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Sharky Bar & Restaurant

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Past Live Music Events: April 8 & 9, 2011

Past Live Music Events: April 8, 2011

Last night (Friday) at Sharky's we had the 'Soren Borch Band' and 'The Lazy Drunks Unplugged.'

First up were the 'Drunks, Ian was on 'fire' and turned in a much appreciated performance. A 'thirty minute' support set was very well received by the Sharky crowd; and included 'up-tempo' versions of such as Buddy Holly's 'Oh Boy' and Del Shannon's 'Run Runaway.'

Good performance!

Next up was the 'Soren Borch Band' - or more like a 'who's-who' of the local music scene.

We had Soren (guitar/vocals), Steve Goodman (guitar/vocals), James (ukelee/vocals), Canadian Dave (Lost Highway/bass/vocals), Ken White (harmonica), Dylan (drummer) and Scotty Bywater (snare drum/guitar/vocals.)

Probably a few more 'Dudley-Do-Rights' than expected, but Soren is disappearing soon so the 'muso's' were out in force to send him off! Which they did in great style! An eclectic 'two-hour' set was thoroughly enjoyed by an appreciative Sharky crowd A great night - and great performances from everyone!

Rock on Sharky's!

Dave The Punk

Past Live Music Events: April 9, 2011

Last night (Saturday) saw the debut of Paddy Rice's house band 'Holliday In Cambodia' at Sharky's - and what a debut it was!

Three vocalists (Alistair, Jenna and Lynsey) ably supported by acoustic guitarists/backing vocalists Damien and John rocked the house for a full three and a quarter hours!

Suprisingly, for an acoustic band their sound was pretty loud and the impressive rhythmic playing of both Damien and John provided the perfect backdrop for the impressive harmonies of the front three vocalists! Singing with great control, each of the vocalists excelled in their own right. - and all displayed 'no mean mastery' of their assorted tambourines and marraccas - and/including the odd cowbell !

Yes, 'Holliday In Cambodia' were fun and smiles all the way - as they ploughed 'non-stop' through 'classic hit after hit' - including showstopping renditions of songs such as Steppenwolf's 'Born To be Wild', Thin Lizzy's 'The Boys Are Back in Town', The Undertone's 'Teenage Kicks', Neil Young's 'Rock Me Like A Hurricane', U2's 'Desire' and even George Michaels 'Faith'!


A great evening and the Sharky crowd were very appreciate of what will hopefully be future performances from this very entertaining band!

A big thanx to John, Damien, Alistair, Lynsey and Jenna for such a great night!

Dave The Punk

Holliday in Cambodia Soren Borch and the Dudley-Do-Rights plus very special guests from previous gig (due to crap camera guy on saturday night)

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