Sharky Bar & Restaurant

Sharky Bar & Restaurant

Monday, February 23, 2009

Vietnam bound.....NOT!

Well the latest rumor was a girl waiting for one of the Jesters to show up at the Small Hotel in Sihanoukville. We can only surmise that a few days on a beach where you can swim is a better consolation than racing back to Pattaya. It seems that information on getting into (or not) to Vietnam is readily available on the web in more than one place. Golden Triangle Riders could have answered the question, but on the bright side, they got to ride to Svay Rieng. I would have stayed there for a night. Great place to chill. If and when Vietnam does in fact open up for bike traffic, rest assured, you will hear it here first!!!

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  1. Jim, just got ahold of this site, I will be following avidly!!! My Mom had major surgery and had to blow off travel this winter, but am still riding the Beemer! Less than 10 months and I got a whopping 22k miles on the beast! Keep the updates comming, I am living vicariously thru them and all the Cambo news I can get. Planning a quick trip down to Arizona to meet Mikie when he gets back on the 13th of March and then mostly shorts trips around the desert and hitting the border "houses" when I can.

    Again, Thanks for the updates,

    George Long