Sharky Bar & Restaurant

Sharky Bar & Restaurant

Monday, September 20, 2010

Live Music Friday, 17 September 2010 - "Lost Highway" with very special guests "Cartoon Emo"

After coming from back to back gigs at Chinese House and FCC Cambodia, Sharky’s proved once again to be the Venue where other bars in Cambodia come to watch rock bands in a high energy bar, to listen to great musical talent, and have a big space to party hearty ! Friday night was no different as Sharky’s favorite “Lost Highway” Band rocked on to a packed house. Despite the torrential rains outside earlier in the evening, it didn’t stop the full house of expats and Khmers at Sharky’s from swaying, dancing, drinkin’ and just having a great time with the Band our friends have come to love and party with.

With Chris back in vocals and electric guitar, Tommy Nicks on drums, Kenny on lead guitar and Dave whaling away on bass guitar, Lost Highway once again proved why they are the most sought after band in the land… This time around, they mixed in a couple of Santana covers with their usual Rolling Stones emphasis, classic rock covers, and a couple of C & W jams blended in, it was another “Rock On, brothers and sisters” night at Sharkys.

As I just returned to Phnom Penh from my regular New York City/Asian flyarounds, our new Manager, Dave “The Punk” and I took a quick ride to Meta House to try to catch a new local Khmer alternative indie rock band play called Cartoon Emo play a set. Ross stayed back to watch the fort and deal with any needs by LH and their posse. But with the weather pretty nasty outside, unfortunately we missed seeing them play. At least we had the opportunity of meeting them and trying to buy a CD from them for our enjoyment and review. No such luck as their CD’s were all gone. After stopping by a few other establishments around town and seeing a pretty quiet night all around, we went back to Sharky’s.

Within 15 minutes of our return and getting back into the Lost Highway party, to our delight, the full band of Cartoon Emo, plus entourage, came into the Bar – instruments in hand and asked if they could play a few songs to show us what they could do ! After Lost Highway finished their last set, the Sharky boys went and made a few technical adjustments to bring the new Band up on stage and have their Debut performance at a proper rock and roll music venue.

With cell phones heavily In use spreading the word around that Cartoon Emo was playing a few tunes at The Shark Bar, along with the local jungle drums beating loudly, we announced that we had a guest Band coming on and the mixed crowd happily stayed on eagerly awaiting the new sounds… After the first song coming to an end and seeing the strong stage presence and tremendous effort of CE, we only heard shouts of “More, More, More” and the Band played on…to heavy audience applause and appreciation by all. Towers of beer flowed the rest of the night for our new local rock brothers, compliments of our lucky bar management.

A Big THANK YOU and Congratulations to Cartoon Emo Band and their supporters from all of us at Sharky Bar. We will be seeing you all again, and for of our friends reading this on Facebook or our Blog, keep an eye out for CARTOON EMO to come back and showing us another full set of high energy, excellent vocals, power drumming, and strong stage presence by some new faces on the Phnom Penh Rock and Roll Music Scene. Where else? At Sharkys Rock and Roll Bar, of course ! Stay tuned….. MIKE

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