Sharky Bar & Restaurant

Sharky Bar & Restaurant

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Making up the news....

Well things have slowed down in the Kingdom, and I have been without news events up until now. I will try to pull out a few rabbits from the hat.

Food! Nothing excites Al, more than an opportunity to put together an awesome feed. A BBQ, or a special event is just another chance to deliver a small slice of his culinary skill. We all know Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance....Al exceeds Zen when he is in the kitchen. We are still getting the deli ready. I know the public wants it more than ever, and so do I, but Al is a perfectionist and the slightest detail has got to be right. Just look at the loaves of bread he mustered up!

Right out of the oven and with a little butter, I was thinking who needs meat, cheese, and garnish. I'll just eat a loaf of bread. Al was thinking differently. Maybe a little mister to put a glaze on the loaf, its not a 100%.

I beg to differ! I am also not alone on this one. The annual Motorcross races sponsored by Flying Bikes were held at the track on the Chroy Changvar (sp) peninsula over the Japanese Friendship Bridge. Al put together sandwiches for the Sharky concession with the new bread... Well they sold out in no time!

Again it was a great event, and the boys on the track were in the bar quenching their thirst from a full day riding.

Good job guys, and we hope to see you again next year.

We also have an update on the upcoming bike week in Sihanoukville. Apparently they had some domain issues so here is the updated link for more info. There is a translator on the page should you get the non English version.

Thanks to Sea Pigs, Ryan and Chris for stopping in. Always good to have you guys visit and Andy really enjoyed the shop talk.

March is shaping up to be a fun filled month.

Friday the 13th Jason will be paying us a visit! We will have dollar draft beer all night and the MADMAN cocktail for only $2.50!

Saint Patrick's Day on the 17th we will have $2.00 Guiness and Dollar shots of Bailey's and Jamesons!

Live Music on the 27th and 28th. Route 66 will be up again from Sihanoukville. Great Classic Rock and Roll. Come on down and Enjoy the fun!

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  1. I got this news in late.

    for those of you in thailand interested in a good bike.