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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Saturday July 23rd, 2011: God Save the Stiff Little Punks

God Save the Stiff Little Punks

Billed as the worst Punk Band in Cambodia, the Stiff Little Punks hit the stage Saturday night and we soon realize we have been Swindled…

The Great Rock n Roll Swindle!

This gig, the punks played a tribute to the Sex Pistols. “Never Mind the Bollocks here’s the STIFF LITTLE PUNKS”. It was Anarchy in Sharky’s as the lads relentlessly spat, ripped and filthed their way through classic Sex Pistols Punk.

The SLP’s kicked off to a packed house with “Problems” followed by “Silly Thing” which were brilliant and set the whole tone of the night. We knew it was gonna be an awesome gig. Ian was on form and doing it His Way. The band played furiously with hostile intent to KILL. And they killed it!

The line-up this time reuniting the original SLP’s. On Lead Vocals: Ian “Rotten Bollocks” Punk, Guitar: Dave “Football Related Disorder” Jones, Bass: Robby Vicious 2 Fingers & Drums: Dom “Pretty Vacant” Cook (back from his solo tour “the Great Australian Outback Sheep Station Love Tour)

1 hour and 15 minutes of non-stop Pistol covers… God Save The Queen, EMI, Rock n Roll Swindle, Seventeen, No One is innocent, I wanna be me & loads more! The Filth and the Fury! The punks are always relentless and full of raw energy and tonight were no different! Nice!

These guys are the Dogs Bollocks

If you didn’t see this gig – you really should off - look out for the next SLP Gig @ Sharky’s

45 minutes later…

MC Mike – not realizing no one could hear him - is on stage demanding ONE MORE ! from the Punks but the Punks had had enough so… the Lazy Drunks decide to do a last-minute-30-minute-set!

another 45 minutes later…

Tommy from the Lazy Drunks living up to his bands namesake – pissed as a fart – is having technical problems (he’s too drunk to put a strap on his guitar)… by this time the bar has emptied and MC Mike is still demanding ONE MORE! from the Punks.

its not gonna happen. its a messy staurday night at the Shark. but, good try guys!

A good indication that at Sharky’s, anything can happen and usually does

Punk, Rock n Roll!

Rossie McLaren

Dave “Football Related Disorder” Jones

Dom “Pretty Vacant” Cook

Ian “Rotten Bollocks” Punk

Bass: Robby Vicious 2 Fingers

Lazy Drunks Tommy and Ingo

youtube vids of the gig

Stiff Little Punks, EMI @ Sharkys

Stiff Little Punks, Problems @ Sharkys

Stiff Little Punks, Silly Thing @ Sharkys, Cambodia

Stiff Little Punks, Stepping Stone @ Sharkys, Cambodia

Upcoming Events: Fri, July 29 & Sat, July 30, 2011

Monday, July 18, 2011

Saturday July 16, 2011: 1st Annual Sharky Rib CookOff followed by Live music from The Teaner Terners supported by the Las Vegas Knock-Outs

Wow, were we surprised at the size of the turnout for Sharky’s first BBQ Rib Cook Off Competition which brought about 60 meat hungry attendees to sample Barbecued Ribs from 10 local Entrants. Surprisingly enough, 7 Bar/Restaurants and 3 individuals all cooked their hearts out and presented their culinary skills which was judged by both a Panel of 4 Professional Chefs and also judged by a “People’s Choice” on which Ribs were the most outstanding.

Of course, this was all done in a Blind Tasting environment where no one but Big Al, the organizer of the Event, knew which number Rib Box came from which Chef.

The Judges Table was segregated from the People to prevent any interference or “inside information” on the choices.

It was quite the event as each Contestant’s ribs were served in 5 minute intervals and passed around the Bar for all to enjoy, comment, critique, etc. on sheets which were given to all of the attendees.

Rather than repeat what was reported in the up and coming popular Food Blog, Nyam Penh , please go here: for a complete report. Nyam Penh is run by Vinh Dao who reports on local restaurants on a regular basis

Twitter: vdao1972

Vinh’s blog will now be linked into Sharky Bar’s Blog and please click on top for Vinh’s spot on comments and beautiful photos of each Contestant’s Ribs and the Results of the Judges Panel and of the People’s Choice.

