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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Halloween Party Weekend - Friday Night (Muscle of Love + Goo Goo Muck Muck & The Zombies)

Muscle of love

Goo-Goo Muck Muck and the Zombies

'Sharky Bar & Restuarant' really flew the flag for 'rock n roll' Friday Night as not 'one' but 'two' new bands trod the holy boards - as the first installment of Sharky Bar's 'Halloween Weekend Party' took place !

The scene was set - the bar was decorated - the staff were dressed-up - and despite the absence of the odd ghoul, goblin, ghost orwoking demon - the 'Michael Myers Cocktails' were going down 'trick or treat.'

What more could one possibly want for Halloween ? Well we had the answer - Goo Goo Muck Muck & The Zombies !

Dressed up to kill 'The Cramps Tribute Band' entered the arena like 'extras' from (off) one of George Romero's legendary Zombie films !

The parody didn't stop there - vocalist Ian The Punk was wearing a sexy red woman's g-string, Tom The Mop (guitarist) looked so effeminate in his hotpants - some geezer offered him a barfine. While Dom (the drummer) wore his favourite orange dress !

Not to be outdone - Todd (bass) was fresh from the operating room - with his blood stained Calmette scrubs and stethoscope - and Dave (Punk) quite outrageous in his lycra underpants and chelsea boots !

Yes, Lux Interior, Poison Ivy and Scary Baby would have all been proud !

The music was good too ! As the band belted out 'Save It', 'I Was A Teenage Werewolf', 'Strychnine' and 'What's Inside A Girl' to a much appreciative audience.

And yes Ian The Punk did get to show off his 'sexy red g-string' - but what the hell - what else would you expect - this is 'The Cramps' !

Great support from Ian The Boyz - and the perfect undercard. Great fun !

Without further ado 'Muscle Of Love (Alice Cooper Band)' took centre stage.

A surprise acoustic version of 'Poison' opened the set - but soon the unmistakable guitar riffs of the timeless classic 'No More Mr. Nice Guy' sounded out !

The guitar playing on this from JJ (Glen Buxton) and Jet (Michael Bruce) was quite sublime - and Melanie (Alice) was not that bad on vocals either !

No sooner had the 'biting chorus' of that great song barely died down - the set continued with great versions of Alice Cooper classics such as 'Lost In America', ' Schools Out', 'Elected' and 'Cold Ethyl.' Great stuff !

Special mention must go to the 'workhouse' - Tim (Dunaway) on Bass - who looked rather 'dapper' in his black suit and also played some rather cool licks ! And Dom (Neil Smith) on drums - who provided the 'engine for the vehicle' that is the backbone of these great Alice Cooper songs !

The night though belonged to Jet and JJ, who's guitaring upfront was quite impeccable - and personally 'one of the best' performances I've ever seen in Sharky's for a very long time !

However, my favourite song of the night had to be 'Raped And Freezin' which was simply fantastic.

Seeing Melanie don the Mexican hat, drop her bra straps and shake the marraccas - as she danced 'Mexican' style around the bar to this great tune was quite sensational !

Even better was seeing Dave (Lost Highway), Grant (Boat-Builder) and a host of others doing the 'conga' as they chased Melanie around the bar ! Hilarious !

Sharky MC - Ross 'Angus Young' was in fine form too - and as he announced the final encore - the magic chords of Alice Cooper's 'School's Out (Reprise)' were blasted out by Jet and JJ ! Brilliant !

Great night - and great performances from all of the muscians who played at the 'Halloween Weekend Party' tonight !

Did I forget to mention the Second Installment ? Well that's tonight. ' The Battle Of The Band's - Winner Takes All !'

Come early - and don't forget to order your 'Michael Myers Cocktails' at $1;50.

It's gonna be a big 'un !

Cheerz Dave The Punk (Sharky Bar Mngr)

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