Sharky Bar & Restaurant

Sharky Bar & Restaurant

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Weekend Highlights

Route 66 rolled into town and really entertained this weekend. On Friday Jean Philippe, Nulen and drummer from the Taxi Boys performed a short opener.

Route 66 brought along a new bass player and they put on great show. Familiar hits included Honky Tonk Woman, Black Magic Woman, Suzie Q, Hey Joe, and Cocaine. During a rendition of Voodoo Chile, The EDC "chopped them down with the edge of their hand". A few minute power outage as they switched over the grids cut the song short.

A great crowd and some happy faces!

Dancing to the band towards the end of the last set.

The Bass player giving some pointers. Teaching music was never so much fun! Even Ross got some pointers.

Apsara dancing in the Cage. The Germans were back and demonstrating their Issan moves to Jintra. The harmonica player in the band, however wouldn't be out done.

The Pool tables were active. Nary, Atou and Da demonstrating their skills.

Our pool girl Rom wishing she was back at the tables and not pouring beer.

Mom and Amai oblivious to Ian's antics....

And a few antics of my own.

July should be action packed. We will keep you posted.

At this point, its the BBQ and Curtis King Band, Saturday the 4, Hope to get Route 66 back again the weekend of the 17th, and on the 25th Dr. JP and the Nurses.

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