Sharky Bar & Restaurant

Sharky Bar & Restaurant

Thursday, June 25, 2009

A few Updates

Just a reminder, Route 66 will be in again on Friday and Saturday June 27th and 28th. Get in early and grab a meal and the fun starts at 9PM. Always a pleasure having them come up from the beach to entertain us with some great classic rock and roll.

Also Friday is $1.00 House Specials from 10PM until 2AM. Saturday, is Mexican Madness with $1.00 Tequila Shots & $1.50 Margaritas. Wash ém down with some great Mexican food. Best in South East Asia! Beef, Bean, Chicken Burritos; Beef, Chicken, Pork, and Fish Tacos and; Quesadillas and More! Odale hue!

Also, every weeknight and all night on Thursday, Ladies Night. Drink, and Laab, Fried Rice, and Fried Noodles Specials for the girls! I could have sworn last Tuesday was Ladies night. The town is a little slow these days and counting heads in the crowd there were 50 girls and 25 guys! Two guys then walked out the door and 2 more girls came in. How good is that. Ross and Dave kept quite a few of them shaking in the Cage with dance tunes ranging from Old Skool to the latest hits of today.

4PM until 7PM Daily, Sharky's has draught beer for only a buck. Come on in and shoot a game of pool in the only venue in town with 4 pool tables!

Another Reminder!!! Curtis King Band will be in again on the 4th of July. Al will be doing the Embassy gig moving the best Sandwiches in town! The Bar BQ for July will coincide with the 4th festivities on Saturday. Ross and I will be running the grill cooking up the usual 4th of July favorites. Fun begins at 5PM.
$7.75 for the Bar BQ and free flow of Angkor Draught until 9PM. And as always Ross puts together a great welcome Bloody Mary.

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  1. So much've got my head spinnin!

    So the BBQ is on SATURDAY...the 4th???
    AND it's only $7.75???

    Damn...too bad for those us that have to attend the embassy event.