Sharky Bar & Restaurant

Sharky Bar & Restaurant

Monday, September 28, 2009

Hey 8 Ball!!!

Yes that's what you are if you weren't in Sharky tonight for the Ladies First Annual Pool Competition. These girls were hungry and were out in force!

Girls, Girls, Girls, wall to wall, and they were all after that 50 dollar bar tab.

Both Tables were on fire and ratios were highly skewed in the grand stands.

Linda, Sophea, and Srey Mao. Anee, Lan and Pisey

Srey Liak demonstrating her form and a couple of observers that didn't make the start time. Local Nary was on time but had to reschedule her match due to an appointment.

Pocket Guide Sponsor Dean, second place winner Vy, and Ross. Ross, Thy 3rd place winner and Dean.

Ross, Sophea the first prize winner and Dean. Thy Sharing the 3rd place case of Angkor with friends.

Srey Touch, Five of the finalist displaying thier t-shirts, Dean
Jantu and our pool girl Sophea, setting up the next match.

Amai, Pisey, and Anee not to concerned with the action on the tables.

Nga and Jantu looking fierce and another happy face in the stands.

Pisey showing some form, and Mom eye balling her next shot.

It was good fun and I think its going to happen more often than annually. I know I enjoyed being out numbered!

Next week the mens comp. Can't say it will be as enjoyable to watch but we think we will open it up to some of these hot shot women.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Sunday Reminder

Ladies Pool Comp this Sunday the 27th, and the action starts at 8PM.

Entry is FREE for the ladies.

First prize $50 bar tab
Second prize $25 bar tab
Third prize Case of Angkor Beer

Drink and Food Specials for the girls!

Come on down and see who gets LUCKY!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Luau/Pchum Ben Party

Pchum Ben Holiday, a time when the city goes quiet, shops close and there is a mass exodus to the countryside where people go to the Pagoda and honor their departed family members.

Well King Kamehameha was rolling in his grave last night. Though the city was silent, inside Sharky, Mauna Loa was erupting for our first Luau Party.

A first for many, (me included) we listened to Don Ho play Shock the Monkey over the sound system. Other favorites, Tiny Bubbles, and synonymous for the islands, the theme to Hawaii 5-0.


The staff gearing up for the nights festivities.

Pineapples and coconuts lasted on the bar for most of the evening then it was a free for all when they got the go ahead to tear into them. Thea pouring one of the "dollar drafts all night long".

Blue Hawaii's and Mai Tais the featured coctails of the night very popular as well.

Thanks to Dan Meats for delivering a pig. Thanks to Al for delivering the The Hawaiian Special-Pork, kim chee, fried rice, sweet potatos and coconut pudding at 4.25 was priced low enough to make any tribe jump in their outrigger and cross the Pacific.

The Tikis were a popular back drop for photo ops.

Book ém Dan-O

Sorry McGarrett, all volunteer talent in the Hula Hoop and Limbo competion. Lan and A li in the final round of the hula hoop competition. First round antics never seemed to end until both competitors were given a spy to hula by. In the end Lan won.

Lan trying to win both events, couldn't out Limbo Dalin.

Dalin demostrating her championship form. Congrats to the winners, and thanks to all the other paticipants.

The winners, Lan and Dalin

Alley Cat Mark Celebrating his 32nd with a Mortar Round.

Andy and a couple of wahines at the bar.

Pocket Guide Tim, Ross, and Possum (who didn't get the Memo).

As the evening slowed down, the Limbo sticks and Hula Hoops got some additional use.

Thanks to the cooks who worked hard in the Kitchen.

Late night antics as the staff wound down from a busy night. Good job girls.

Thanks to all for coming out. It was a great time shared by all. Maybe next time we can get the staff in grass skirts and coconut tops!

Remember on the 27th, it's ladies pool comp. Entry free for the ladies and it starts at 8PM. Still some open slots.

Mens comp coming up in October in conjuntion with the BBQ.



Monday, September 14, 2009


Well the Pchum Ben Holiday is approaching and the town is getting really quiet. Many businesses will close the 17, 18, 19 of September with some remaining closed well into the next week. For those who remain, Sharky will be having a Luau Party Saturday Night. Hawaiian Drink Specials, Limbo and Hula hoop Comps, and Maybe a few Tiny Bubble on the sound system. Dig out that old Hawaiian Shirt (many in the community still continue to wear their old shirts) and come on down. It should be a good time.

Heavy rains a daily occurence, but the usual flood places have been taken care of by the flood releif project, however there are many new areas that can not handle the amount of rain being dumped on the Capital. Visitors flying in report the whole country seems to be under water, but the water bank along the Tonle Sap is still pretty much exposed.

Remember the Ladies Pool Comp on the 27th. Entry free for the ladies and Prizes to the Top 3 contenders. Our Roster is about 2/3rds full and we have been collecting phone numbers to be used at a later date!!!!

