Sharky Bar & Restaurant

Sharky Bar & Restaurant

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Out in the middle of nowhere we came upon a truck that had Sharky and Cali2 syickers from years past. Like I said before...the stickers certainly manage to get around! Big Al also tagged an ice chest while I fixed my flat motorcycle tire. That pit stop location is labeled as being SHARKY APPROVED!

Sharky Dave

Monday, May 25, 2009


Sharky's has always been a long time supporter of local rugby teams and development of Rugby Union within Cambodia. This last weekend there was a test match between Cambodia and Laos here in Phnom Penh. Cambodia edged out the Laotian visitors with a final score of 24-8. The following link from Rugby In Asia gives details from the match and photos.

Congratulations to all the players and thanks to the supporters that attended the rugby this last weekend at RCAF Stadium.

Sharky Dave

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Fish Taco Fish Taco Fish Taco Fish Taco Fish Taco Fish Taco Fish Taco Fish Taco Fish Taco Fish Taco Fish Taco Fish Taco Fish Taco Fish Taco Fish Taco Fish Taco Fish Taco Fish Taco Fish Taco Fish Taco Fish MMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Partys in the Cage...Again!!

The Shark Cage is getting ever so popular for Birthday Parties! With in a week it has hosted 2 fun events. Thi celebrated her birthday recently as well as Phana, who held an after hours event for staff. Good drink and food provided by the bar.

If you are having a Birthday, event or just want to gather with friends, the Cage is open nightly for Dancing and just chilling out or you can reserve it for your own personal group. Just contact Sharky Management. We can provide catering and wait staff to make sure your event goes off hassle free.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Another Route 66 Weekend

Route 66 rolled into town again for great live entertainment Friday and Saturday. They keep getting tighter and have expanded their music selection. I was about to catch up with some friends in The Cage when they broke out with a great rendition of Voodoo Child. I had to get near the stage and catch all the guitar licks. Local Ian even got into the act both nights and man he can sing. Ian is a generation or two younger and when there was an encore of Voodoo Child on Saturday he sung it. Missed some of the lines but sounded great none the less. I will make sure he gets a copy and knows it next time Route 66 returns!

A birthday in the crowd complemented with a Mortar Round.

As always, a fun filled evening with lots of pretty girls, active pool tables, the largest selection of Rock and Roll played anywhere, and great food. After hours the party moved over to Zepplin on Street 51.

Looking at next months schedule Route 66 will return Friday 27th and Saturday 28th June, but Sharky's will be bringing you more live music on the 5th and 6th featuring "4-BANDS" .

Don't forget the Bar BQ on the 7th and in the meantime have a great sandwich at Fat Boys downstairs. Currently open for lunch and late afternoon, but hours will be expanded into the evening soon.

Sharky Jim

Monday, May 18, 2009

I am back!

Thanks Dave for keeping the blog current. As people in PNH know I made a trip to the USA to spend some quality time with Mom and Dad. First things first Dad has a Sharky sticker on his pick up. Put it on the bumper instead of next to the NRA sticker on his back window. He still needs a gun rack!

It was a good trip though quite different from my life in Phnom Penh. Where was the bottled water? I looked in the fridge. I forgot Northern Cal water is great just out of the Faucet. I had access to Tivo and Satellite TV so I could record and watch
programs at my convenience. I am big on the comedy channel and caught a roast from the Git er Done comedian. His name slips me but many of you might know who I am talking about. One of the roasters made a comment about him then pulled out a pair of underwear to show the crowd and there was a big skid mark on the drawers. I thought, that might work in The west where people walk a

round with crusties in their shorts, but it wouldn't hold up here in Cambodia where a skid mark is non existent. Either your underwear is clean, or you shit the whole load and have to find some unsuspecting place to leave your shorts. For us business owners in the Kingdom, please don't attempt to flush them as plumbing here won't handle it.

Fortunately for me, Mom and Dad have joined the ranks of civilized people from their many visits to the Kingdom. Not only have they become civilized they took it to the next level.

Yes, totally electronic with a heated toilet seat, Multidirectional spray and a dryer. Put that in your hygiene pipe and smoke it. My dailiy routine made sure I took care of business before I had to face the dirty world out there.

I loaded up on my share of food. Things that I don't get in Cambodia. Made my own guacamole and after watching hours of Discovery's Most Dangerous Catch I couldn't wait to get some Alaskan King Crab. Around 10 dollars a pound at Costco I made sure I wouldn't miss it for a while. Steam it instead of Microwaving it. Microwave a little butter and garlic and it is just as delicious as lobster. Mom showed her pleasure of having me around by cooking chocolate pies. When I got back the girls said I looked like I put on a few kilos.

I spent a month, but in the end it was over and done with pretty quick. How do you kill a month in the states, well you and your 77 year old dad color easter eggs! I can't even remember the last time I did that, even when in the states.

Dad and I also took in a minor league ball game. We watched the Sacramento River Cats, Oakland As minor league team get their asses whipped 11-1. Great day in the park. Lots of fans left with foul balls. Of course one wouldn't like foul balls in Cambodia. that Ko Ker in the Outfield?

I was also able to play some golf with a buddy of mine who has a house on the course. Life for him and his friends revolves around the golf course. They think they are living the American dream. His home comes equipped with a bar, pool table, big screens, jacuzzi tubs, golf cart, jet ski, golf course access etc. .... I still prefer (and many others here will concur) what my one room in PNH comes equipped with on demand! :-)

It was fun to drive again, with out the parking and driving hassles one has here. Gas was about 2.25 a gallon. That's what it was 4 years ago when I visited. Glad I missed the big rise in prices. I could have blown my BKK budget filling his truck! Nice to fill my bike. Maxxed out at about 7 dollars last week.

