Sharky Bar & Restaurant

Sharky Bar & Restaurant

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Birthday Celebration

Ross, Sharky’s famous Entertainment Manager, celebrated his Birthday in the Shark Cage in typical musical style this past Sunday. About 15 expat musicians from Phnom Penh and Sihanoukville all joined the party festivities with a Rock Music Jam which began at about 9 pm and lasted till the wee hours…. Musicians included members of the HellHounds, Lost Highway, Stiff Little Punks, Lazy Jazz Drunks, Paco, and others.

With free flowing beer and booze, lots of delicious finger foods catered in from other outside restaurants as well as from Sharky’s own kitchen, and with the musicians all joining in during different times during the night taking turns playing Cover Classic Rock, Bluegrass, Funk, and whatever worked, it was a magical night for all involved. Various Sharky customers who are professional musicians, but rarely played on any of our music nights, also supported Ross and joined the fun by picking up the lead, bass, acoustic and slide guitars, 2 drum sets, harmonica, keyboards, etc and played what they felt was right .

With lots of Sharky’s regular customers in attendance and being appreciative of this First Music Jam ever done at the Shark Cage, the music and vocals were simply phenomenal. As the night moved forward and everyone got into better moods (fueled by the beer and booze, no doubt) the musicians loosened up to each other’s style of playing, the Rolling Stones, Creedence, Ramones, etc. and mostly led with vocals by Ian of the Stiff Little Punks and Lazy Jazz Drunks, the energy level was the highest the Bar had seen in many years….

Ross appreciated the support and gratitude for his hard work booking the music and working with the local

Bands over the past couple of years, and the musicians reciprocated with great harmonies, complicated improvised guitar and drum riffs, and the crowd joining in singing along on some of the more famous cover tunes.

As the evening began to wind down about 1 am (seems most of the musicians started to wobble ), the Sharky staff then began their own party to celebrate Ross’ birthday with Ross then playing D.J., the girls dancing and drinking, and partying heartily till well past 4am!

Great fun had by all, and all to show Ross what a great job he’s done for the music effort in the Bar over the last 2 years !

Sharky Mike


  1. Ross, you're the man - even after recognizing and being fully aware of your sissy drinking habits!Rock on, brother!

  2. Dear Anonymous(AKA. P-Sissi), i wish i had a photo of you passed out at Howie Bar the night i went out drinking with you. your only excuse was "i was tired" :( Who is the Sissi here Junior? Rock n Roll!

  3. Be aware - Otherwise I may need to took my white gentlemen gloves of and teach you some manners...and I'm not talking about table manners that your mother used to teach you - clearly and unfortunately with modest success! Anyway we'll see whose the last man standing after our 24 hour drinking marathon competition. Needless to say, you have no chance and if I were you I would keep breathing besides of the thrilling excitement you may have to challenge a real man like me...

  4. hmm... 24 hrs of drinking? I'm up for it and this time i'm bringing my camera. ;)