Sharky Bar & Restaurant

Sharky Bar & Restaurant

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sunday April 3, 6pm at Sharkys: 3rd Annual Phnom Penh Men’s 9 Ball Comp 2011 & All you can eat BBQ

3rd Annual Phnom Penh Men’s 9 Ball Comp 2011 & All you can eat BBQ Sponsored by Pocket Guide (Cambodia) and Sharky Bar BBQ $9 starts 5pm All you can eat BBQ (until the food runs out) plus free flow of angkor draught 5 - 8pm Men’s 9 Ball Comp 2011(32 Entrants) Sunday April 3, 6pm at Sharkys Entry: $5 or $12 with BBQ 1st Place: $200 Cash + $50 Bar Tab 2nd Place: $100 Cash + $50 Bar Tab 3rd Place: $20 Bar Tab + 1 case of Angkor Beer

Live Music this weekend: April 1 & 2, 2011

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Friday Night April 1st@ 9pm Those two Irishmen, The Jameson Brothers play Sharky's... Last time to see them, don't miss it. These guys are awesome! plus very special guest appearances Saturday Night April 2nd @ 9pm Indie/Alternative Band "The Teaner Terners" are back at Sharky's It's great to have the boys back again... should be a good one specially SATURDAY NIGHT 8pm-2am Tequila Shots $1.oo Margarita’s $1.50

The Teaner Terners

The Jameson Brothers

Monday, March 28, 2011

Phnom Penh 3rd Annual Womens 9 Ball Competition(Mar 27,2011)

Phnom Penh 3rd Annual Womens 9 Ball Competition(Mar 27,2011)

Sponsored by Cambodian Pocket Guide and Sharky's

A great turnout for our annual pool Competition with 30 women participating in on the Fun.

Next week is the Mens Comp. Plus Al is doing a BBQ from 5pm. So come along...

$5 entree or $12 with BBQ.

Ist Prize is $200 Cash plus $50 Bar Tab

2nd Prize is $100 Cash plus $50 Bar Tab

3rd Prize is $20 Bar Tab plus a case of Angkor Beer

starts 6pm

Womens Battle for 3rd Place - Srey Oun vs Kim

3rd Place winner "Srey Oun" won a Case of Angkor beer 2nd place winner "Dar" won a $25 Bar Tab 1st Place winner "Janto" wona $50 Bar Tab

Saturday Night (Mar 26): Live Music with Little Duke and the Mekong Blues Messengers

Last Saturday Night(Mar 26, 2011) Local Expat Band "Little Duke and The Mekong Blues Messengers" played Sharky's and well... they were awesome. If you like the Blues then you gotta love these guys. Kristen was on good form and just killed it. Beautiful vocals that gave me goose bumps a one point. These guys are a class act with Little Duke on Lead Guitar, Ken White on Harp, Chris on bass and Thomas on Drums. You can see them again at Sharky's very soon... stay tuned for dates.

Friday Night (Mar 25): Live music with Jameson Brothers & Oscars Band

Another brilliant night of music at Sharky's last Friday Night. The jameson brothers kicked off the night with a short set of Irish Songs (Thin Lizzy, The Pogues and more). These gentlemen van play. and Sing and are here on their half yearly trip to Cambodia supporting a charity in Siem Reap. They will be playing the Shark next Friday Night (April 1, 2011) Don't miss them ...

Thanks for playing guys

The main act for the evening was Khmer Rock Band, "Oscars band". Oscar on Drums/Vocals lead the band through an hour of Rock covers and impressed the Local Expats and Tourists alike. the highlight being a CCR cover. These guys are great musicians and we welcome them back Fri the 8th of April. come and see for yourself... Brilliant!

Oscars Band
The Jameson Brothers

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Live Music this April @ Sharkys

saturday, APRIL9 @ 8pm

PUSSY&the learjets with special guests
Stiff Little Punks featuring Loryn(Squishy)

Saturday, APRIL23 @ 8pm
PUSSY&the learjets with special guests
rock n roll highschool featuring
Stewwy ramone & Melanie(Squishy) Ramone

saturday, APRIL30 @ 8pm
cambodian headbangers ball
featuring Pilgrim band, Anti-Fate
Sliten6xxii and very special guests

Live Music this Weekend @ Sharky's: Fri, Oscar's Band. Sat, Little Duke and the Mekong Blues Messengers

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Soren Borch and the Dudley Do-Rights Live @ Sharkys this Saturday