The Mens Pool Comp will take place a week later in conjunction with the Monthy BBQ. Sorry Guys, entry is a mere 5 dollars, and only 12 if you opt to have the BBQ. Great deal considering the free flow of Angkor Beer until 9PM.

Sharky offers some of the best bargain specials in Town, from Long Island Ice Teas on Monday to Mexican Madness on Saturdays. Every weeknight from 10PM and Thursdays all night, specials for the Ladies. You would think everynight lately has been ladies night as the ratios in the bar have been heavily weighted to the gals. Come on out guys!

Amai and Anee having fun with some Cheap Glasses.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

End Of Summer...

Well it's the end of summer and it ended with a bang! Mortar Rounds going off everywhere!!!
Many locals who haven't taken the challenge chimed in with the
few tourist this summer season had, to join the ranks of surviving 3
Mortar rounds at Sharky.

Nary putting one down

Victory Picture.

A few faces only a mother could love.

Around Town

The summer tourist season never really materialized this year. For those who were able to get to Cambodia, Angkor Wat was a treat over a few years past when it was overcrowded with tour groups. Now is a good time to come as the numbers are still low. This won't last as economies start coming back.

Bars around town were able to make due with the limited number of people about.

Charlie at Martini with friends.

The girls at Howies still smiling.

Michael Hayes, long time editor of the Phnom Penh Post saying his farewells in Howies. Hurley from Cantina joining him on his last pub crawl in Cambodia. Michael is pursuing other ventures abroad. Good luck Mike.

Hey did you happen to leave that Bum 'n Draze backstage pass behind? Speaking of Bum 'n Draze... they have given Sharky the honor of being the first outlet to move some of their merchandise. Get your Bum 'n Draze T-Shirts or CDs during our regular business hours.

Greg and Srey Leah of Lone Star Celebrated their first wedding anniversary in May. Greg was in the states in August and Leah Put on a great BBQ for Lone Stars Anniversary on the 16th. Congrats to both of them and We Wish them many more.

Snowy has sold Maxines across the river. I haven't heard of anyone who has been lately. Good luck to Snowy on his next venture.

The lack of tourist in town isn't the only thing putting a damper on things. The last few days of August and the beginning of September has seen an enormous amount of rainfall. After a two week break it seems, the rains have returned with a vengance and like clockwork, depending on your clock....the rains come to interupt what ever errands you need to get done that day. On a positive note, Psar Kandal wasn't flooded when I had to make a stop after a major down pour. The flood relief program seems to be taking shape.

The Tonle Sap and Bassac Rivers are up. These shots of the Bassac near the Vietnam bridge look as if the rivers are as high as they can go but the Tonle Sap still has a way to go.

On the Home Front

Sharky is the proud sponsor of the local Sisowath Knights Rugby team. They just came back from Ho Chi Minh City. Unfortunately they lost, but from the sounds of it, District 1 took a beating with Sharky stickers being plastered everywhere.

Ray is the president of the local rugby association in Cambodia and here is a small excerpt from their trip....

The weekend was a big success and our Khmer players had a great time. It was a tough, hard match, an epic defensive struggle, with the final score Saigon Geckos 5 Sisowath Knights 3.
The Knights had a 3-0 lead going into the final minutes, but Saigon scored with less than ten minutes to play. We still had a chance to win in the closing seconds, but it wasn't to be. Still it was a great experience for our team, and especially for our Khmer players, who gained a lot of experience playing against the bigger, more experienced expat players of Saigon.
The Saigon boys put on a great party afterwords, and we plastered District 1 with Sharky stickers everywhere---bars, restaurants, toilets, street signs, etc. They want to come out here for a match in the next few months, so hopefully we can host the after match party at Sharkys.

We're looking forward to it Ray and can't wait to get some pics out to our readers.

Sharky is hosting a Luau Party on the 19th September. Drink Specials and some good ole Don Ho on the sound system. Limbo competition and prizes as well as a pig on a spit. Should be just what the town needs to break the monotony going into the Pchum Ben Holiday.

The Da sisters and Amai trying a little warm up.

Also coming up on the 27th of September in conjunction with the Cambodia Pocket guide, Sharky is hosting it first annual Pool Competition. It will be two Parts. Womens Comp on the 27th, so guys come on out and cheer on your favorite girl. Free entry for the ladies.

The Mens Competition will be in conjuntion with Octobers BBQ on the 4th. Five dollar entry or 12 dollar entry includes the BBQ.

What a deal and prizes for the top three contenders.

Don't forget the monthly BBQ Sunday the 6th. Get here early as the food goes fast. If you don't make it on time no problem as Fat Boy Subs is now open Sundays from noon till nine.

On an unrelated note....Dad is in the hospital stateside recovering from a stem cell procedure. I was able to call him for .15 cents a minute. Cell rates have come down in Cambodia. I am a Hello user and its 166+country code+area code+phone number. Great deal. Don't know the Mobitel numbers but they have a similar deal. Get well dad and sorry for the delay between post.