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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Upcoming Music Event: April 30, 2011 - Head Bangers Ball

Upcoming Music Events: Friday 29, 2011 - Lazy Drunks/The Choppers

Past Music Events: April 22 & 23, 2011

Friday April 22, 2011

In the absence of 'Pussy & The Learjets' (Due to Illness) Stiff Little Punks + Rock N Roll High School stepped up to the plate.

Rock N Roll High School rocked and punked to Ramones classics such as 'Sheena Is A Punk Rocker', 'Chinese Rocks' and 'Warthog !'

Melanie (Squishy) helped out admirably on the 'sticks' and did a exceptional job behind the drumkit. Merely underlining her status as Phnom Penh's very own number one 'Mega-Rock-Chick.' !

Great stuff Ramones!

After a short break 'The Stiff Little Punks' stormed the stage and with Ian The Punk 'on fire' from the opening number to the last - the punks absolutely nailed it!

Great singing was backed-up by equally great drumming from guest Loryn (Squishy) in the engine room.

Pounding away all night with great energy - she impressed everyone with her fantastic array of 'drum beats, licks and fills.'

No-more so, than on the bands take on 999's 'Homicide' - which is fast becoming the 'Stiff Little Punks' unofficial anthem!

Great stuff Loryn!

With the punks now in 'kick ass mode' and 'aided and abetted' by an assortment of 'wild' but entertaining on-stage tambourine players - the Sharky crowd were'entertained to their full arsenal of punk classics!

The show also included a celebration of 'Kate & William's forthcoming Royal Wedding' - complete with union jacks, party poppers and crazy string - played to the backdrop of 'God Save The Queen' (Whatelse)!

By this time, everyone seemed to be 'in overdrive' including crazy dancers 'on and off' the stage, such as 'Mad Russ' and his 'strange lighted tissue down his bare ass' routine (i kid you not!).

Tom Hair Bear Bunch (Lazy Drunks) was not to be denighed and joined in the mayhem by grabbing the microphone and screaming out the chorus on The Clash's 'White Riot' (Brilliantly - bad !)

The Stiff Little Punks ended their set with the usual onslaught - 'Holiday In Cambodia', 'Sonic Reducer', ' Mongoloid' and 'Sound Of The Surburbs'!

Great night and a great performance from and still 'The Worst Punk Band in Cambodia - The Stiff Little Punks '!

That's the wrap !

Cheers Dave The Punk

Saturday April 23, 2011

Last minute replacements 'Squishy' played Sharky Bar last night (Saturday) in the absence of 'Pussy + The Learjets.'

Despite the torrid downpour and the loud sound and crack of the thunderstorm outside - Melanie, Loryn and Jet battled unscathed through the elements - to provide the Sharky crowd with a fiesty one hour of grunge/punk rock!

From their opening number 'I'm Not Your Stepping Stone' through to AC/DC'S 'Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap' - Squishy entertained a small but vocal crowd with their energetic playing and loud guitar riffs!

Some of the interplay between Jet (bass)and Melanie (guitar) was probably as good as it gets - while Loryn (as always) proved once again she is one fiery little drummer! (Watch out Cozy Powell!)

After a stirring 'one hour-set' Squishy left the stage to a warm and voracious applause!

It was also Melanie's birthday - so there was still time for everyone to 'raise their glasses - down a few mortar rounds' and celebrate !

The weather outside might have been pretty bad but least the 'spirit's' inside were on the up!

A big thanx to 'Squishy' for helping us out at 'short-notice' - and we can't wait to see them play with 'The Fumes' on May 6th for the All Girlie 'Punk-A-Donna's' bill !

That should be massive!

Dave The Punk

Friday, April 22, 2011


Unfortunately one of the band members is in hospital and we wish him a speedy recovery... and they are tentitively booked for June.
Alternative Gigs at Sharky's this weekend below:
FRIDAY 22, Stiff Little Punks and Rock n Roll Highschool from 9pm
SATURDAY 23, Girl Band "Squishy" perform at the Shark from 9pm

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Past Live Music Events: April 8 & 9, 2011

Past Live Music Events: April 8, 2011

Last night (Friday) at Sharky's we had the 'Soren Borch Band' and 'The Lazy Drunks Unplugged.'

First up were the 'Drunks, Ian was on 'fire' and turned in a much appreciated performance. A 'thirty minute' support set was very well received by the Sharky crowd; and included 'up-tempo' versions of such as Buddy Holly's 'Oh Boy' and Del Shannon's 'Run Runaway.'

Good performance!

Next up was the 'Soren Borch Band' - or more like a 'who's-who' of the local music scene.