Sharky Bar would like to thank the Judges for their time and effort in coming over to give their professional opinions on the Ribs and also thank all of the Contestants as well as the foodies who attended and ate and ate and ate until the last meat was picked off the bones of each Rib.

The Judges were:
Jay Steed – famous local Food Connoisseur
Mark Idle – California 2 Guesthouse
Merv of the new restaurant “The Lost Key” (formerly “Talking to a Stranger”
Lanzi – Dan’s Meats

Thanks so much Gents for making Sharky’s Rib Cook Off an enormously fun and mouth watering event. We’ll be doing this Cook Off on an Annual Basis and follow our Blog for the next Food Event at Sharky Bar !

JUDGES CHOICE: 1st Place Winner - Ebony - Congratulations!

PEOPLES CHOICE: 1st Place Winner - Rusty Keyhole Kampot - Congrats Christian!

later that night....

The 'Teaner Terners' returned to Sharky Bar & Restuarant on Saturday Night with their own particular brand of Indie style rock with full support from special guests 'Las Vegas Knock-Out.'

The American boys (KC + Dale) were up first with their take-on West-Side American grunge/punk rockers ' Social Distortion.'

Considering they were only passing through from Bangkok, they made a big impression with the Sharky crowd.

The vocals and guitar work were spot-on and the set ended with a rousing guitar version of Johnny Cash's 'Ring Of Fire' - Sx-Dx style of course !

Great stuff from 'Las Vegas Knock-Out' and a big thanx to Dom and Mikkel for helping them out on drums and bass.

Hope to see them back, the next time their over from Thailand (their currently playing Pattaya).
Good musicians and real cool dudez too !

The stage was set then for Indie Rockers 'Teaner Terners' to take the stage and once again they didn't disappoint.

A set comprising 'new and old' material was the perfect tonic for the healthy Sharky throng who nowadays seem to know most of the band's songs.

'Typhoid' , 'Dark Art' , 'Superlative' , and 'Analogue' are now standard 'Terner' gig songs but they still sound exceptionally good.

Scotty was on fine-form upfront, and his explanation about Jimmy's 'Goldfish' on that same song was quite funny.

However, the boyz are not afraid to experiment with 'Stephen Hawkings' being a case in point. 'Traffic Light' was another were the 'lyrics' were quite innovative.

The night finished with a reggae version of 'Superlative' which brought the 'Terners' fans a wry smile and concluded another fine performance by this vastly improved band.

With the addition of more bass lines (primarily from Jimmy), this allowed Scotty and Lance more opportunity to expand on their, often quite melodic and intricate guitar work.

Yes, a great evening from the boyz - and with 'Busking' and 'I'm The Eighties' ringing in my ears - I bid you all good night !

It's been a great weekend - courtesy of 'The Lazy Drunks' , 'Las Vegas Knock-Out' and 'The Teaner Terners' !

Thanx to you all !

Cheerz Dave The Punk

Live Music: July 22 & 23 - Never Mind the Bollocks here's the Stiff Little Punks & Ukes of Hazard

Sunday, July 17, 2011

July 15, 2011: 'The Lazy Drunks' back to Sharky

'Phnom Penh's No. 1 Music Venue' in town saw the welcome return of the 'The Lazy Drunks' back to Sharky Bar & Restuarant on Friday Night with their eclectic set of sixties songs and rock classics.

In previous years, some of the best loved musicians in the city have had 'sometime' played a part in the musical metamorphosis which is 'The Lazy Drunks' story.

An often sketchy but always entertaining 'covers band' the present line-up is probably the 'pick' of all the previous reincarnations.

This is due in part, to a really explempary rhythm section which now boasts German drummer and bass player Todd from Australia.

Watching Todd (he had apparently never played bass before joining the drunks) is actually quite memorizing.

His stance and his delivery is so energetic, yet so precise, that he reminds me of the great Norman -Watt Roy (from Ian Dury & The Blockheads ). Not the same jazz style of playing - but his stage presence is that, he delivers his bass playing in that same kind of 'quirky jumpy' style that Norman-Watt Roy is famous for (watch him and you'll know what I mean).

