Sharky Bar & Restaurant

Sharky Bar & Restaurant

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Hellhounds Again

The Hellhounds rolled into Sharky Bar Monday night playing a great mix of blues with a few Dead songs worked into the mix.
Looking at the crowd you would have thought it was a Saturday night. This time they brought along a bass player and a percussionist.

Da and Lyna acting up.

More pics of the band.

Broken guitar string and the band didn't miss a beat.

Nary working the beef Satay.
Many other Thai Favorites on the menu.
I had the Pad Siew this evening.

Hellhound Guitarist Steve Goodman admits he is a better photographer than a musician and I would have to agree. Steve was a long stay customer at California 2 while making his transition to PNH expat life. We shared Photo stories and I remember getting a pic of him getting right up close to one of his subjects, a beautiful girl in traditional dress performing at a party next door. I was glad to capture this IN YOUR FACE STEVE shot of him on stage.
Check out his blog. He has some good PNH insight and all kinds of great city life pictures. He really captures the Heart and Soul of the people that make this a great place to live.

Its guys like Steve, and repeat visitors to the Capital who used to stay at California 2 who have come into Sharky over the past year wondering where their PNH starting point would be after the closure of Cali 2.
Well I am happy to announce (and you heard it here first on the Sharky Blog) that California 2 is now open again. I only hope we can duplicate the improvements on the fish tacos that we now serve at Sharky.
We had a soft opening party on the 19th of October. We took over the old Wooly Rhino, formerly Berts Books and gutted the place. It has been a long six months of buiding and we still have some bugs to work out, but should be able to take bookings by December. In the meantime we have a few guinea pigs offering their insight on the rooms.

As for me, I am a busy man these days (putting this blog up for one in the lobby after closing at Sharky this evening for example) and will continue to split my time between the two places.
A few shots of the place below.

I think Steve Goodman the Phnom Penh Photographer/Rockstar on Stage at PNH longest running rock and roll bar in Indochina will agree, Dreams come true in Phnom Penh. I know I am living one!

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