I was able to hunt through old photographs and stumble across this one of the Lions Circle in Sihanoukville. Wow things have changed! It was great to transition back through Bangkok after 4 weeks in the states.

Really a first class city and with a million times the nite life that I experienced in California. I hit the usual Nana, Thermae, Beer Garden. I went to Prakanong with some friends and had Thai Style Bar-BQ with our own cooks! Next time I am missing western food, Alaskan King Crab or not, I think I will go to Prakanong instead! Hitting the malls was great. the only sign of economic slow down was the lack of shopping bags in the hands of the millions of people in the malls.

Just like Cambodians on the riverfront during Bon Om Tuk. Millions of them. People out at the world trade center taking in excellent live music and big screen TV. The lights in Bangkok, just in the areas I was in would have the EDC in the duldrums. I was pretty happy in the end to get back on a plane and head home. I wouldn't have the outdoor concert, but I would get back to our great music selection at Sharky and some good classic rock with Route 66.

The Phnom Penh Skyline is rapidly changing and I was amazed to see the lake filling project and all the higher buildings springing up. Get your pictures now, this town is on the move. On the way in to the city I had to pinch myself and make sure I was back in PNH when I saw a car with California Plates.

Thanks again Dave for picking up the slack on the blog while I was away. I have only been back in country a week and I am really back logged. Sharky has had plenty going on since my return and the inbox is full of stuff I still need to post! Stay tuned.

Sharky Jim

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Sharky's Is Everywhere....

Our Sharky stickers do get around and turn up in the strangest places sometimes. Here are a few pictured in Iraq. Have you seen a Sharky sticker in an out of the way place? Have you stuck one somewhere yourself? If your visiting Sharky's ask one of our managers for a few stickers to take when you roam. Take a picture and email it to us complete with a listing of the location and we will post it to the site. From go-go bar bathrooms, to commercial airliner window blinds, tuk tuks, boats, C-130's and more the influence and reach of Sharky's is everywhere worldwide!!!

Not Quite Fast Enough!

April, 28th 2009 - My attempt at knocking Curran off the block for eating the Fat Boy Kilo Sub fell short by about 1 minute and 30 seconds at the time of 13:48 start to finish. The final sandwich EEEErrored out the 1 kilogram max load scale. It is a tasty sub really but more enjoyable eating it at a moderate pace I reckon!

Sharky Dave

Monday, May 11, 2009

Yamaha Raid For Sale

For Sale

YAMAHA RAID, 250 cc Very Clean, Runs Good

$2,000 or OBO call Doug @ 012210965 or Steve @ 012230013

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Into the New Year...Birthday Girls...The Cage & Cinco de Mayo!

Things at Sharky's have been going strong the past few weeks. After the Khmer New Year celebrations there was a little bit of time for staff and expats alike to get back into the work routine and shake off the holiday hangovers. Thailand's streets returned to some bit of order and the tourists and expats looking to escape the water throwing and mayhem with a trip to neighboring Cambodia wrapped up their trips and headed back again. Most of the visitors seemed to enjoy the change of pace from Thailand. At least for a short time anyway.

A few of the local ladies that are regular customers of Sharky's, Nga and Linda, decided to celebrate their birthday's partying it up in "The Shark Cage." Their celebrations were held back to back on the 4th and 5th of May. Nga, a regular customer and attention getter, is always up for a good time and her birthday party was no exception. Sometimes the fine line between drunk and happy or wasted and scrappy are only a few shots apart! After the cake was cut things got a bit rowdy as the booze flowed freely. But in the end everyone had a good time and the party offered good entertainment value for all those that joined in. Linda's party the next evening was a bit more light hearted with dancing and drinks. The evenings events although easy going still managed to result in more than a few Mexican stand offs.

Nothing unusual about that though since it was the 5th of May or as celebrated in parts of Mexico the Cinco de Mayo festival. Now what connection does a Mexican holiday have to do with Cambodia? Absolutely nothing but what the's an excuse to have a party! Carrying on in the tradition of Cali Jim's usual recognition of the holiday Sharky's carried the torch while Jim was out of town. In recognition of many years past Cinco de Mayo celebrations at the California 2 a group of expats organized a street party. Setting up a sidewalk bar at the site of the now closed Cali2 on the riverfront. Just because the old Cali2 has been closed down it doesn't mean it has been forgotten! In fact Jim's thoughts of reviving the "state of mind" known to define the Cali2 will once again become a reality. Stay tuned for more on that in coming months.

The Sharky's staff dressed down in bandannas looked like a mix of Chicanos hoods and demented Aunt Jemimas but it was good for a laugh anyway. With everyone trying to get a turn sporting the one genuine sombrero it went from person to person. So that was Khmer style Cinco de Mayo at Sharky's - If you didn't come, you missed out on a great night with great drink specials like $1 San Miguel's, $2 Sol Beer, $1.5 Margaritas, $1 Tequila Shots and of course the best Tex/Mex in Cambodia!

The Shark Cage has been set up for only a few months now. Although it has seen a few good evenings of drinks and dancing since opening the doors in February The Cage has become more and more popular for holding private parties and special functions. After a variety of different types of events held in The Cage ranging from wine tastings to rugby awards ceremonies birthday parties and more The Cage has been proven to be a great venue to hold any type of special event. The Cage hired as a private party room can be set up to suit just about any event. Offering a fully air conditioned space, full audio system, dance floor, bar, and ample seating for up to 60 of your closest friends The Cage is ready for you special party. If you can think it up we can make it happen! Give your party plans to our events coordinator Ross and Sharky's will put together you event and let the good times roll!
Sharky Dave