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Sharky Bar & Restaurant

Monday, December 27, 2010

XMAS Dinner and Staff Lunch

Christmas Eve is a time to celebrate and enjoy life with family and friends and we at Sharkys did exactly that. With Big Al creating great eats as always, along with the Bar’s 2 great and old talented cooks themselves – Taco Bill and Larry Luchok (formerly Chef/GM at Cali 2), the experienced 3 Musketeers cooked up a Gourmet Storm for Sharky’s “Invitation Only Christmas V.I.P. Appreciation Dinner”, with 14 dishes appearing after a full days’ preparation as a “Labor of Love.”

The Gourmet “Chefs’ Choice” Christmas Dinner was headlined by 2 huge perfectly-cooked Turkeys – 1 deep fried Southern style, and the 2nd Tradition Oven Roasted with Herbs and basted with care and precision every 5 minutes until golden brown, tender, and stuffed with a special Larry’s secret recipe. The Large Baked Ham with Vermont Syrup Glaze was the next Eye Opener for all as it was being carefully carved up by Taco Bill and Larry the Iron Chef.

As this event was by Invitation Only for Sharky Bar’s 50 best customers and friends, there are always a few gate crashers. But Sharky Mike ( his eyes may be small, but they see far ) was on the case as Maitre D’/Bouncer and welcoming all a hearty “Merry Christmas and Welcome to our Christmas Dinner” . Christmas Eve is not a time to have to put body blocks on people who had partied too hearty at other Bars ,not on the List, eyeing the food and the large VIP crowd, and doing their best to grab some delicacies.

Our gracious and greatful friends all brought wine and booze, so there were many many rounds of “Cheers” and “Merry Clistmaas” (native speak) and a great time was had by all. As usual, a small contingent of satisfied VIP’s continued their partying and boozing way past dinner time, and were last seen stumbling their way out with very large smiles on their face, but with very large and satisfied appetites wishing all a “Merry Christmas and to all a Good Night..”

A Big Thank You to all of our Sharky Bar Family of Friends who continue to support our efforts and business every year, and especially to those who have been around since the beginning of Sharky Bar in 1995.

Sharky Mike

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