Sharky Bar & Restaurant

Sharky Bar & Restaurant

Monday, September 14, 2009


Well the Pchum Ben Holiday is approaching and the town is getting really quiet. Many businesses will close the 17, 18, 19 of September with some remaining closed well into the next week. For those who remain, Sharky will be having a Luau Party Saturday Night. Hawaiian Drink Specials, Limbo and Hula hoop Comps, and Maybe a few Tiny Bubble on the sound system. Dig out that old Hawaiian Shirt (many in the community still continue to wear their old shirts) and come on down. It should be a good time.

Heavy rains a daily occurence, but the usual flood places have been taken care of by the flood releif project, however there are many new areas that can not handle the amount of rain being dumped on the Capital. Visitors flying in report the whole country seems to be under water, but the water bank along the Tonle Sap is still pretty much exposed.

Remember the Ladies Pool Comp on the 27th. Entry free for the ladies and Prizes to the Top 3 contenders. Our Roster is about 2/3rds full and we have been collecting phone numbers to be used at a later date!!!!

The Mens Pool Comp will take place a week later in conjunction with the Monthy BBQ. Sorry Guys, entry is a mere 5 dollars, and only 12 if you opt to have the BBQ. Great deal considering the free flow of Angkor Beer until 9PM.

Sharky offers some of the best bargain specials in Town, from Long Island Ice Teas on Monday to Mexican Madness on Saturdays. Every weeknight from 10PM and Thursdays all night, specials for the Ladies. You would think everynight lately has been ladies night as the ratios in the bar have been heavily weighted to the gals. Come on out guys!

Amai and Anee having fun with some Cheap Glasses.

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