Sharky Bar & Restaurant

Sharky Bar & Restaurant

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

February Finale!

February fun packed finale! All the action started on Thursday night, when the Hellhounds made their regular appearance.

Good crowd and a full house.

Friday night the Lost highway band returned for two nights of great classic rock tunes. They covered Heartbreaker from Grand Funk, Hendrix and the Stones.

Ian from the Stiff Little Punks opened on Saturday with the Lazy Jazz Drunks. Good sound and we hope to get them back in the bar again.

Meanwhile in the Shark Cage, Bum and Draze was having a private send off for their manager Teemu who is leaving Cambodia. He will still be in the region and we hope to see him pop in from time to time. We wish you luck on your new endeavor.

Catch Bum and Draze's Back to Abnormal Tour sometime this year, somewhere in Cambodia 2010!

Shots of Lost Highway, Dave from Stiff Little Punks enjoying the Party and a couple of girls taking a break on the balcony.

As if the Bands were'nt enough to cover... Al and Ross got up early Saturday morning and went over the bridge to Prek Leap.

Flying Bikes sponsors to the Annual Motocross event and Sharky provides the burgers and dogs.

Thanks Chove and Pov at Flying Bikes. You guys put on a great event every year. Nice to see you in the bar as well.

No Better way to wind down the weekend than the Womens Pool Comp.

Someone took note when I blogged the last event as there were more guys in the bar this time.

Linda left was almost in the running for third but took off and forefeited her place. Ross and I caught up with her in Howies and provided some consolation Whiskey and cokes. Pisey knocking out Sophea who won the event last time.

Tea didn't do as well this time either but got plenty of drinks as Heng the winner foot the bill.

Staff taking a break for a shot.

Da #3 (we had 5 Da's to keep track of) waiting her next round.

Heng showing her winning form. Pisey took third, displaying her case of Anchor.

Heng again celebrating. Pisey Da and Thea planning on when to drink that case. Da earned a DNF for a uniform change.

Pisey third place, Heng the winner, and Rose took second.

Womens Pool rocks. Got to get on Ross to plan more pool comps! Nice way to wind down February.

Marching right along.... Al's BBQ coming up on Sunday. The Hellhounds back in the house on Thursday.

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  1. Second from the right in the staff photo is very cute. Looks a bit like Gina Gershon.