Sharky Bar & Restaurant

Sharky Bar & Restaurant

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Another Route 66 Weekend

Route 66 rolled into town again for great live entertainment Friday and Saturday. They keep getting tighter and have expanded their music selection. I was about to catch up with some friends in The Cage when they broke out with a great rendition of Voodoo Child. I had to get near the stage and catch all the guitar licks. Local Ian even got into the act both nights and man he can sing. Ian is a generation or two younger and when there was an encore of Voodoo Child on Saturday he sung it. Missed some of the lines but sounded great none the less. I will make sure he gets a copy and knows it next time Route 66 returns!

A birthday in the crowd complemented with a Mortar Round.

As always, a fun filled evening with lots of pretty girls, active pool tables, the largest selection of Rock and Roll played anywhere, and great food. After hours the party moved over to Zepplin on Street 51.

Looking at next months schedule Route 66 will return Friday 27th and Saturday 28th June, but Sharky's will be bringing you more live music on the 5th and 6th featuring "4-BANDS" .

Don't forget the Bar BQ on the 7th and in the meantime have a great sandwich at Fat Boys downstairs. Currently open for lunch and late afternoon, but hours will be expanded into the evening soon.

Sharky Jim

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