Sharky Bar & Restaurant

Sharky Bar & Restaurant

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Sharky Bar’s 15th Anniversary Rock Party Weekend

It’s hard to believe that 15 years can pass so quickly for the life
of a Bar in Phnom Penh, but we are still here and still thriving !!

When Sharky’s opened its doors in 1995 by Bob King and “M.I.A. Dave”,
Cambodia was a much different place from today, and especially Phnom

When I joined the Bar in 1997, there were still U.N., NATO, and U.S.
troops assisting the Cambodian Government in keeping peace after the
Civil War ending that year, the streets were loaded with not endless
SUV’s, motos, and BMW’s, but with Cambodian Army troops setting up
roadblocks every several hundred meters and stopping every moving
vehicle on the relatively empty streets. Lots of bicycles, fewer motor
scooters and tuk tuks, and dominated by cyclos.

Then with the Thai riots, more internal political fighting, another
mini Civil disturbances in the late ‘90’s to early 2000’s, it wasn’t
easy to be able to get around town without armed personnel carriers
taking us from place to place.

Anyone remember the Eagle Firing Range where for $50, you could rent
an Rocket Propelled Grenade Launcher, 1 RPG Shell, and for another $25
buy a cow as a target? Throw live hand grenades for $10 each? The Bad
Old Days for sure...

Who would have imagined the endless traffic jams these days with
increasing prosperity fueled by hundreds of Barang NGO’s, Korean,
Vietnamese, Malaysian, French, European and U.S businesses? Also by
increasing increasing infrastructure building by Cambodian Government

Sharky’s was the 3rd Expat Bar in Phnom Penh in 1995, and now almost
reaching 2011, there are well over 300 + Expat Bars around town.
Well, here we are still Rockin’ after all these years!!

Friday night, December 17, the Bar rocked with the legendary Curtis
King Band taking center stage to kick off the Rock Party Weekend. And
rockin’ it was as C.K. brought along Phnom Penh music veteran Davis
Zunk to play with his Band, and Guest Appearance by the famous
Rapper,Conn’s Dogg, who mixed his Rapping with Classics like “GLORIA”,
MUSTANG SALLY, and even the Rolling Stones “TUMBLING DICE”. With the ultimate Rock Music Frontman and true Rock and Roller “a la Rod Stewart” style – LeROI, in from London for the Event, Sharky’s was
definitely the place to be and it was tough to get even near the Stage
with hundreds of loyal Sharky Expats, C.K. music lovers, packing our
large Bar.

Then on Saturday night, the relatively new local Band, Captain Jack
(formerly The Stone Daddies) , led by the incredible voice and vibes
of Karen singing Mick and Keith’s leads, J.J. on Lead and Slide
Guitar, Tim on Bass, Dylan on drums, and everyone’s favorite local Rock
Scene Blogger and Musician, Steve Goodman, playing a Tribute to the
Stone’s “Exile on Main Street” album, along with a few extra Stones
songs not on the Exile album, they were just perfect and almost as if
Mick and crew were playing in front of another packed, raucous, and
jammed Bar.

After their set, who comes back on to the delight of the crowd that
was shouting “More, More, More” to J.J. and Karen, Curtis King, LeRoi,
and Gang came back for a surprise and unscheduled 2nd Set which
brought the House down! Truly a great musical experience for all rock
and roll lovers lucky enough to be around for 4 hours of hard driving

On Sunday night to wrap up the 15th Rock Anniversary Weekend, about 25
musicians from approximately 8 local Bands showed up to Jam together .
The first Band was led by the infamous Ian the Punk and backed up by
Sharky’s own Music Manger, Dave the Punk, and then joined by Kenny
White of Cambodian Space Project/Hellhounds/etc, Stevie Goodman, Dan
the Swede, Conn’s Dogg, Curtis King, LeRoi,Tommy Nicks of Lost
Highway, Tim, J.J., Karen, and a surprisingly great new sounding Band
in town, Martin and the Choppers, and lots of other famous locals
playing another 4 hours of combos of Rock, Blues, Soul, Jazz, Punk,
and Funk.

Who could have asked for a better way to celebrate Rock and Roll at
Sharky’s Bar of Cambodia, the longest running Rock and Roll Bar in

Stay tuned for the Famous PLAN B Band, from Australia (lots of Brass
and Crass) playing at Sharky’s on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day.
Another weekend of the Rock and Roll in Phnom Penh.
ONLY AT SHARKY’s !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mike Sharky

100's of more photo's of our Anniversary here

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