Sharky Bar & Restaurant

Sharky Bar & Restaurant

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Live Music: Adobo Conspiracy Live! Friday July 26,2013 @ 9pm


  1. Character strengths by Susan Brunstrum

    Delivered by trustworthy construction in Cambodia
    construction materials, all the beautiful designs and pieces can’t always come together in a one confined space, needless to say about its overall design influence. This was what owner-designer Susan Brunstrum took cue from and created her own kitchen.
    "It can be very distracting to have too much going on visually. And this was something I had to consider for my own kitchen." said the designer.
    The result of her design was a tranquil, subtle approach with her choice of dark charcoal gray cabinetry, and honed limestone backsplash.
    "The kitchen truly is the sum of all its parts," added Bruntrum. "Everything works together to provide the look and functionality required."

  2. The Facility Redesigned house

    This house has been created with new design to become an impressive and elegant place, as construction in Cambodia
    construction materials
    By this way, the house has been redesigned, and the elements of the old house, have been cleverly introduced into the new residential project “to facilitate the transference of experience and collective memory from the old to the new houses”.
    As the architects explained how the floor-plan became a mirroring, “With the new design, the architects retained the concept of the original roof form with one pitch at the front and one pitch along the side of the development.
    These pitches were then related to the entrance of the parent’s house at the front left side of the lot, and the side pitch defined the son’s house along the right side of the property.
    The front pitch in the parent’s house encloses a two and a half story living room. This lofty living space anchors the house and serves as central core that visually links all the levels of the house.

  3. The Natural Environment House

    Here is the natural environment house has been created as special property for the owners, leading to furniture shop in Cambodia construction materials stated.
    In addition, the Storrs Road Residence displays a single story architectural body emerged from the original building mixed with modern design to shape the evolution story behind this now contemporary farmhouse.
    As the architects said, “The home itself is far more environmentally conscious than its predecessor, with low energy lighting predominant, solar water heating, over 60 000 liters of water storage, and built with timber taken from the site and from fire breaks cut through the bush land.
    The timber was milled and finished on site and makes up all of the exposed timber as well as the flooring and much of the sub structure.
    The house is a reflection in miniature of the workings, life, and history of the farm and the families that continue to take enjoy its offerings”.

  4. The Contemporary and Appealing Villa F

    Here is the contemporary and appealing interior of the Villa F, leading to furniture shop in Cambodia construction materials stated. One more thing this villa has been designed by the architects over at Najjar & Najjar.
    By the design, plasma TVs jumping out of seemingly common furniture, a large aquarium with computer generated graphics, LED lighting and sound systems turned on and off with the help of a mouse click- everything in this futuristic place is digitally maneuvered.
    One more thing, the shape of this interior is just different and wonderful, so owners can enjoy with this new style.

  5. Lifestyle’s factor

    Provided by notable furniture in Cambodia
    construction materials
    , casual lifestyle can be enhance when there is modern and high-end upholstery involves.
    Domus offers a comprehensive range of leading brands that design incomparable furniture to suite with every lifestyle of homeowners.
    "For more than 30 years Domus has prided itself in offering products that are beautifully designed, of the highest quality, and have an enduring value." president Gerald Moskowitz said.
    The firm has many leading styles including modern, post-modern, and avant-garde furniture. It also represents extensive European brands such as B&B Italia, Driade, Porro, Flou, and Living Divani.
    Domus, moreover, provides a complete design service for kitchen, bathroom, and space planning.

  6. Something out of the blue by Andi Stephens

    According to reliable furniture shop in Phnom Penh construction materials information, the brief for designer Andi Stephens to create the featured kitchen was a space that would be surprising and has a sense of bewilderment.
    To meet this request, Stephens used details such as legs carved into fish shapes for the central island and decorative pull-out posts for additional storage on either side of the sink. To accommodate the client's height, cabinets sit on a raised base.
    The wine storage above the cooking center that resemble the pattern of the backsplash also provides a whimsical aura for the space.
    Palette of natural materials and subtle colors offer a simple and streamlined look, making the overall design seems minimalist and soft to the touch.

  7. Amazing Combination Of Old And New Building

    This uncommon looking residence named Tusculum Residence, designed by Smart Design Studio and combines a classic style with a modern approach, based on furniture shop in Phnom Penh construction materials reported.

    Architect said, “the important elements of this residence is grand and gracefully spiralling stair that forms the pivotal junction of the old and new parts of the house.

    The staircase, spanning the width of the building, features delicate fan-like steel treads cantilevered from the central steel post and winding their way past six split levels, offset between the old and new sides of the house.

    The stair was conceived as the element that grafts the contemporary and new minimal structure to the refined, trimmed and formal older portion of the dwelling.”

    In addition, this residence is the result of a contemporary renovation and addition to an early 20th-century terrace house in Sydney, Australia.

  8. Part of the enhancement

    As successful furniture shop in Cambodia
    construction materialsinformed, bespoke windows is part of the elements that make the overall aesthetic and style of your home genuine.
    The Woodstone Company’s windows offer such solution to clients with every style. "Our windows not only match the architecture of each home they're built for, but they are constructed to stand the test of time, like many of the original windows we replace," sales and marketing director Kevin Lonie said.
    "Windows are replicated to meet Landmark Preservation conditions, or to offer something completely individual to customers who are building a once-in-a-lifetime home. Our windows add to the beauty of the home and help owners to fully enjoy their living spaces and the location of their new homes."
    All millwork from Woodstone comes with a ten-year warranty.