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Sharky Bar & Restaurant

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Into the New Year...Birthday Girls...The Cage & Cinco de Mayo!

Things at Sharky's have been going strong the past few weeks. After the Khmer New Year celebrations there was a little bit of time for staff and expats alike to get back into the work routine and shake off the holiday hangovers. Thailand's streets returned to some bit of order and the tourists and expats looking to escape the water throwing and mayhem with a trip to neighboring Cambodia wrapped up their trips and headed back again. Most of the visitors seemed to enjoy the change of pace from Thailand. At least for a short time anyway.

A few of the local ladies that are regular customers of Sharky's, Nga and Linda, decided to celebrate their birthday's partying it up in "The Shark Cage." Their celebrations were held back to back on the 4th and 5th of May. Nga, a regular customer and attention getter, is always up for a good time and her birthday party was no exception. Sometimes the fine line between drunk and happy or wasted and scrappy are only a few shots apart! After the cake was cut things got a bit rowdy as the booze flowed freely. But in the end everyone had a good time and the party offered good entertainment value for all those that joined in. Linda's party the next evening was a bit more light hearted with dancing and drinks. The evenings events although easy going still managed to result in more than a few Mexican stand offs.

Nothing unusual about that though since it was the 5th of May or as celebrated in parts of Mexico the Cinco de Mayo festival. Now what connection does a Mexican holiday have to do with Cambodia? Absolutely nothing but what the's an excuse to have a party! Carrying on in the tradition of Cali Jim's usual recognition of the holiday Sharky's carried the torch while Jim was out of town. In recognition of many years past Cinco de Mayo celebrations at the California 2 a group of expats organized a street party. Setting up a sidewalk bar at the site of the now closed Cali2 on the riverfront. Just because the old Cali2 has been closed down it doesn't mean it has been forgotten! In fact Jim's thoughts of reviving the "state of mind" known to define the Cali2 will once again become a reality. Stay tuned for more on that in coming months.

The Sharky's staff dressed down in bandannas looked like a mix of Chicanos hoods and demented Aunt Jemimas but it was good for a laugh anyway. With everyone trying to get a turn sporting the one genuine sombrero it went from person to person. So that was Khmer style Cinco de Mayo at Sharky's - If you didn't come, you missed out on a great night with great drink specials like $1 San Miguel's, $2 Sol Beer, $1.5 Margaritas, $1 Tequila Shots and of course the best Tex/Mex in Cambodia!

The Shark Cage has been set up for only a few months now. Although it has seen a few good evenings of drinks and dancing since opening the doors in February The Cage has become more and more popular for holding private parties and special functions. After a variety of different types of events held in The Cage ranging from wine tastings to rugby awards ceremonies birthday parties and more The Cage has been proven to be a great venue to hold any type of special event. The Cage hired as a private party room can be set up to suit just about any event. Offering a fully air conditioned space, full audio system, dance floor, bar, and ample seating for up to 60 of your closest friends The Cage is ready for you special party. If you can think it up we can make it happen! Give your party plans to our events coordinator Ross and Sharky's will put together you event and let the good times roll!
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