We had Soren (guitar/vocals), Steve Goodman (guitar/vocals), James (ukelee/vocals), Canadian Dave (Lost Highway/bass/vocals), Ken White (harmonica), Dylan (drummer) and Scotty Bywater (snare drum/guitar/vocals.)

Probably a few more 'Dudley-Do-Rights' than expected, but Soren is disappearing soon so the 'muso's' were out in force to send him off! Which they did in great style! An eclectic 'two-hour' set was thoroughly enjoyed by an appreciative Sharky crowd A great night - and great performances from everyone!

Rock on Sharky's!

Dave The Punk

Past Live Music Events: April 9, 2011

Last night (Saturday) saw the debut of Paddy Rice's house band 'Holliday In Cambodia' at Sharky's - and what a debut it was!

Three vocalists (Alistair, Jenna and Lynsey) ably supported by acoustic guitarists/backing vocalists Damien and John rocked the house for a full three and a quarter hours!

Suprisingly, for an acoustic band their sound was pretty loud and the impressive rhythmic playing of both Damien and John provided the perfect backdrop for the impressive harmonies of the front three vocalists! Singing with great control, each of the vocalists excelled in their own right. - and all displayed 'no mean mastery' of their assorted tambourines and marraccas - and/including the odd cowbell !

Yes, 'Holliday In Cambodia' were fun and smiles all the way - as they ploughed 'non-stop' through 'classic hit after hit' - including showstopping renditions of songs such as Steppenwolf's 'Born To be Wild', Thin Lizzy's 'The Boys Are Back in Town', The Undertone's 'Teenage Kicks', Neil Young's 'Rock Me Like A Hurricane', U2's 'Desire' and even George Michaels 'Faith'!


A great evening and the Sharky crowd were very appreciate of what will hopefully be future performances from this very entertaining band!

A big thanx to John, Damien, Alistair, Lynsey and Jenna for such a great night!

Dave The Punk

Holliday in Cambodia Soren Borch and the Dudley-Do-Rights plus very special guests from previous gig (due to crap camera guy on saturday night)

Monday, April 4, 2011

Upcoming Live Music this weekend: April 8 & 9

Friday April 8 Soren Borch and the dudley do-rights live with very special guests Lazy Drunks unplugged and unpissed Saturday April 9 Holliday in Cambodia Live! plus Margarita's $1.50 + Tequila shots $1

April 3, 2011: 3rd annual PP Mens 9 Ball Competion 2011 plus Jameson Brothers Live

3rd Annual Phnom Penh Mens 9 Ball Comp 2011

Sponsored by Pocket Guide (Cambodia) and Sharky Bar Congratulations to Mr Thai for winning the Mens 9 Ball Competion this year Second place went to Max (happens to be his birthday today) and third place went to Rad We had 20 participants this year and decided to do a single elimination round, best of 3 games. A big thank you to the Pocket Guide and to our regular customers for participating in the comp.

First place: Mr Thai

Second Place MaxThird Place: Rad The Jameson Brothers played also tonight as it was their mates girlfriends Birthday. Awesome Guys. and Happy Birthday Srey. Also Congratulations to Kevin & Ravy(happy couple dancing) who will be married this Friday Jameson Brothers mates girlfriend Birthday party. Plenty of Baileys floating ... Happy Birthday

April 2, 2011: The Teaner Turners with special guests Lazy Drunks Unplugged

Last Saturday was yet another great night of music at Sharky's with The Teaner Turners being the Main Act and special guests Lazy Drunks Unplugged to open.

This was the Lazy Drunks first unplugged session at Sharky's and as the name suggests they played a laid back lazy version's of the fully plugged band's rep. The guys sounded great and we look forward to their next gig. come by and see them next Friday Night. The are opening for Soren Borch Band.

The Teaner Terners were the main act and were brilliant. The guys are getting better and better. They formed nearly 1 year ago now and their repetoire and confidence has grown with them. The vocals from both Scotty and Lance were excellent, the band were tight and just sounded great. The guys have a gig and CD launch of their New Album "So it was me?" on May the 14th at Sharky's

Don't Miss It!

The Teaner Terners

Lazy Drunks unplugged

April 1, 2011: Sebastian & Sylvee Live @ Sharky's

Last Friday @ Sharky Music Showcase Night, Sebastian & Sylvee aka. "Syce Swing" played a short accoustic set of Cool Jazz & Sexy Swing.

It don't mean a thing if you don't got that swing... and these guys have got it.

Thanks for playing Sharky's and we are all looking forward to your return on the 28th of May with the full lineup.

March 30, 2011: Juergen's 18th Birthday Party

Congratulations to Juergen for turning 18 again last Wedsnesday Night. I wish i could write more about the evening but i honestly don't remember.

so here are the pictures...

later that night...