Sharky Bar & Restaurant

Sharky Bar & Restaurant

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Well you wonder where the updates are....Bum and Draze played a Friday the 13th Party and it all went hectic from there.

We sqeezed the Hellhounds in again on the 19th then made preparations for Thanksgiving.

Again Al out did himself. Brian came in and added a nice southern touch. In the end the only thing left of the ham and the two large birds were scraps. I only got one sandwich the day after this year! If you missed this get a reprieve as Al will be doing another bird on Christmas.

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Al and Brian doing the honors.

Not much time to let the feast digest, because on the following day we hosted Lost Highway, formerly Route 66. One of the band members left hence the name change. That wasn't the only thing that changed.. Plenty of new material this time.

Unfortunately on Friday, there was an exodus out of all the bars in Phnom Penh as everyone is still trying to get a piece of the Walkabout Joker Draw which was up to 12000 dollars. No one hit and it rolled over for another Friday kegger party in the street.

Saturday Lost Highway played again as we hosted a fund raiser for the Local Sisowath Knights Rugby team.

Team President Ray Leos got his squad together for some serious ticket selling and some antics on stage. In the end we were able to raise a couple of hundred dollars for the team which also helps develop youth rugby in the capital.

Ray the crowd and preparing for the draw.

Part of the evenings festivities included a few Mortar Rounds.

Tea demonstrating her skills.

Some of the Knights.

If 3 days of events in a row wasn't enough, Paul one of the owners at Sharky, decided that the 29th would be a good day to get hitched! Paul and his brothers that flew in from the UK celebrating Pauls last night of freedom.

Lana got the night off at Howies to get hitched. Paul and Lana and their respective Mothers. The wedding was held at Lucky Star in Chouk Tep. 8 years ago this street was overrun with brothels. Now it's over run with wedding celebrations. What a festive place as at least 1o weddings were going on along the strip. If you're ever starving, this is the place to hang out. Beg for enough money for some good duds, then start crashing wedding parties. No one would ever know.

The staff were all dressed to the nines as they usually are for weddings, and came in shifts.

Good luck to Paul and Lana, and may all their ups and downs be in bed! Speaking of which, they didn't make it back to Sharky for the after wedding party...Hmmmm

What a great way to polish off the evening.

The cooks looking too good to be back in the kitchen, Rom and Saran back on shift.
Raksmey, Thea and Pauv off for the evening, able to put a few more cocktails down.

November is over. R.I.P. I'm beat, but gotta keep up the momentum as December has a full line up.

The BBQ on Sunday the 6th.

Curtis King Band returns for the Sharky B-day Party on the 18th.

The Christmas Dinner on Thursday the 24th

and the Following Thursday is New Years Eve.

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