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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Saturday July 23rd, 2011: God Save the Stiff Little Punks

God Save the Stiff Little Punks

Billed as the worst Punk Band in Cambodia, the Stiff Little Punks hit the stage Saturday night and we soon realize we have been Swindled…

The Great Rock n Roll Swindle!

This gig, the punks played a tribute to the Sex Pistols. “Never Mind the Bollocks here’s the STIFF LITTLE PUNKS”. It was Anarchy in Sharky’s as the lads relentlessly spat, ripped and filthed their way through classic Sex Pistols Punk.

The SLP’s kicked off to a packed house with “Problems” followed by “Silly Thing” which were brilliant and set the whole tone of the night. We knew it was gonna be an awesome gig. Ian was on form and doing it His Way. The band played furiously with hostile intent to KILL. And they killed it!

The line-up this time reuniting the original SLP’s. On Lead Vocals: Ian “Rotten Bollocks” Punk, Guitar: Dave “Football Related Disorder” Jones, Bass: Robby Vicious 2 Fingers & Drums: Dom “Pretty Vacant” Cook (back from his solo tour “the Great Australian Outback Sheep Station Love Tour)

1 hour and 15 minutes of non-stop Pistol covers… God Save The Queen, EMI, Rock n Roll Swindle, Seventeen, No One is innocent, I wanna be me & loads more! The Filth and the Fury! The punks are always relentless and full of raw energy and tonight were no different! Nice!

These guys are the Dogs Bollocks

If you didn’t see this gig – you really should off - look out for the next SLP Gig @ Sharky’s

45 minutes later…

MC Mike – not realizing no one could hear him - is on stage demanding ONE MORE ! from the Punks but the Punks had had enough so… the Lazy Drunks decide to do a last-minute-30-minute-set!

another 45 minutes later…

Tommy from the Lazy Drunks living up to his bands namesake – pissed as a fart – is having technical problems (he’s too drunk to put a strap on his guitar)… by this time the bar has emptied and MC Mike is still demanding ONE MORE! from the Punks.

its not gonna happen. its a messy staurday night at the Shark. but, good try guys!

A good indication that at Sharky’s, anything can happen and usually does

Punk, Rock n Roll!

Rossie McLaren

Dave “Football Related Disorder” Jones

Dom “Pretty Vacant” Cook

Ian “Rotten Bollocks” Punk

Bass: Robby Vicious 2 Fingers

Lazy Drunks Tommy and Ingo

youtube vids of the gig

Stiff Little Punks, EMI @ Sharkys

Stiff Little Punks, Problems @ Sharkys

Stiff Little Punks, Silly Thing @ Sharkys, Cambodia

Stiff Little Punks, Stepping Stone @ Sharkys, Cambodia

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