Sharky Bar & Restaurant

Sharky Bar & Restaurant

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Past Music Events: April 22 & 23, 2011

Friday April 22, 2011

In the absence of 'Pussy & The Learjets' (Due to Illness) Stiff Little Punks + Rock N Roll High School stepped up to the plate.

Rock N Roll High School rocked and punked to Ramones classics such as 'Sheena Is A Punk Rocker', 'Chinese Rocks' and 'Warthog !'

Melanie (Squishy) helped out admirably on the 'sticks' and did a exceptional job behind the drumkit. Merely underlining her status as Phnom Penh's very own number one 'Mega-Rock-Chick.' !

Great stuff Ramones!

After a short break 'The Stiff Little Punks' stormed the stage and with Ian The Punk 'on fire' from the opening number to the last - the punks absolutely nailed it!

Great singing was backed-up by equally great drumming from guest Loryn (Squishy) in the engine room.

Pounding away all night with great energy - she impressed everyone with her fantastic array of 'drum beats, licks and fills.'

No-more so, than on the bands take on 999's 'Homicide' - which is fast becoming the 'Stiff Little Punks' unofficial anthem!

Great stuff Loryn!

With the punks now in 'kick ass mode' and 'aided and abetted' by an assortment of 'wild' but entertaining on-stage tambourine players - the Sharky crowd were'entertained to their full arsenal of punk classics!

The show also included a celebration of 'Kate & William's forthcoming Royal Wedding' - complete with union jacks, party poppers and crazy string - played to the backdrop of 'God Save The Queen' (Whatelse)!

By this time, everyone seemed to be 'in overdrive' including crazy dancers 'on and off' the stage, such as 'Mad Russ' and his 'strange lighted tissue down his bare ass' routine (i kid you not!).

Tom Hair Bear Bunch (Lazy Drunks) was not to be denighed and joined in the mayhem by grabbing the microphone and screaming out the chorus on The Clash's 'White Riot' (Brilliantly - bad !)

The Stiff Little Punks ended their set with the usual onslaught - 'Holiday In Cambodia', 'Sonic Reducer', ' Mongoloid' and 'Sound Of The Surburbs'!

Great night and a great performance from and still 'The Worst Punk Band in Cambodia - The Stiff Little Punks '!

That's the wrap !

Cheers Dave The Punk

Saturday April 23, 2011

Last minute replacements 'Squishy' played Sharky Bar last night (Saturday) in the absence of 'Pussy + The Learjets.'

Despite the torrid downpour and the loud sound and crack of the thunderstorm outside - Melanie, Loryn and Jet battled unscathed through the elements - to provide the Sharky crowd with a fiesty one hour of grunge/punk rock!

From their opening number 'I'm Not Your Stepping Stone' through to AC/DC'S 'Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap' - Squishy entertained a small but vocal crowd with their energetic playing and loud guitar riffs!

Some of the interplay between Jet (bass)and Melanie (guitar) was probably as good as it gets - while Loryn (as always) proved once again she is one fiery little drummer! (Watch out Cozy Powell!)

After a stirring 'one hour-set' Squishy left the stage to a warm and voracious applause!

It was also Melanie's birthday - so there was still time for everyone to 'raise their glasses - down a few mortar rounds' and celebrate !

The weather outside might have been pretty bad but least the 'spirit's' inside were on the up!

A big thanx to 'Squishy' for helping us out at 'short-notice' - and we can't wait to see them play with 'The Fumes' on May 6th for the All Girlie 'Punk-A-Donna's' bill !

That should be massive!

Dave The Punk

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