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Monday, January 31, 2011

Live Music this week at Sharky's

Live Music this week at Sharky's: "Little Duke and The Mekong Delta Messengers" with very special guests "Soren Borch and the Dudley Do-rights" the fun starts 8pm.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sharky’s 15th Year New Year’s Eve and Weekend Rockathon

Girls Jamming
Big Thank You to Bob Passion for jamming

Davey Ramone

Jouni Ramone


Rock On!

Sharky’s started off its 15th Year with a New Year’s Eve Party which, according to most expats we spoke with who were there, was one of the best NYE parties they ever attended at our Bar. Not only was the Evening led by the legendary PLAN B ‘s 7 Man (including a 3 man Brass/Horn section) Band from Australia kicking off their new IndoChina Tour called “Southern Delta”, the Band played on and on and on all the way from New Year’s Eve through Sunday night’s Open Rock Jam (2 January ) !

With their talented and tight sounding Horn section and “Chicago” like funk/soul sound, Plan B led the New Year’s Eve festivities into a packed, fun filled, get down and get loud party theme into a night to remember. With noisemakers, hats, free flow champagne, snow cans, party poppers, and lots of beers and spirits being downed, the countdown to midnight started at 11:50 pm and with Sharky management on Stage directing the Countdown, all hell broke loose at the crack of midnight with the Band coming back on stage and doing a tremendous version of the famous Chicago funk hit, “25 or 6 to 4” and with balloons popping, band playing, horns blowing, snow cans spraying and drinks flowing, no wonder Sharky’s New Year Eve Party 2011 was the Talk of the Town this year!!

The Party carried on into the next night, Saturday, with Plan B returning for an Encore Set with new tunes and to a smaller, but still headache wielding, beer drinking, music loving “Rock On” crowd with another packed Bar and the Band Played On !!! With 3 of the Sharky Bar girl dancers on Stage “helping out” the tired Band to re-energize with the girls synchronized moves to the music, and accompanied with hand cymbals, castinets, and whistles, the energy in the Bar was just as high as the Big Eve before…

When the Plan B came back to the Bar on Sunday night, instruments in hand, for an free flowing artistic music jam and inviting all local musicians to join them, about 6 locals had nursed their headaches enough to return and rock and roll for another 3 hours for what was supposed to be a close to the New Year Weekend’s finale.

But on Monday nite, the legendary Phnom Penh’s Sharky Bar surprised the busy Bar with a performance by the Tribute Band to the Ramones, performing in the Shark Cage, to another smaller but packed house. With Stewie (Joey Ramone), Robbie (Dee Dee Ramone), Dave Punk (Johnny Ramone) and Mickael on Drums (Mickey Ramone), singing all of the Groups biggest hits, (and Groupie Lukie Ramone, complete with her orange hair dancing to the punk tunes), the Phnom Penh Ramones moved from the Cage to the Big Room and soon Janni Ramone (Bum ‘n Draze Band) ,Packo Ramone, Rossie Ramone, and Sharky Mikie Ramone joined them for a couple of entertaining songs complete with large rubber rats, baseball bats, and plastic bag “glue sniffing” to a delighted audience.
Hold it ! I thought the original Ramones Band was only 3 people? Well, what the Heck if another 5-6 would be Ramones joined in the fun.

As usual, Sharky’s ended their New Year’s extended weekend with another gala evening of raucous fun, free wheeling music, and creative entertainment !!

Happy New Year to all of our friends and customers who have supported Sharky Bar for the last 15 years. We truly appreciate your support, and hope you’ve had fun hanging’ with us. We hope to be around another 15 years and continue to be Phnom Penh’s #1 Rock and Music Club, as well as continue our unbroken streak of being the longest running Rock and Roll Bar in IndoChina !!

Rock On and Peace Out for 2011 !!

Sharky Mike
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Sharky's New Years Eve Party - Plan B - 2010/11

Jam Night with special guests Plan B - January 2, 2011

Rock and Roll High School - Ramones Tribute Band -January 3, 2011