Sharky Bar & Restaurant

Sharky Bar & Restaurant

Monday, September 28, 2009

Hey 8 Ball!!!

Yes that's what you are if you weren't in Sharky tonight for the Ladies First Annual Pool Competition. These girls were hungry and were out in force!

Girls, Girls, Girls, wall to wall, and they were all after that 50 dollar bar tab.

Both Tables were on fire and ratios were highly skewed in the grand stands.

Linda, Sophea, and Srey Mao. Anee, Lan and Pisey

Srey Liak demonstrating her form and a couple of observers that didn't make the start time. Local Nary was on time but had to reschedule her match due to an appointment.

Pocket Guide Sponsor Dean, second place winner Vy, and Ross. Ross, Thy 3rd place winner and Dean.

Ross, Sophea the first prize winner and Dean. Thy Sharing the 3rd place case of Angkor with friends.

Srey Touch, Five of the finalist displaying thier t-shirts, Dean
Jantu and our pool girl Sophea, setting up the next match.

Amai, Pisey, and Anee not to concerned with the action on the tables.

Nga and Jantu looking fierce and another happy face in the stands.

Pisey showing some form, and Mom eye balling her next shot.

It was good fun and I think its going to happen more often than annually. I know I enjoyed being out numbered!

Next week the mens comp. Can't say it will be as enjoyable to watch but we think we will open it up to some of these hot shot women.

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  1. I left PP some days ago , on the airport i looked inside the box there people put things removed by the security people.
    There was a mortar whith painted flames on it and a handcuff around it , same as the one at Sharky