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Sharky Bar & Restaurant

Sunday, May 23, 2010

THE VERDICT - Bum N' Draze VS. Stiff Little Punks Friday May 21 2010

Friday night at the Shark is always messy but with 2 Local Bands going head to head last Friday was pure filth.

Bum N' Draze vs. Stiff Little Punks, Hard Rock vs. Punk Rock, Gene Simmons-like Blood Lust vs. never mind the bollocks, but which band won?

Let's breakdown the facts:

The Lineup
Stiff Little Punks: Ian R. Anderson - Vocals, Dave the Punk - Guitar/Background Vocals, Tommy Nick - Drums

Verdict: 1000000 reil

Bum N' Draze: Twilight Dzouns - Vocals/Drums, P-Sonic - Bass/Background Vocals, Jet 'Zetor' Ordrerir - Guitar

Verdict: 1000000 reil

Stiff Little Punks: They Punked and Rocked their way through New Rose - the Damned, Pretty Vacant - Sex Pistols, Teenage Kicks - The Undertones, Kids Are United - Sham 69, I Predict A Riot - Kaiser Chiefs and of course no Cambodian Punk band could get away with not playing Holiday in Cambodia - Dead Kennedys just to name a very few.

Verdict: 1000000 reil + 1000 bonus reil for playing the Kaiser Chiefs because they are my favorite alternative band at the moment - NICE!

Bum N' Draze: The Draze kicked out original clas-sicks Black Cadillac, Sickville, If Mekong Was Whisky and March or Die(Don't July). They also cranked out covers of Cat Scratch Fever - Ted Nugent, I Used To Love Her - Guns n Roses, Road Runner - Bo Diddley and Strange Ways Twisted Days - Kiss and many more!

Verdict: 1000000 reil + 1000 bonus reil for doing a tribute to Elf, Rainbow, Black Sabbath, Dio and Heaven & Hell's Front Man Ronnie James Dio

RIP Dio _\../

The Gig
Stiff Little Punks: The punks started with English Civil War and then the momentum just flowed for 1 hour straight. They play Fast and they play Furious only stopping occasionally for a quick beverage.

Tommy Nick on Drums joined the Stiff Little Punks for the first time on Friday and well, lets just say that was a brilliant call. Tommy is a great drummer and was hitting it pretty hard. He actually broke our Snare drum. Dave who is always relentless on guitar pushed the levels up on his amp this time at Sharky's and played hard and fast and ass kicked his way through those punk classics in true SLP style. Ian R. Anderson was on good form and tonight was his night. This guy can sing! Ian has a great stage presence and is a brilliant performer, jumping around stage and literally bouncing off the walls. These guys are as-cool-as-you-like, great artists and just killed it Friday night. They would have played 3 hrs straight if i hadn't stopped them.

If you haven't seen the Stiff Little Punks yet then you can see them again at Sharky's very soon. Check back on this blog for details.

Verdict: 1000000 reil

Bum N' Draze: ONE TWO THREE FOUR! BANG BANG BANG! If i'm shouting it's because i can't hear myself think. When Bum n Draze are onstage everyone and everything knows it, especially the glass doors. These guys play LOUD! because they don't care!

Larger-than-life Twilight Dzouns on drums and vocals thumped away at the drums while nearly blowing the house down with his rich & gritty vocals. He has the type of voice that can only be obtained by consuming numerous bottles of Russian Standard Vodka or by swallowing glass. Lets hope its the Vodka. On Bass, Lefty P-Sonic showed the audience what Bum n Draze is all about, Dirty Bass and loads of distortion. Meanwhile recent member Jet 'Zetor' Ordrerir completed the trio with some brilliant guitar specially Cat Scratch Fever & Roadrunner. These guys are getting better & better. They sounded great and this was by far their best ever gig to date. IMO

We have them booked again at Sharky's August 13. Yes, that's right, FRIDAY THE 13TH. Come if you dare!

Verdict: 1000000 reil

Customer Walkouts
Stiff Little Punks: 2 walkouts. 0 reil (poor effort from the punks)
Bum N' Draze: 43 walkouts. 1000000 reil

Beers Consumed By The Band During Gig
Stiff Little Punks: 25 Beers. 1000000 reil
Bum N' Draze: 3 Beers . 0 reil (just bad)

Beers Consumed By The Band After Gig
Stiff Little Punks: 100 Beers. 1000000 reil
Bum N' Draze: 100 Beers . 1000000 reil

Underwear Thrown Onstage During Gig
Stiff Little Punks: 0 underwear. -1000000 reil (bad, bad, bad)
Bum N' Draze: 0 underwear. -1000000 reil (that's just not Rock n Roll)

Final Verdict: Tie
Stiff Little Punks: 4001000 reil
Bum N' Draze: 4001000 reil

Stiff Little Punks
Still the undisputed best worst punk band in Cambodia

Bum N' Draze
Undoubtedly still and forever will be the nastiest-sounding and loudest hard rock band in indochina

Thanks for playing Sharky's guys

Rock n Roll...


Do yourselves a favor and get this brilliant album immediately. Ian's Band, Crazyhead - Desert Orchid

Bum n Draze CD's and Tshirts available at Sharky's


  1. You know G-Ross,

    Only reason we had (to fake) to be decent was the fact that we're not used to hang around at family restaurants, such as Sharky and K Fucking C... So obviously we had to restrain ourselves! But I promise that won't happen again, 13th Friday August!

    And I would like to kindly correct factual error you have in your text: Fucking 3 beers... That's an insult, especially as you know we never calculate soft drinks (like beer) to the total amount of our alcohol consume! Next time you'll keep the constant flow of mortal rounds coming, capiche?

    Anyway thanks for hosting us - Great Friday and maybe - just maybe - you still have hope!

  2. Fucking great review. I was there and this truly was the best gig for both SLP and BnD, the two best contemporary rock'n roll acts in Cambodia! I pray that the two bands will play together also in the future, in this forsaken hell! R.I.P. Ronnie James Dio! An appropriate tribute by BnD!

  3. Me love Twilight Dzouns and P. Sonic too much! -Bebe-