Soren Borch and the Dudley Do-Rights Live @ Sharkys this Saturday
Tequila Shots $1
Margarita's $1.50
from 9pm

3rd Annual Phnom Penh 9 Ball Competition 2011

Women’s 9 Ball (32 Entrants)
Sunday March 27, 8pm at Sharkys
Entry: FREE
1st Place: $50 Bar Tab
2nd Place: $25 Bar Tab
3rd Place: 1 case of Angkor Beer

Men’s 9 Ball (32 Entrants)
Sunday April 3, 6pm at Sharkys
Entry: $5 or $12 with BBQ
1st Place: $200 Cash + $50 Bar Tab
2nd Place: $100 Cash + $50 Bar Tab
3rd Place: $20 Bar Tab
+ 1 case of Angkor Beer

BBQ starts at 5pm


Monday, March 14, 2011

Penhstock 2 Aftermath

Thursday, 3 March , 2011

The biggest surprise hit of PENHSTOCK 2 was probably the young French marching Band, OCTOPUS, with 7 young men playing every type of popular brass instrument to upbeat tunes, and with coordinated dance moves similar to The Blues Brothers and playing shirtless, they brought the house down the last night of PENHSTOCK 2.

Well, they returned to Sharkys on Thursday night for a Farewell Gig prior to their leaving Phnom Penh and travelling to Nepal and Katmandhu in search of “The Perfect Gig” before they returned to University in France in 6 months from now. With more time than the 25 minutes allotted to each Band playing in PENHSTOCK, they played the first set of 50 minutes to a mostly female expat crowd who couldn’t get enough of them a few days before. The women bobbed, weaved, rocked, and danced heavily to the cool tunes of the now 8 person original OCTOPUS Band as the missing 8th member, an Asian female raised in France, joined them for this performance. After a 30 minute break after their first set (fully clothed, mind you), OCTOPUS came back out on the Sharky stage shirtless again (except the young female played fully clothed, unfortunately) and jumped around the stage, down onto the Bar floor, up onto the Bar and danced, played, and whaled together while the Bar crowd cheered them on !!

A great performance by a young Band who, undoubtedly, will be back to Phnom Penh some time in the future and will always be welcomed by Sharky’s!

Also, I was interviewed by 2 members of the Band and they were sending it to “Le Figaro” French newspaper who requested information from OCTOPUS re: nightlife in Phnom Penh and is following the crusade of this young Band. If the interview ever gets printed, we will be sure it is published on Sharky Bar’s Blog Spot…

Friday, 4 March, 2011

A new band from Sihanoukville that auditioned for Sharkys, just prior to the opening of PENHSTOCK 2, impressed us with their professionalism, and strong playing of a wide variety of metal bands e.g. AC/DC, ZZ Top, to the Stones. Playing to a smaller than usual Friday night crowd, but more appreciative of their music, MUSIC BUDDIES (Yes, they are going to change their gay name), rocked for 3 hours almost non-stop.Led by the strong drumming of American Dave, and harmonies of the other Band members from U.S.,Australia and UK.

When it was time to stop playing at 11:30 pm, in accordance with local Sangkat Guidelines, the boisterous rock music loving Sharky crowd wouldn’t let them leave and shouted “More, More, More”!! And More hard metal music came and pleased the appreciative audience with more AC/DC’s “TNT” and ZZ Top’s “La Grange”…

Another cool, fun nite at Sharky’s…

Saturday, 5 March

Sharky’s favorite Band, Lost Highway, came back up from Sihanoukville ( No, not along with Music Buddies) and re-appeared with Lead Guitarist, Kenny, who was out sick for a few weeks and missed playing at PENHSTOCK 2. But Kenny showed that he lost none of his rhythm, talent for Rock Star lead guitar stage moves, and LH played together with re-invogorated energy, and song balance to the delight of a skeptical, but numerous, Bar crowd.

Lost Highway is back at Sharky’s soon so stop by to check out Chris, the Band’s new Bass Guitarist, a U.S. Expat who is also emerging from the Rock and Roll Closet to come out to newly found admiration and cheers for his talent at blending right into the rapidly building Phnom Penh Music Scene..

Sharky (Tiger Shark) Mike

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Little Duke & the Mekong Blues Messengers
Rock n Roll Highschool
Bum n Draze
Lost Highway

100's more photo's on our facebook page

Videos of Penhstock 2 on youtube


Having concluded the biggest Music Festival in Cambodia with Sharky’s producing the 3 Day, 19 Bands PENHSTOCK 2 Music Festival this past weekend at Sharky Bar, hopefully a little piece of music history in Cambodia has just been created.

