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Monday, May 18, 2009

I am back!

Thanks Dave for keeping the blog current. As people in PNH know I made a trip to the USA to spend some quality time with Mom and Dad. First things first Dad has a Sharky sticker on his pick up. Put it on the bumper instead of next to the NRA sticker on his back window. He still needs a gun rack!

It was a good trip though quite different from my life in Phnom Penh. Where was the bottled water? I looked in the fridge. I forgot Northern Cal water is great just out of the Faucet. I had access to Tivo and Satellite TV so I could record and watch
programs at my convenience. I am big on the comedy channel and caught a roast from the Git er Done comedian. His name slips me but many of you might know who I am talking about. One of the roasters made a comment about him then pulled out a pair of underwear to show the crowd and there was a big skid mark on the drawers. I thought, that might work in The west where people walk a

round with crusties in their shorts, but it wouldn't hold up here in Cambodia where a skid mark is non existent. Either your underwear is clean, or you shit the whole load and have to find some unsuspecting place to leave your shorts. For us business owners in the Kingdom, please don't attempt to flush them as plumbing here won't handle it.

Fortunately for me, Mom and Dad have joined the ranks of civilized people from their many visits to the Kingdom. Not only have they become civilized they took it to the next level.

Yes, totally electronic with a heated toilet seat, Multidirectional spray and a dryer. Put that in your hygiene pipe and smoke it. My dailiy routine made sure I took care of business before I had to face the dirty world out there.

I loaded up on my share of food. Things that I don't get in Cambodia. Made my own guacamole and after watching hours of Discovery's Most Dangerous Catch I couldn't wait to get some Alaskan King Crab. Around 10 dollars a pound at Costco I made sure I wouldn't miss it for a while. Steam it instead of Microwaving it. Microwave a little butter and garlic and it is just as delicious as lobster. Mom showed her pleasure of having me around by cooking chocolate pies. When I got back the girls said I looked like I put on a few kilos.

I spent a month, but in the end it was over and done with pretty quick. How do you kill a month in the states, well you and your 77 year old dad color easter eggs! I can't even remember the last time I did that, even when in the states.

Dad and I also took in a minor league ball game. We watched the Sacramento River Cats, Oakland As minor league team get their asses whipped 11-1. Great day in the park. Lots of fans left with foul balls. Of course one wouldn't like foul balls in Cambodia. that Ko Ker in the Outfield?

I was also able to play some golf with a buddy of mine who has a house on the course. Life for him and his friends revolves around the golf course. They think they are living the American dream. His home comes equipped with a bar, pool table, big screens, jacuzzi tubs, golf cart, jet ski, golf course access etc. .... I still prefer (and many others here will concur) what my one room in PNH comes equipped with on demand! :-)

It was fun to drive again, with out the parking and driving hassles one has here. Gas was about 2.25 a gallon. That's what it was 4 years ago when I visited. Glad I missed the big rise in prices. I could have blown my BKK budget filling his truck! Nice to fill my bike. Maxxed out at about 7 dollars last week.

I was able to hunt through old photographs and stumble across this one of the Lions Circle in Sihanoukville. Wow things have changed! It was great to transition back through Bangkok after 4 weeks in the states.

Really a first class city and with a million times the nite life that I experienced in California. I hit the usual Nana, Thermae, Beer Garden. I went to Prakanong with some friends and had Thai Style Bar-BQ with our own cooks! Next time I am missing western food, Alaskan King Crab or not, I think I will go to Prakanong instead! Hitting the malls was great. the only sign of economic slow down was the lack of shopping bags in the hands of the millions of people in the malls.

Just like Cambodians on the riverfront during Bon Om Tuk. Millions of them. People out at the world trade center taking in excellent live music and big screen TV. The lights in Bangkok, just in the areas I was in would have the EDC in the duldrums. I was pretty happy in the end to get back on a plane and head home. I wouldn't have the outdoor concert, but I would get back to our great music selection at Sharky and some good classic rock with Route 66.

The Phnom Penh Skyline is rapidly changing and I was amazed to see the lake filling project and all the higher buildings springing up. Get your pictures now, this town is on the move. On the way in to the city I had to pinch myself and make sure I was back in PNH when I saw a car with California Plates.

Thanks again Dave for picking up the slack on the blog while I was away. I have only been back in country a week and I am really back logged. Sharky has had plenty going on since my return and the inbox is full of stuff I still need to post! Stay tuned.

Sharky Jim

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