Sharky Bar & Restaurant

Sharky Bar & Restaurant

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Luau/Pchum Ben Party

Pchum Ben Holiday, a time when the city goes quiet, shops close and there is a mass exodus to the countryside where people go to the Pagoda and honor their departed family members.

Well King Kamehameha was rolling in his grave last night. Though the city was silent, inside Sharky, Mauna Loa was erupting for our first Luau Party.

A first for many, (me included) we listened to Don Ho play Shock the Monkey over the sound system. Other favorites, Tiny Bubbles, and synonymous for the islands, the theme to Hawaii 5-0.


The staff gearing up for the nights festivities.

Pineapples and coconuts lasted on the bar for most of the evening then it was a free for all when they got the go ahead to tear into them. Thea pouring one of the "dollar drafts all night long".

Blue Hawaii's and Mai Tais the featured coctails of the night very popular as well.

Thanks to Dan Meats for delivering a pig. Thanks to Al for delivering the The Hawaiian Special-Pork, kim chee, fried rice, sweet potatos and coconut pudding at 4.25 was priced low enough to make any tribe jump in their outrigger and cross the Pacific.

The Tikis were a popular back drop for photo ops.

Book ém Dan-O

Sorry McGarrett, all volunteer talent in the Hula Hoop and Limbo competion. Lan and A li in the final round of the hula hoop competition. First round antics never seemed to end until both competitors were given a spy to hula by. In the end Lan won.

Lan trying to win both events, couldn't out Limbo Dalin.

Dalin demostrating her championship form. Congrats to the winners, and thanks to all the other paticipants.

The winners, Lan and Dalin

Alley Cat Mark Celebrating his 32nd with a Mortar Round.

Andy and a couple of wahines at the bar.

Pocket Guide Tim, Ross, and Possum (who didn't get the Memo).

As the evening slowed down, the Limbo sticks and Hula Hoops got some additional use.

Thanks to the cooks who worked hard in the Kitchen.

Late night antics as the staff wound down from a busy night. Good job girls.

Thanks to all for coming out. It was a great time shared by all. Maybe next time we can get the staff in grass skirts and coconut tops!

Remember on the 27th, it's ladies pool comp. Entry free for the ladies and it starts at 8PM. Still some open slots.

Mens comp coming up in October in conjuntion with the BBQ.



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