The strange thing, is that the bass guitar that he uses (don't forget he had never played bass before), is the fretless variety, so he had to 'paint on' the 'frets and dots' to help him play ! Quite amazing !

Apart from Todd, Ingo on the drums brings his many years of session drumming and expertise to the 'engine room' of the band.

For a guy who barely practices due to work committments - he barely puts a foot wrong. Nothing spectacular - but very accomplished drumming all the same from Ingo.

Meanwhile, Tom the Mop (Lead Guitar) has finally found the courage or is the knowledge? to utilize the very best from his 'electronic effects guitar box.'

His rendition of Pink Floyd's 'Time' was quite brilliant. While covers of Hendrix's songs like 'Hey Joe' were almost 'Voodoo Child-ish' in their execution.

However, at one point I'm sure I did hear Chicory Tips 'Son Of My Father' in one of the 'lead-ups' to a guitar solo - but I'm sure that was just my fertile imagination - or was it?

Suffice to say, the 'icing on the cake' was seeing Ian The Punk blasting out CCR's 'Put A Spell On You' in his normal, over the top, exhubarent manner - a really joyeous and exquisite performance of riotious vocal mastery !

Great stuff from 'The Lazy Drunks' and at present, one of the most enjoyable acts on the circuit !

Catch 'em when you can at Sharky Bar & Restuarant - The Longest Running Rock N Roll Bar in Indo-China !

Great night - and indie rock with ' The Teaner Terners' tomorrow !

See you there!

Dave The Punk

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Saturday July 16: Pork Rib Cook Off - Customers come & enjoy!

Saturday July 16: Pork Rib Cook Off - Contestant Rules

July 8th, 2011: Soloist Acoustic Player Benjamin Powles

Friday Night at 'Sharky Bar & Restaurant' saw the debut of soloist acoustic player Benjamin Powles - over on a short-trip from England.

Having seen everything from punk, metalcore, classic rock and the blues at Sharky's over the past few weeks - it was interesting to see how a 'solo artist ' could handle the often boisterous but more than often appreciative local crowd.

However, from the opening Bad Manners song 'Rainfall' (yes a little bit of ska in Sharky's - that must be a first !).

Benjamin effortlessly ploughed his way through a eclectic set of pop/folk/jazz/punk/indie acoustic covers - that soon had the Friday night crowd acknowledging his 'friendly but engaging showmanship !'

Not the shy introverted type 'Our Ben' - more the 'busker-come-professional-street-assed-entertainer !'

Obviously, well schooled in performing, Benjamin is more than adapt at adding his own 'musical identity' to some of his songs .

Case in point, was a riotious version of the Proclaimers classic '5000 Miles' - not one for the purists - but hilarious all the same.

The Cure's 'Lovecats' was almost played straight (well almost) - as was Talking Heads 'Psycho Killer.'

However, a thunderous version of Stealer's Wheel's 'Stuck In The Middle With You' was only bettered by sublime versions of The Police songs 'Message In A Bottle' and 'Walking On The Moon.'

Having seen Sting many times over live in concert - Benjamin's vocals on these two great songs were faultless - almost eclipsing the great man himself !

What more can one say ? Than to applaud Benjamin for a great acoustic rollercoaster of a night - with some fine intuitive musical and personal interpretations !

A fine nights entertainment and a real nice guy too !

He leaves Monday to go back to England - and we all hope it won't be too long before Benjamin Powles is back performing in Phnom Penh once again !

Thanx mate ! It was our pleasure !

Cheerz Dave The Punk

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Independence Day Party 2011: Little Duke & The Mekong Blues Messengers'

Maybe the '4th July' did'nt quite fall on a Saturday Night this year - but that did'nt deter 'Sharky Bar & Restuarant ' from throwing out the 'red carpet' and celebrating 'American Independence Day' !

Courtesy of Big Al'S 'scrumptious and tasty' American Steak and Spare-Rib Barbeque served beforehand - the Sharky crowd were 'well-fed and watered' by the time ' Little Duke & The Mekong Blues Messengers' took to the stage.

From the opening licks of 'Ninety-Nine-And-A-Half Just Won't Do' the band soon settled into their vast repertoire of vintage Chicago blues.

