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Sharky Bar & Restaurant

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Friday the 13th Party!!! Bum and Draze Live! plus 2010 Cambodian Air Guitar Competition

Friday the 13th Party @ Sharky's

When we think of Friday the 13th we think of Slasher Films, Jason, Mass Murder, Bad Luck and the cursed. At sharky's it was no different! We knew it was going to be Nasty and Messy so we had Blood Thirsty Madman Cocktails spilling all night, our Main Nightmare Act & Creature Feature: Bum n Draze - "Undead and Kicking" followed by the 2010 Cambodian Air Guitar Competition!!!

Bum n Draze dazed, sweaty and confused, stepped onstage not-so-fresh from their "Back to Abnormal" Cambodia Tour 2010. POO! GUTAA!!!

The Lineup:
TWILIGHT "The Mole" DZOUNS: Drums and Lead Vocals
P. SONIC aka "The Madhatter": Bass, Background Vocals and Compositions.
ZETOR: Guitar and Background Vocals.
JAMES "the Monkey" PHIPEK: Rhythm Guitar and Vocals

The Gig:
Bum n Draze Clawed, Slashed and Cursed their way through original material as well as a few classic covers. ''Cat Scatch Fever'' being a stand out. Never mind "Jason", when front man Twilight Dzouns warms up his vocal chords (1 litre of Russian Standard) it's enough to send Jason back to the depths of Camp Crystal Lake screaming like a Sissy-Girl. His from-the-depths-of-hell gutter wrenching vocals stretched to point of abnormalty are awesome and oh yeah, THESE GUYS ARE LOUD!!!

It was great to have a full Lineup this time and all jokes aside these guys are getting better with each gig. Well Done guys.

You can see Bum n Draze Live again at Sharky's. October 31 hahaha!!!! Halloween!

check out their website at

2 year ago we had our first Air Guitar Competion which was a huge success but last night we had an awesome turnout for the 2010 Cambodian Air Guitar Competition. Rock n Roll!

We had 9 contestants but only one could win. they were judged by the audience and it was down to 2 guitarists in the final. Sweet Hips Ass R and Dave Flack. After a cool as you like final guitar-off the winner of the 2010 Cambodian Air Guitar Champion was DAVE FLACK. He was just too good for the hipster Sweet Hips Ass R and jammed hard and fast with perfect technic and energy. Well Done to everyone who participated.

The Contestants
Gereld Vomit - Ace of Spades
Sweet Hips Ass R - Whole lotta rosie
Yugie Bear - Sweet Child of Mine
Luke "The Puke" Duke - Gimme all your lovin'
Dave Flack - Run to the Hills
Soporn aka "Mrs Jason Slash" - Since you've been gone
Ross wtf Dirt - Breaking the Law
Teemu aka "The Emu" - Back in Black
Hot "Sweet Lixx" Blonde - Seven Nation Army

2010 Cambodian Air Guitar Champion, Dave Flack

Bum n Draze
P. SONIC aka "The Madhatter"

Bum n draze

Bum n Draze

Teemu aka "The Emu"

Ross wtf Dirt

Luke "The Puke" Duke

Gereld Vomit

Soporn aka Mrs Jason Slash


Yugie Bear

MC Ross wtf Dirt & Dave Flack

more photos on facebook

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