Sharky Bar & Restaurant

Sharky Bar & Restaurant

Sunday, July 17, 2011

July 15, 2011: 'The Lazy Drunks' back to Sharky

'Phnom Penh's No. 1 Music Venue' in town saw the welcome return of the 'The Lazy Drunks' back to Sharky Bar & Restuarant on Friday Night with their eclectic set of sixties songs and rock classics.

In previous years, some of the best loved musicians in the city have had 'sometime' played a part in the musical metamorphosis which is 'The Lazy Drunks' story.

An often sketchy but always entertaining 'covers band' the present line-up is probably the 'pick' of all the previous reincarnations.

This is due in part, to a really explempary rhythm section which now boasts German drummer and bass player Todd from Australia.

Watching Todd (he had apparently never played bass before joining the drunks) is actually quite memorizing.

His stance and his delivery is so energetic, yet so precise, that he reminds me of the great Norman -Watt Roy (from Ian Dury & The Blockheads ). Not the same jazz style of playing - but his stage presence is that, he delivers his bass playing in that same kind of 'quirky jumpy' style that Norman-Watt Roy is famous for (watch him and you'll know what I mean).

The strange thing, is that the bass guitar that he uses (don't forget he had never played bass before), is the fretless variety, so he had to 'paint on' the 'frets and dots' to help him play ! Quite amazing !

Apart from Todd, Ingo on the drums brings his many years of session drumming and expertise to the 'engine room' of the band.

For a guy who barely practices due to work committments - he barely puts a foot wrong. Nothing spectacular - but very accomplished drumming all the same from Ingo.

Meanwhile, Tom the Mop (Lead Guitar) has finally found the courage or is the knowledge? to utilize the very best from his 'electronic effects guitar box.'

His rendition of Pink Floyd's 'Time' was quite brilliant. While covers of Hendrix's songs like 'Hey Joe' were almost 'Voodoo Child-ish' in their execution.

However, at one point I'm sure I did hear Chicory Tips 'Son Of My Father' in one of the 'lead-ups' to a guitar solo - but I'm sure that was just my fertile imagination - or was it?

Suffice to say, the 'icing on the cake' was seeing Ian The Punk blasting out CCR's 'Put A Spell On You' in his normal, over the top, exhubarent manner - a really joyeous and exquisite performance of riotious vocal mastery !

Great stuff from 'The Lazy Drunks' and at present, one of the most enjoyable acts on the circuit !

Catch 'em when you can at Sharky Bar & Restuarant - The Longest Running Rock N Roll Bar in Indo-China !

Great night - and indie rock with ' The Teaner Terners' tomorrow !

See you there!

Dave The Punk

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