Sharky Bar & Restaurant

Sharky Bar & Restaurant

Monday, August 20, 2012

Sharky's 2nd Annual Rib Cook-Off Aug 1012

This year marked our 2nd annual Rib Cook-Off @ Sharky's. Once again the contestants battled it out for the top bragging rights for the Best Ribs in Cambodia. 

We had 5 contestants this time and 4 Judges.  We also had a Customers Choice Prize chosen by our customers. The ribs were judged by Blind Tastings from both the Judges and the Customers. 

It was a close battle for 1st and 2nd prizes in both the Judges Choice and the Customers Choice.

Here are the results....

The Contestants

Nil from The Exchange Restaurant and Bar

Dallas from Alley Cat Cafe

Chad from Rory's Irish Pub, Restaurant and

Al from Sharky Bar and Restaurant

Greg from Lone Star Saloon and Guesthouse

The Judges

Lanzi from Dan Meats Butchery
51A Street 214, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Anthony from The Advisor

Adam from Bayon Pearnik Magazine

Mark from Cafe California 2 Bar, Restaurant and Guesthouse

The Customers Choice Winner

Congratulations went to Greg from Lone Star Saloon and Guesthouse
Greg won the Customers Choice Trophy plus a $50 Bar Tab

The Judges Choice Winner
Congratulations to our own Al from Sharky Bar and Restaurant
Al won the Judges Choice Trophy


Al and Greg
Al gave his $50 bar Tab to Greg as he came a close second in the Judges Choice

see you next year....

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