Sharky Bar & Restaurant

Sharky Bar & Restaurant

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Sharky Bar was definitely THE place to be last night, Friday. It was Showcase night for the latest hot expat rock band in town, The Teaner Terners Band. Playing their own original indie rock and garage rock music, including a number of ‘80’s indie rock cover hits, the Bar was packed chock full of young rockers supporting their mates, as well as the older expats curious to hear what indie rock sounds like. After their one hour set, the Bar was in an uproar of applause and shouts of “More, More, More” to the TT Band. After just one performance several months back at Gasolina Bar for Pride Day, the “Fabulous Four” definitely kept the Bar hopping with lots of dancing, heavy beer drinking and Jaegermeister Bombs chugged, fun was flowing all through the night.
Hats off to their debut at our Bar, and we will be sure to bring them back for others to enjoy and rock out to the Teaner Terners Band !!

While even approaching the Bar to get some cold fresh draughts and giant Beer Bongs was a bit of a feat, the Band that bills themselves as “The Worst Punk Band in Cambodia” – The Stiff Little Punks – stepped up with a new young drummer, Dominick (Dominitrix), who had to keep up with the fast guitar riffs of Dave Scabies, Rob (Robbie G-String), and the great vocal range of everyone’s favorite singer, Ian The Punk, kept the crowd shaking and bobbing away to the cover tunes of The Clash, The Sex Pistols, The Ramones, The Sic F…ks,, The Dead Kennedys, and more British and U.S. major punk classics..
With the Bar announcing a new direction in musical diversity for the future, we encourage all new local bands who need a major Rock venue to show off their talent, to contact Ross – our entertainment manager - and get some audition time.

But again, a big hand for the Teaner Terners – Scotty, Lance, Jimmy, and Julien. Great job and we are sure you will become a regular major act at Sharkys….

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Lazy Jazz Drunks Recap.

Some pics of the evenings activities. Great crowd and good fun.

Odd Even.

Shane celebrating being unemployed.

Mortar rounds late in the evening.

Lazy Jazz Drunk

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Lazy Jazz Drunks this Friday!

Lazy Jazz Drunks
return Friday, July 16.

the fun starts at 9Pm.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

July 4th Cambodia Style

England comes in behind the USA in the World Cup....put a little salt on the wound and have The Stiff Little Punks (from England) open at our US Independence party. In 1776, had England been as energized as Cambodia's worst punk band, there probably would not be a 4th of July party. Dave and Ian always rock the house in their non stop style. Playing all their punk favorites was a great warm up to get the house in the mood for more hours of fun.

After their set, the Sharky crowd was treated to the Classic Rock sound of Lost Highway.

Checking tickets for a lucky number and wearing a lucky number Sharky T shirt.

Two days prior to the event, we would have had to run a boat shuttle down Street 130 to get people here. A two hour storm delivered enough water to expand the flood boundaries that we normally experience with heavy rains.