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Monday, October 17, 2011

Sharkys Battle of the Bands: Oct 15, 2011

Winners of the "Battle of the Bands"
The ANTI-fate

Stiff Little Punks

The Teaner Terners

Lazy Drunks


P-Sonic(Bum n Draze) & Punk Fan Luke

A massive crowd turned out for 'The Battle Of The Bands - Saturday Night Live' at Sharky Bar - featuring no less than (six) local acts battling it out for the accolade of Phnom Penh's finest - the second instalment of Sharky Bar & Restuarant's Halloween Party Weekend !

If you want to get the party going, then no better act to start then the legendary 'Stiff Little Punks.'

Ian and the boyz were up for it - as they stormed their way through their allocated 15 minute set - setting the 'standard' for the rest of evenings 'combatants' !

Seeing the younger khmers 'singing and dancing' (not forgetting some of those old enough to remember) to 999's classic 'Homicide' was a real treat !

'White Riot' to finish - what else? And the competition is off to a great start by the punks ! But will it be enough to secure the 'Winner Takes All - $200 Star Prize.?' Remains to be seen.

Stiff Little Punks
(Setlist:) Sonic Reducer (Dead Boys), Belsen Was A Gas (Sex Pistols), I Wanna Be Your Dog (Iggy Pop), Homicide (999 ), Gary Gilmours's Eyes (The Adverts) and White Riot (The Clash).

Next up saw Phnom Penh's No. 1 Indie Rock Band 'The Teaner Terners' and their unmistakeably, grungy sound that encompasses mainly original compositions.

If Ian is the 'king of punk' then surely Scotty is the 'indie champion of champions.'

With Scotty in fine-fettle upfront, the band started with their own song 'Pimps Gimps' and then followed with a great cover of The Artic Monkey's classic 'San Francisco.'

However, their best song of the night was the excellent 'Man From The Government' - surely to be their next 'video/single' - and hopefully done in the same way as their earlier release this year - by producer/guitarist Lance (well known of course for his fertile imagination.)

Great set by 'The Teaner Terners' and plenty of musical thought for our nine nominated judges in the bar.

Mmm the 'competition' is already starting to hot up !

The Teaner Terners
(Setlist:) Pimps Gimps, *San Francisco (The Artic Monkeys), Man From The Government, Goldfish and Castlevania.

All compositions by 'The Teaner Terners' except *.

With the excitement building-up, it was the turn of first of the 'khmer bands' to take to the stage and crank up the volume. Cue 'Anti-Fate' and their very own special brand of Alternative Punk Rock.

After a modest start, Propey and the boyz soon burst into gear and Sharky Bar almost exploded (literally) - to their very own take on punk rock - American/Khmer style !

By the time the band were playing their last song Green Day 'American Idiot' - the whole bar was in raptures - as everyone seemed to be 'singing or banging their heads' to the great chorus 'hook' of that that great song.

Wow, what a great f*****g performance from 'Anti-Fate.' Well done Cambodia !

(Setlist:) Intro, Winner And Losers, Love Comes Around, Would You Do Or Let It Go, *1985 (Bowling For Soup), *American Idiot (Green Day) and Another Stupid Love Song.

All compositions by 'Anti-Fate' except *.

Just when you thought it can't any better - what about a new Indie Band by the name of 'Splitter' - to announce their arrival into the Phnom Penh musical fraternity. Dark horses for the competition. Maybe ?

The large Sharky crowd waited in anticipation as Splitter (Toby, Doug, Wayne and Martin) took centre stage - and they didn't disappoint !

All compositions 'Previously Purple', 'Rubbish Rabbit' and ' Charlie Got Caught F*****g The Dinosaur' were given the full treatment as they announced their musical 'intent.'

The huge crowd lapped it up, from Doug's neat guitar licks, to Wayne's pumping bass lines and singer Martin's incredibly good vocals.

However, the 'star of their show' was Toby on drums. A fantastic performance on the skins and a fine display of power drumming.

