Sharky Bar & Restaurant

Sharky Bar & Restaurant

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Independence Day Party 2011: Little Duke & The Mekong Blues Messengers'

Maybe the '4th July' did'nt quite fall on a Saturday Night this year - but that did'nt deter 'Sharky Bar & Restuarant ' from throwing out the 'red carpet' and celebrating 'American Independence Day' !

Courtesy of Big Al'S 'scrumptious and tasty' American Steak and Spare-Rib Barbeque served beforehand - the Sharky crowd were 'well-fed and watered' by the time ' Little Duke & The Mekong Blues Messengers' took to the stage.

From the opening licks of 'Ninety-Nine-And-A-Half Just Won't Do' the band soon settled into their vast repertoire of vintage Chicago blues.

Be it Muddy Water's time honoured classic 'Got My Mojo Working' or Earl Hine's equally ageless number 'Stormy Monday Blues' - Little Duke & The Mekong Blues Messengers 'left no-stone unturned' as they entertained the celebratory 'independence crowd' - in fine bluesy style !

The Howling Wolf/Willie Dixon masterpiece 'Little Red Rooster' was given similiar 'gem-like' treatment - as was Robert Johnson's immortal ' Dust My Broom.'

If that wasn't enough, sublime versions of Jim Hendrix's 'Star Spangled Banner' and 'Purple Haze' truly brought the house down ! Literally !

There was still time however, for 'Little Duke' to delve into his 'little bag of tricks' and unearth a great British rock n roll song in the form of 'Shaking All Over' by Johnny Kidd & The Pirates.

Great stuff and a fantastic tribute to legendary English guitarist Mick Green (who was just included recently in 'Mojo's' magazine top one hundred guitarist ever !)

Jonas (Little Duke) and Mick Green actually collaborated together in a latter version of 'The Pirates' during the mid-nineties - so making this particular 'number' even more poignant !

A great night out - and a truly awesome performance from the ' Mekong Blues Messengers !'

A big, big thanx to the charismatic ad lovely Kristen on vocals, to Ken White who performed 'brilliant harmonic breaks/licks' all night - and to Chris and Steve in the 'engine room' for providing excellent support on bass and drums throughout !

Last but not least, a big, big thanx to 'Little Duke' himself - for a masterful display in the 'art of playing' of the blues !

ps. i've still got the pounding guitar riffs of 'Crossroads Blues' still reverting in my brain - and together with the $1.50 maguirita's - i'm not quite 'Out Of My Skull' - but not far off !

Cheerz Guyz - and not a 'spilt' box of 'English Tea' anywhere in sight !

Dave The Punk 'Out Of Their Skulls' is a raucous cd (incorporating live/studio recordings ) released by 'The Pirates' back in 1977 (featuring Mick Green.) Great album ! I'm sure Jonas would agree !

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