Sharky Bar & Restaurant

Sharky Bar & Restaurant

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Curtis King Band Rocks Sharkys 14th!

The Curtis King Band once again Rolled into Phnom Penh in their usual style and delivered a show for our 14th Birthday.

It was a packed house and Leroy and Simon packed a lot of antics in conjunction with a broad selection of music.

Curtis left and LeRoi right.

A few faces in the crowd.

Each time the band comes to Phnom Penh it is never the same. Always a new twist on the show and the music selection.

Mao and Lyda left. Linda, the Tequila girl above, Curtis and LeRoi.

Sharky Birthday Presents included a couple of grab bags, a case of Kangaroo Wine, a 50 Dollar Bar tab and A Nokia Phone. Mike and the grand prize winner below.

Pauv with LeRoi as a back drop to the right.

Santa Clause making an early appearance. Looks like too many Chimneys.

Lan and Pisey, Sopeak, Jim, Malien, Mao, and Somnang. Ex Phnom Penh resident Davis (right) did a great job playing with a lobotomy!!!!

Climbing up on the bar is a good thing if it's Pisey, LeRoi, however.... oh well the girls enjoyed it.

Sonny on the guitar, and Raksmey and Santy below.

A couple of local stand ins and the girls from the Pickled Parrot.

Simon paying tribute to Janis Joplin
with Curtis and Linda, and Pi and Alin to the right.

Jim, Amai, and Mom left and John entertaining the Fat Boy Sub girls.

Still a lot of December fun left.

The Christmas Dinner Thursday the 24th. 6:30 PM. 20 dollars a plate and for those of you who had Thankgiving Dinner, it will be more of the same of Al's delicious cooking.

On the 31st Sharky New Years Eve Party kicks off the 3 day Penhstock. What a line up. Local talent the Hellhounds, JP and the Nurses, Bum n Draze and a first time at Sharky The Stiff Little Punks. Lost Highway will be coming up from the Beach. On the 1st Lost Highway will do another gig. On Saturday January 2nd Sharky is proud to announce Plan B from Australia. Don't Miss it!

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