Seeing Toby with 'shirt-off' and his crash helmet-on (looking like some extra from some far-off galactica) was the icing-on the-cake, as this 'breakthrough band' really made their mark on the competition !

Was it enough to sway the judges ? Who knows. Too close to call. Great job fellaz !

(Setlist:) Previously Purple, Rubbish Rabbit and Charlie Got Caught F*****g The Dinosaur.

All compositions by Splitter.

We've had punk, indie and alternative, so what about a more 'mainstream musical' stance from resident Sharky band 'Lazy Drunks' and their take on classic rock and 60's covers.

And that's exactly what we got as the 'Lazy Drunks' kicked-off with The Kinks numbers 'You Really Got Me' and 'All Of The Day And All Of The Night.'

By the time they were playing Bob Marley's 'I Shot The Sheriff' - everyone in the bar were 'singing-a-long' to this great reggae tune ! Magical !

The surprise package of the night - and pitted against the other 'rock/indie' acts - a very, very sound performance !

Well done the 'drunks' !

Lazy Drunks
(Setlist:) You Really Got Me (The Kinks), Born To Be Wild (Steppenwolf), All Day And All Of The Night (Kinks), Stuck In The Middle With You (Stealer's Wheel) and I Shot The Sheriff (Bob Marley.)

One 'act' to go and 'food for thought' for all of our nine judges in attendance (and in no particular order) 1. Karen (Singer/Captain Jack), 2. Jonas (Guitarist/Little Duke), 3. Lhars (Music Lover/Iron Maiden Fan), 4. Aussie Ken (Music Lover/Ex 'The Saints' Publicist), 5. Daniel (Music Lover/Hong Kong Entrepreneur ), 6. JJ (Guitarist/Captain Jack/Muscle Of Love), 7. Jonas/Pisey (Music fans/Glamorous Sharky Couple), 8. Pasi (Bass Guitarist/Bum N Draze) and 9. David Flack (Music Lover/Air Guitar Champion 2010.)

The last band of the night - no other than khmer metalcore rockers - Sliten6ix !!!

They swamped the stage like extra's from off-some 'Friday 13th' movie - some with Jason masks, others with black ski masks on - this band are surely Phnom Penh's answer to Slipknot !

With the atmosphere in the bar ratched up to fever pitch - the Sharky crowd were soon 'head down' and banging their heads along to these great young rockers !

With Misfit on vocals singing as if he'd been gargling with razor blades the night before - the band launched into their set 'no quarter asked - no quarter given' !

Sliten6ix's manic set was electrifying but would it be enough to 'win' the competition ? Judging by their powerhouse performance and especially Veasna's on guitar (he played despite having a broken collarbone), this mighten have just tipped the balance in their favour. We'll have to wait and see.

(Setlist:) Annihilate The Meth, Into The Struggle, Carnivore, The Broken and Failure Of Humanity.

Time out for the nine judges and into the deliberation room for the final call.

However with tension rising in the auditoruim, MC Ross was soon handed the final scores by the judges and to a hushed audience he announced the winner ......

......... 'The Battle Of The Bands Champions for 2011 ......... Winner Takes All ...... Anti-Fate !!!!!

Not quite Premier League celebrations (ie. smoke rockets and ticker-tape) but not far off - as the bar erupted into a mass of unbridled cheers, hugs, kisses and celebratory dancing for the winners !

Anti-Fate returned to the stage and performed one last time 'American Idiot' for the ecstatic Sharky crowd !

Great job Anti-Fate and well deserved winners ! And now Cambodia's No. 1 Rock N Roll Band !!! Brilliant !

A truly great night. Hot and sweaty but enthralling all the same ! A big thank you to all the 'combatants' and a big thank you to everyone who supported this great event !

Next week 'Oktoberfest Weekend' at Sharky Bar & Restuarant with the Phnom Penh Hippie Orchestra ! Don 't miss it !

Over and out - Dave The Punk (Sharky Bar Manager)

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