brilliant !

A night with Bum N Draze would not be complete though, without them performing their own crowd favourites such as 'Black Cadillac', 'If Mekong Was Whiskey' and 'March Or Die (Don't July) ! And they did ! F*****g Awesome !

The night finished with another Kiss classic 'God Of Thunder' and the band left the stage to rapturous applause ! They don't do encores - they don't need to !

Great night and Bum N Draze are still the Craziest , Loudest and Nastiest Rock N Roll Band in Indo-China !

A small respite, a quick fill of liquid refreshment and just when you thought it was time to go home and shower - 'Air Guitar Competition' !

And judging by the number of competitors who enrolled and 'joined-in' this year - it was 'our best' ever Air Competition yet' !

Congratulations to Lesley (from America) our first ever lady winner for her performance of Black Sabbath's 'Paranoid' - and commiserations to David Flack (our 2010 winner) for coming a very, very close second !

It was a great night - and special thanx to Ross - for being a great MC (mind you I do think we need to get him a pink, glittery suit and sparkly bow-tie to complete the job.)

Thanx to everyone who came and enjoyed Saturday Nights entertainment and we hope to see you all very soon at Sharky Bar & Restaurant - Cambodia's Number One Music Venue !

Ps. We have 'two more blockbusters coming up in October. ' Halloween Party Weekend' will be on the 14th/15th October. This will feature an Alice Cooper Tribute Band + Support on the Friday night - and on the Saturday 'The Battle Of The Bands' will feature 6 -8 local acts battling it out for accolade 'Best Band In Cambodia' - Winner Takes All !

The following weekend is 'Oktoberfest' (21st/22nd October.) This will feature the Bavarain overtones of ' The Phnom Penh Hippie Orchestra' during two nights of everything German - beer drinking, games, food and hospitality.

Don't miss it !!

Over and Out - Dave The Punk

Not for the faint-hearted and those hard of hearing - Bum N Draze are simply what the 'label say's' - the Nastiest Loudest Rock N Roll Band in Indo-China !

2011 Cambodian Air Guitar Champion - Lesley(USA)

Last years winner - David Flack

Jouni announing Band Favourite - also Lesley

Teemu "the Emu" representing Finland


return to the planet of the apes

Old rockers never die - they just get smellier

all those wasted beers

Jouni, Pasi & Jet - AWESOME!

full house and a great crowd

see you next year!!!