Based upon the legendary WOODSTOCK Music Festival, 3 Days of Peace, Love, and Music in 1969, when 500,000 music lovers walked up to 30 km to attend, WOODSTOCK has become the Icon of the 1960’s Hippie Counter Culture, and began the explosion in Rock, Blues, Folk, and Funk Music which continues to this day.

The Mission of Sharky’s PENHSTOCK Music Festival ( WOODSTOCK in Phnom Penh = PENHSTOCK ), is to develop and diversify Live Music in Cambodia through offering a Showcase Venue for the recent explosion in new Bands, as well as the few “older” Rock Bands. Sharky’s production of PENHSTOCK 1(2009/2010) and PENHSTOCK 2 Music Festivals are quickly acquiring a reputation as an Icon in Cambodia and Indochina for the promotion of Live Rock, Alternative, and World music.

As Sharky Bar is well known as the oldest Western Music Venue in IndoChina for the last 15 years, the 19 Bands and over 90 musicians who performed in PENHSTOCK 2, donated their time and talent, to make this year’s PENHSTOCK into a major artistic success.

The first PENHSTOCK Music Festival took place over the 2009/2010 New Year Weekend. As live music in Cambodia was viewed by Expats, Tourists, and local Khmers as pretty much an “anomaly”, we struggled to sign 8 Bands for the 3 Day Event. However, over the past year, Cambodia has experienced an explosion of new Bands, both Khmer and Expat, playing a huge music diversification ranging from Classic Cover Rock, Heavy Metal, Indie, Punk, Blues, Funk, Jazz, World, etc. Thank God the Era of Filipino Top Ten Hits Music is now the Standard for Hotel Lobbies and not for Rock Clubs anymore !,

With 6 Bands a night playing tight, short musical sets on both Friday and Saturday, 25/26 February , and 7 Bands playing on Sunday night, 27 February, the cooperation of all of the Musicians, working alongside Sharky Bar Management and Music Technical Teams to ensure pretty much faultless timing, great sounds, acoustics, and stage lighting, was brilliant. The work necessary to produce PENHSTOCK 2 weekend was a logistical nightmare for the Sharky Bar boys, as one can imagine. But with the Shark “Cage” being a private Rest Area (Green Room) for the Bands playing each evening, the Cage was well stocked with plenty of draught beer, whisky, food, and chairs so the various musicians could rest up, pre and post performance, and meet old and new music mates.

The Bar was still half jammed with dedicated music lovers way past midnight on the final Festival night, Sunday. The surprise Band of the night was a new French Band passing through Cambodia called “Octopus” - an all brass band with flawless musical and stage presence, and as Entertainment Manager Ross introduced them as “Cambodia’s first Chippendale style Music Band (they played with shirt off, girls – Your bad if you weren’t there to enjoy them), they literally, and pleasantly, knocked the socks off the late night partiers when NO ONE (even Sharky management) knew what to expect from them. Bravo to Octopus for an incredible set!

Sharky Bar, well known and respected as a pioneer in Live Music in Cambodia, and as the # 1 Music Venue in Indochina for new and old bands, wants to thank everyone who attended any/all of the 3 nights and helped PENHSTOCK become a legendary Music Fest in Indochina, and particularly in Cambodia. And a huge round of APPRECIATION AND THANK YOU’S to all of the Bands and Musicians who so generously donated their blood, sweat and tears to PENHSTOCK so that all of the attendees will always remember this Music Event as an enjoyable experience in Phnom Penh!!

We hired a Video Photographer who taped the entire PENHSTOCK 2 Event, so it can be viewed on YOU TUBE under the Title of PENHSTOCK 2

Here is a List of the Bands who participated in PENHSTOCK 2 :

The Teaner Terners, Soren Borch Band, Stiff Little Punks, Hot Strings, Captain Jack, Lost Highway, Bum ‘N Draze, Lazy Drunks, Little Duke and MMBB, Rock and Roll High School, The Fumes, The Uke Dudes, Squishy Band, The Choppers, Licked Western, Al-Ebib(?), Octopus, Captain Emo, Bluesberry Jam Band


Stay tuned for news of PENHSTOCK 3 next year…. Should be bigger and grander than ever before.


Sharky Bar Management