Sharky Bar & Restaurant

Sharky Bar & Restaurant

Monday, August 1, 2011

Sunday July 31st - The Lazy Drunks

todd Dom


jj joins in

Mathais joins the Drunks

An inpromptu evening with ' The Lazy Drunks' took place Sunday Evening at Sharky Bar & Restaurant to celebrate guitarist Tom The Mop's 'Leaving Party' (he's going off to England - albeit only for three weeks - but what the 'hell' we don't need an excuse in Sharky Bar to throw a party !)

'Aided and abetted' by Ian The Punk on lead vocals, Todd on bass and guest drummer Dom (filling in for Ingo), the Lazy Drunks even included for the very first time American Rock & Blues violinist Will Moore.

That's the thing with these guyz - expect more 'line-up changes' than America's Next Top Model !

After a blistering start with 'Dead Flowers' the 'Drunks' provided fine entertainment throughout the evening.

To be honest, an almost stunned Sharky audience (after all it was supposed to be a quite Sunday evening round town), were treated to an endless flow of virtuso performances from some of the finest musicians in Phnom Penh.

Hippie Orchestra maestro 'Matthias' joined in the fun with a scintillating violin solo on CCR's version of 'I Put A Spell On You.'

Having heard that track many, many times over, it was hard to believe that this was a violin playing the guitar licks - and not John Forgety's lead. Simply Brilliant !

Just to show how 'easy' being a musician really is - Matthias then turned his hand to the harmonica - and played equally superlative on a rousing rendition of Free's 'Alright Now.' Unbelievable !

The 'open mic' syndrome was now in full flow with JJ and Tim (from Rolling Stones Tribute Band 'Captain Jack') joining Ian and Dom in the musical fray - and doing great versions of 'Honky Tonk Woman' and 'Jumping Jack Flash' ! Whatelse ! Great !

The audience were now lapping it up - and after an assortment of tambourines, bongo's and marraccas were handed-out much to their amusement - things just got madder !

Even 'Tony-Two Wheels' joined in on the act - and showed his own unique musicality with a fine display on the military bugle - courtesy of Big Mike !

Aren't sure what key he was playing in - but he sounded rather good - and not dissimilar to the trumpeteer who led ' The Charge Of The Light Brigade !' Great stuff Tony !

As the evening came to close - what better way to finish than 'Tom The Mop's' own personal favourite - Pink Floyd's 'Time' - played exquisitely of course by young Tom ! Brilliant !

Great finish ! Great show ! And a great big thanx to 'The Lazy Drunks' for a great Sunday Night's Evening !

Judging by the abundance of 'strings' in town right now - I suspect that this mighten not be quite Tom's farewell - but more of an E.L.O. !

No pun intended !

See you around - Dave The Punk

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