Sharky Bar & Restaurant

Sharky Bar & Restaurant

Monday, September 19, 2011

Bum N Draze, Squishy & 2011 Cambodian Air Guitar Championship

After a brief lull in the local music scene due to the 'periodic off-season' one would expect to kick-off the 'new term' with a sort of 'calm rather than the storm' - you must be joking !

This is Sharky Bar & Restuarant your talking about - and this was Bum N Draze - the 'mad-as-hell rockers' from Finland !!

Saturday Night saw the return of the ever-popular 'Finns' plus support from the newly reformed girlie-grunge-rock band 'Squishy' - and neither band disappointed !

With a massive crowd in attendance and people virtually hanging from the rafters in order to get a view of the stage - 'Squishy' opened the evening with a sublime set of grungy -rock n roll !

The new line-up consisted of Melanie (guitar/vocals), Karen (ex-Fumes on bass guitar/backing vocals ) and new drummer Yi Wei - and they virtually tore up the place - much to the delight of the bi-partisan Sharky crowd.

After a thumping rock driven set (short but sweet) - the girls left the stage to a fine ovation - paving the way perfectly for the entrance of Bum N Draze.

The audience held it's breath, as Jet stood alone on stage hitting the chords for the band's first song, the classic Kiss track 'Strangeways.'

The rest of the boys then entered the 'arena' like some maurading Vikings looking to 'loot and pillage.'

Hired-gun for the night James on rhythm guitar had his shirt-off and wore a zombie mask, Pasi on bass wore his Ramones t-shirt and his traditional skull and crossbones hat and guitar - while Youni the singer/drummer looked more like an extra from outta Judas Priest ! Move over Rob Halford !

The obligatory 'spit-out' some blood scene (Kiss style) was done and 'wham-bham-thank-u-man' we were off - no holds barred !

Much of the audience, who had never seen Bum N Draze were 'almost in shock and awe 'as the band marched it's way through it's classic set of raunchy, bad assed rock n roll covers and originals !

Big, bad and loud maybe, but no-one however, could fault their impeccable versions of Ted Nugent's 'Cat Scratch Fever', Dylan's 'All Along The Watchtower' and Iggy Pop's classic 'Dirt.' Brilliant !

A night with Bum N Draze would not be complete though, without them performing their own crowd favourites such as 'Black Cadillac', 'If Mekong Was Whiskey' and 'March Or Die (Don't July) ! And they did ! F*****g Awesome !

The night finished with another Kiss classic 'God Of Thunder' and the band left the stage to rapturous applause ! They don't do encores - they don't need to !

Great night and Bum N Draze are still the Craziest , Loudest and Nastiest Rock N Roll Band in Indo-China !

A small respite, a quick fill of liquid refreshment and just when you thought it was time to go home and shower - 'Air Guitar Competition' !

And judging by the number of competitors who enrolled and 'joined-in' this year - it was 'our best' ever Air Competition yet' !

Congratulations to Lesley (from America) our first ever lady winner for her performance of Black Sabbath's 'Paranoid' - and commiserations to David Flack (our 2010 winner) for coming a very, very close second !

It was a great night - and special thanx to Ross - for being a great MC (mind you I do think we need to get him a pink, glittery suit and sparkly bow-tie to complete the job.)

Thanx to everyone who came and enjoyed Saturday Nights entertainment and we hope to see you all very soon at Sharky Bar & Restaurant - Cambodia's Number One Music Venue !

Ps. We have 'two more blockbusters coming up in October. ' Halloween Party Weekend' will be on the 14th/15th October. This will feature an Alice Cooper Tribute Band + Support on the Friday night - and on the Saturday 'The Battle Of The Bands' will feature 6 -8 local acts battling it out for accolade 'Best Band In Cambodia' - Winner Takes All !

The following weekend is 'Oktoberfest' (21st/22nd October.) This will feature the Bavarain overtones of ' The Phnom Penh Hippie Orchestra' during two nights of everything German - beer drinking, games, food and hospitality.

Don't miss it !!

Over and Out - Dave The Punk

Not for the faint-hearted and those hard of hearing - Bum N Draze are simply what the 'label say's' - the Nastiest Loudest Rock N Roll Band in Indo-China !

2011 Cambodian Air Guitar Champion - Lesley(USA)

Last years winner - David Flack

Jouni announing Band Favourite - also Lesley

Teemu "the Emu" representing Finland


return to the planet of the apes

Old rockers never die - they just get smellier

all those wasted beers

Jouni, Pasi & Jet - AWESOME!

full house and a great crowd

see you next year!!!

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