Sharky Bar & Restaurant

Sharky Bar & Restaurant

Saturday, January 16, 2010

You heard it here first..

Yeah the internet is grand. By the time all the local publications get this out it will be old news. Don Bong said some guy outside was pissed off because he felt he should have won. Well as I said in the previous blog, the lottery is a tax on the stupid. But Some local guy name Daniel came out on top. Rumor in the crowd sez he spent 600 dollars to capture the prize but a small price for the prize. Rumor also has it that he spent more in previous weeks but, his take was probably over 21K . A nice take none the less. A few pics of the publication guys that never patronize the walkabout taking pics.

Leftover tickets from the losers.

Dave delivering beers to some chicks.

Floyd making a cameo all the way from Dubai. The clan making their exodus. Next stop Martini.

Who doe she photograph for???? Steve explaining that it would have been better not to buy tickets for the tuk tuk drivers and moto dops to a white girl. They would have been better off getting that dollar donation instead of a lesson on how to get zero return on foolish use of their money.

Gotta get those pics to the press as this is the biggest thing to hit Phnom Penh in ages. Well hit the walkabout at 5 am on a week night over the last month and yes there is no news there. A few straglers and a few expats. All the real talent isn't around as neither are the tourist.

Tonight' s guest waiter Matt. Lobster thermidor was what he was pushing the most, but I had two orders of clams.

Get that shot.

Mol and Shane happy its done finally. Well so are we and all the other entertainment venues. Friday will return to normal again.

Lost Highway again in the House at Sharky Saturday night. Brought a Keyboard player in this time and doing a lot of new old stuff. I caught some good Foghat during warm ups.

Don't rush to get here. Someone speeding down 130 at Street 13 forgot to check the intersection. Long skids in the road, and fortunately no blood.

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