Sharky Bar & Restaurant

Sharky Bar & Restaurant

Thursday, February 18, 2010


got my mojo back. Having a decent camera
to shoot with makes a difference I must say.

Got to try it out for our Mardi Gras Party. The night kicked off with Al's Cajun Feast.

A pleasant treat for The Samurai Rugby guys who came down from Japan only to be defeated by Sharky sponsored Sisowath Knights! I don't think the boys were feeling any pain as being in Sharky that evening was a win.

Kenny and the Lost Highway turned up the heat at 9Pm.
Lyda above kept them cool with the ice cold draft beers and 2.50 Hurricane specials.

The Samurais filling up the Balcony. Staff always knowing they are a recipient of a shot posing for another one.

Frank the accordion player stepped in to add a little zydeco to the mix.

On of my best crop jobs to the left, and a close second right.

The Lost Highway boys; Larry, Tommy and Kenny.

A little Voodoo to the left and well maybe to the right as well.

A good time had by all and again hats off to the Saints on their Superbowl Victory. Can you believe it we even had the saints go marching in on the sound system that night!
Getting a little help with the party favors right.

The following Thursday and on a regular basis now...The Hellhounds on stage.

These guys get better and better every time they play here and the crowd knows it as well. Check out Steve's Hellhound website, just click the link on the side bar. It got me inspired enough to slap a few lines of text on the pics this blog. Pretty good stuff Steve. BTW splurge a bit and fly over to BKK and get some decent guitar strings.

A li and her sisters posing with Raksmey.

We have the Hellhounds in every Thursday so come on down. Ken to the left, Jimmy and Steve right.

Ross lining op Saturdays activities with Dave from the Stiff Little Punks. Action starts at 9PM on the 20th.

Pisey Thea and Jantu right.

Lots of action still to come in February.

Thursday the 25th the Hellhounds
Friday the 26th the Lazy Jazz Drunks opening for Lost Highway
Saturday the 27th Lost Highway
and Sunday the 28th we finish the Month with the Womens Pool Comp. If it's like the last one I wouldn't miss it. Ratios!


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