Be it Muddy Water's time honoured classic 'Got My Mojo Working' or Earl Hine's equally ageless number 'Stormy Monday Blues' - Little Duke & The Mekong Blues Messengers 'left no-stone unturned' as they entertained the celebratory 'independence crowd' - in fine bluesy style !

The Howling Wolf/Willie Dixon masterpiece 'Little Red Rooster' was given similiar 'gem-like' treatment - as was Robert Johnson's immortal ' Dust My Broom.'

If that wasn't enough, sublime versions of Jim Hendrix's 'Star Spangled Banner' and 'Purple Haze' truly brought the house down ! Literally !

There was still time however, for 'Little Duke' to delve into his 'little bag of tricks' and unearth a great British rock n roll song in the form of 'Shaking All Over' by Johnny Kidd & The Pirates.

Great stuff and a fantastic tribute to legendary English guitarist Mick Green (who was just included recently in 'Mojo's' magazine top one hundred guitarist ever !)

Jonas (Little Duke) and Mick Green actually collaborated together in a latter version of 'The Pirates' during the mid-nineties - so making this particular 'number' even more poignant !

A great night out - and a truly awesome performance from the ' Mekong Blues Messengers !'

A big, big thanx to the charismatic ad lovely Kristen on vocals, to Ken White who performed 'brilliant harmonic breaks/licks' all night - and to Chris and Steve in the 'engine room' for providing excellent support on bass and drums throughout !

Last but not least, a big, big thanx to 'Little Duke' himself - for a masterful display in the 'art of playing' of the blues !

ps. i've still got the pounding guitar riffs of 'Crossroads Blues' still reverting in my brain - and together with the $1.50 maguirita's - i'm not quite 'Out Of My Skull' - but not far off !

Cheerz Guyz - and not a 'spilt' box of 'English Tea' anywhere in sight !

Dave The Punk 'Out Of Their Skulls' is a raucous cd (incorporating live/studio recordings ) released by 'The Pirates' back in 1977 (featuring Mick Green.) Great album ! I'm sure Jonas would agree !

Friday July 1st: Lazy Drunks (Live)!

Sharky's 'American 4th July Independence Day Weekend' began Friday Night with the return of the self-styled 'Men in Black' - the one and only 'Lazy Drunks (Live) !'

New line-up, new set-list and a ' whole lotta new' attitude - the Lazy Drunks brought their 'finest hour' to Sharky's with a truly eclectic set of raunchy good ol' fashioned rock and roll !

Any band that includes The Kinks, The Monkees, The Small Faces, Chuck Berry, The Animals and The Rolling Stones in their musical armoury - are obviously a band that knows how to shake, rattle n roll !

Throw-in' sublime versions of the Stealer's Wheel classic 'Stuck In The Middle With You' , Shocking Blue's 'Venus' and a thumping version of Thin Lizzy's 'Whiskey In The Jar' - and yes most definitely 'these boyz were back in town !' Big time !

With powerhouse singer Ian The Punk in outstanding form - his vocals on the Stones classic 'Dead Flowers' - nothing short of brilliant ! The Lazy Drunks could do 'no wrong.'

New additions to the band Todd (ex The Choppers) on bass and Ingo (professional session drummer from Germany) were exemplary in providing the 'solid platform' that so many previous line-ups of this same band had been missing.

With the rhythm section so forcefully 'in-tune' this allowed lead guitarist 'Tom The Mop' to showcase his full array of well orchestrated musical skills - no more so than on Pink Floyd's 'Time' and Jimi Hendrix's 'Hey Joe.' Great stuff !

There was still time for a bit of Elvis Presley, Led Zepplin and Eddie Cochrane towards the end - to round-off a very entertaining evening courtesy of the ' Lazy Drunks !'

Yes the 'Lazy Drunks' are back - and we all look forward to 'very much of the same' very soon - from this very underated 'sixties and seventies rock n roll' covers band !

Thanx fellaz !

The party continues tomorrow night with 'Little Duke & The Mekong Blues Messengers' displaying their awesome talents at our 'Annual 4th July American Independence Day Party !'

Don't miss it ! It's gonna be huge !

See you there - Dave The Punk